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Shauna to Bro: "Can You Stick It in for Me?"

3/14/2007 11:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy pinup (and Lorenzo Lamas' ex) Shauna Sand got awkwardly close to her brother last night when they both sucked on the same saliva-covered "grill" outside of Koi in West Hollywood.

In true peroxide blonde fashion, Sand was totally clueless about how to use her newly purchased light-up mouthpiece (open mouth, insert grill?), exclaiming (like a star in a low-budget porno) "I can't get it in" and "can you stick it in for me?" Her brother then stepped in, took the spit-covered device and stuck it in his own mouth, and showed his dimwitted sis exactly how it's done.

Her bro's advice: "Don't bite it."


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Just as creepy as when Angelina Jolie made out with her brother at the Oscars.

2725 days ago


My brother and I could never be that close.
Too weird.

2725 days ago


So what if she not a rocket scientist she is blonde , hot and has a huge set of implants , oh ya did I mention , has alot of lorenzo's $ cash . Not too bad for a dimwit , smart as a fox getting preggers and taking him for half , now its part y, party, party and daddy's money . She's sitting on a money maker ,got any taker's , who's next , she can still pop out a few more , well that is as long as you have the long green , cash that is baby !

2725 days ago


I'm sure they have exchanged other body fluids also.

2725 days ago


they both a lil old to be playing with blinking mouthpieces.....
those are usually reserved for the "twinkies" in the club..........

number 4- I was thinking the same thing. Her "bro" probably know how well Lorenzo tastes, too.
Hot, kinky, and strange at the same time.

2725 days ago


Jolie wannabe. yuck.

2725 days ago


I love the random things on here, I'm gonna go pour a glass of milk, wanna write about that

2725 days ago

be nice haters    

Maybe her brother is just nice and was helpful. Why go to a nasty place? it isn't the same as kissing not at all. She is just flaky. But ya isn't she kinda old to use those!! oh well i am sure that they are normal people and not into no 4 kinda stuff.

2725 days ago


where are her kids?

2725 days ago

A-yo Leroy!    

How was that inappropriate behavior for siblings? The only gross part of that scene was when her brother put the mouthpiece in his mouth, took it out and put it back into hers. That was nasty but only for sanitary reasons.

2725 days ago

bobo the clown    

Oh please! TMZ is total overreacting. Sure, the whole thing was very unsanitary but not at all sexual. Get your mind out of the gutter TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

2721 days ago

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