Shauna to Bro: "Can You Stick It in for Me?"

3/14/2007 11:21 PM PDT
Playboy pinup (and Lorenzo Lamas' ex) Shauna Sand got awkwardly close to her brother last night when they both sucked on the same saliva-covered "grill" outside of Koi in West Hollywood.

In true peroxide blonde fashion, Sand was totally clueless about how to use her newly purchased light-up mouthpiece (open mouth, insert grill?), exclaiming (like a star in a low-budget porno) "I can't get it in" and "can you stick it in for me?" Her brother then stepped in, took the spit-covered device and stuck it in his own mouth, and showed his dimwitted sis exactly how it's done.

Her bro's advice: "Don't bite it."