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Teaches 'View' the Trump-Over

3/14/2007 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comIt's the latest cranial-dance craze sweeping the nation -- The Trump-Over!

First, you tilt your head to one side and flop your hair thataway. Then, grab your locks and toss them, imperiously, the other way across your scalp. The whole time, purse your lips and lightly squint your eyes in an I'm-a-balding-blowhard-billionaire scowl. Bingo! You're doing the Trump-Over!

Conan O'Brien's been doing it for years, but today, on the Daytime Emmy-nominated "The View," Rosie O'Donnell was joined by Joy, Elisabeth and guest host Susie Essman in a new, feminized version -- prompted by Trump's latest attack on Rosie's inversion therapy for chronic depression.

Special props to Elisabeth for her stunningly good impression.


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here we go!

2723 days ago


Very funny

2723 days ago


This is why we love Rosie.

Trumps a wannabe celeb who's "Hit show" has tanked from the first day it came to NBC. Ratings don't lie.. but trump sure does.

Sit and Spin my friend.. Sit and Spin..

2723 days ago


Shame on Trump for making fun of depression. I'm sure his wife is very depressed when you wakes up in the morning and sees his face. Thats is until she sees his walet, money cures everything.

2723 days ago


i wanna eat her out

2723 days ago


OMG!!!!! She's starting this sh*t up again?!!! Why won't someone buy her out of her contract already?! Will she ever go away? DAMN....DAMN....DAMN

2723 days ago


Rosie -- Remember what your dead mommy use to say? If you don't have anything nice to say about anyone don't say anything at all.. You use to say that all the time when you tried to pretend you were straight and in love with tom cruise--Remember? Cow? Moo!

2723 days ago

The Don    

seriously, someone needs to forcibly remove rosie from television, the airwaves, even public speaking. do people out there really like her schtick? prison inmates? hillbillies and their sister-cousins? why hasn't the UN imposed sanctions on this broad?

well, trump too. he's a tool. but first, rosie.

2723 days ago

Only in    

Trump was right when he said "Could you imagine coming home every night to that. I will send my car over to pick up your girlfriend"

2723 days ago


Donald started this round.. he is the one who appeared on TV and made the comments.. Rosie was just responding to them..

So how is she to blame all of a sudden for this one?

2723 days ago


They both either need to work it out or shut the hell up, this is so stupid.

2723 days ago

I Agree........    

Can you imagine what Trump looks like when he gets up in the morning......LOL???? With all that hair hanging in his face. On one of his shows he said he had a great bod. That was so funny as he has the biggest butt I've even seen on a man. I bet it's even bigger than Rosies!!!

2723 days ago

Alec has no brains    

Rosie is vulgar, not funny, nasty, not bright and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone would watch the View to see this low class woman. She gives a bad name to gay people. She may be bringing up ratings at the View, but she's brought it down from "class" to "no class". She's raised Jerry Springer to new heights. I wish someone would eat her--whatever it takes to get rid of her.

Where are our values in America?

2723 days ago

Kit Kat ^..^    

And let the insults begin....

2723 days ago


Donald Trump is the most repulsive man in the 'public eye' I can think of. He doubtless has such a large combover to compensate for other attributes that are less tha tiny! No matter how cruel he is towards Rosie he can NEVER make people stop loving her. She cares tremendously for people, especially children and I honor her courage in talking about her depression and demonstrating her inversion technique. Trump worships money and women with big, fake boobs! In my opinion that is just what Trump has become; a BIG, FAKE BOOB!! He makes me want to vomit! Lee

2723 days ago
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