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Anna Computer Has E-mails from Drug Docs

3/15/2007 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTMZ has learned the computer that has created renewed interest in the Anna Nicole Smith case contains e-mails from Smith to her doctors -- e-mails about drugs.

We're told the Bahamian police and Seminole cops met this week and discussed the contents of a computer that was in Anna Nicole's room the day she died. Sources say the computer in question was Anna's laptop, which she frequently used. The wife of Big Moe, Anna's bodyguard, was on the computer as Anna was lying in the bed before 911 was called.

We know Anna sometimes communicated with her doctors in the United States via e-mail.

TMZ also knows that Dr. Joshua Perper, the Medical Examiner, has interviewed people about Anna's drug use. We know Dr. Perper has asked about Anna's use of injectible Demerol, and whether she swabbed alcohol on her skin before inserting the needle.

We've also learned that at least one cop from Nassau checked into the Hard Rock Hotel yesterday, the hotel where Anna died. Although we cannot confirm this, it appears that the computer may have linked two separate investigations -- the Bahamian probe into the death of Anna's son Daniel, and the Florida death of Anna.


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cuff the doctor and then cuff STERN BOY

2746 days ago


Posted on Thu, Mar. 15, 2007reprint or license print email
What's in Anna Nicole's files?
Investigators in the Anna Nicole Smith case are zeroing in on computer files.
Seminole Tribe police have met with Broward prosecutors to assess whether they have sufficient grounds for search warrants to access Anna Nicole Smith's computer files, The Miami Herald has learned.

Smith's computers, removed from her home in the Bahamas following her death, could be a crucial element in the probe of the former Playmate's death.

Seminole police have the computers, but are concerned about examining them because it's not clear whether they were obtained legally.

Authorities say they have no evidence of foul play, but her death is nevertheless considered suspicious, which means they would investigate it as thoroughly as they would a homicide, sources close to the case told The Miami Herald.

Bahamian law enforcement authorities, here this week to meet with Seminole police, are also talking with Broward prosecutors. Among other things, the Bahamian police are investigating whether Smith's computers were removed during a burglary at her Nassau home after her Feb. 8 death at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Hollywood.

Ford Shelley, a friend of Smith's who owned the home, has testified in court that Smith, 39, asked him to take care of the computers should anything happen to her. He removed them from the home and later turned them over to police in South Carolina, where he has a home. Police there later released them to Seminole police.

Seminole authorities met with Broward State Attorney Michael Satz and members of his homicide division this week to discuss the case. Officials confirmed the meeting but cautioned against drawing conclusions from it.

''Yes, prosecutors met with Seminole police. They're continuing with their investigation of Anna Nicole Smith's death,'' said Broward chief assistant state attorney Chuck Morton, offering no other details.

Seminole Police Capt. Robert McDaniel explained that homicide investigators are involved because they have expertise in these kinds of cases.

''Those [homicide prosecutors] are the people if you were doing a death investigation and needed to speak with someone from the state attorney's office, you would go to,'' said McDaniel.

McDaniel would not disclose whether Seminole police planned to file any court papers in either Florida or the Bahamas in connection with Smith's death.

Bahamian Police Commissioner Paul Farquharson met with Seminole police Wednesday.

''Our police chief is over there now with some of our investigators,'' Reginald Ferguson, the Bahamian assistant commissioner of police for crimes, told The Herald.

Ferguson said that, since Smith resided in the Bahamas at the time of her death, Bahamian authorities have an interest in the case.

Bahamian police are still investigating the burglary of her home. Smith's longtime companion, attorney Howard K. Stern, says the computers and other personal effects were stolen.

There is also a March 26 inquest scheduled in Nassau into the sudden death in September 2006 of her Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel.

Last week, it was revealed that the Seminole police had two new pieces of evidence in the case that they wanted to explore, thus holding up the Broward medical examiner's final report on the case.

Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper has yet to announce what caused Smith's death.

Perper has spoken with people who had contact with her in the days leading up to her death.

''Everyone and anyone who had anything to do with this case was interviewed to cover all bases,'' McDaniel said.

``The reason Dr. Perper wanted to wait was not that he would change his ruling, but the new information would reinforce his ruling.''

McDaniel said the Seminole police have no plans to release its report or 911 tapes on Smith's death, adding that nothing in them provides any new information.

Initial autopsy reports have indicated no foul play, and Perper said no drugs were found in Smith's body.

Her death set off a three-week fight in a Broward court over where her body would be buried and who fathered her infant daughter, Dannielynn. After an appeals court ruling and emergency filings in a Bahamas court, Smith was buried March 2 in Nassau beside her son.

Miami Herald staff writers Jacqueline Charles, Dan Christensen, Jennifer Lebovich, Kathleen McGrory and Diana Moskovitz contributed to this report.

2746 days ago


Kapoor was working with HK$. Howie signed for the drugs and administered the drugs. He's just as guilty as Kapoor.

2746 days ago


So, who's to say Ford Shelley didn't play a hand in "ordering" her prescriptions? After all, HE MADE A HUGE POINT in court about how he had her password. I mean, as long as you're all pointing fingers at people who had "access" to Anna Nicole, you may as well include Shelley, her "good friend". Oh, but you say he didn't have access to her dwelling? Oh really? Seems like he had no problem helping himself to her belongings immediately after her death. I still think he went after her things in order to cul the goods, try to remove anything showing he and G Ben Thompson's involvement....but is in this whole mess as deep as anybody. You can be rest assured that Howard K Stern knows plenty on Shelley and Thompson and will take them down with him if it comes to that. What goes around, goes around. Personally, I believe Thompson is Dannielynn's father and those two from South Carolina are involved in some kind of underground mob. Shelley harrassed a business associate in January "07 via telephone and implied to her that people can just show up you tell me he's not either got underground connections or if he may be capable to killing someone in his own right? SHELLEY is the guy with real issues....check it out.

2746 days ago


#26 I have to finally say something .How can it be the Dr's. fault when many prescriptions were given in different names?? no it was all her good friends who helped her die!!!!HKS and the rest of those truly pitiful excuses for friends. How can any of these people sleep. This little baby would have had a nice pole to dance around at the pink house oh! thats special!!Please< just do the right thing and get her out of this melting pot of un-moral people.Bahamas your to blame also at this point, and I brought my children ther 3 years ago not again if your that corrupt.

2746 days ago


Hope these e-mails actually prove something....

By the way, maybe ET has been reading all the posts on TMZ about their biased coverage of Ana-next week Vergie, John James Ford Shelly ,ect... are going to be interviewed. Let's see if it is fair or still biased for Howard.

2746 days ago


Why would they want to know about swabbing of alcohol before she injected her drugs? HKS is still not off the hook. Remember they are looking into the injectable drug demerol. Remember they talked to her assistant Nathan who told them HKS was the one who injected drugs into her buttocks. They wanted him to, but he did not want to do that. If HKS injected the drugs that killed her-manslaughter.

2746 days ago


(OH BOY ) I saw Nancy Grace show last night too, that was so very sad when you think about it. Here Daniel was concerned enough about his mother that he went to see a Private Investigator because he worried that Howard had so much control over Anna and she moved to the Bahamas. It was enough to worry him, then to have a nightmare he saw Anna in a coffin, that poor kid, he didn't stand a chance ... Such a loss...

2746 days ago


I know that doctor Sandeep Kapoor or whatever his name is looked VERY FISHY to me... I think this whole thing is a tragedy. I don't blame Howard for anything, I think it was really Anna's fault, as much as I love her. She should have known better than to pick fishy doctors and try to go around the law to get herself the drugs she wanted. People need to stop blaming others, it was Anna's own fault for not getting herself out of this cycle which existed WAY before Howard was ever a part of her picture.. soooo.

Anna was very independent, she did what she wanted to do however she wanted to do it... there was no one that could tell her different. Let's all stop blaming others here... no one forced her to take those pills, its obvious -- they were HER emails, written by HER.

I still think Anna was a great person, just had an addiction that she couldnt control, I don't think she ever intended her son to be like her, but you guys remember that old old commerical from the late 80s where the Dad finds a box of pot in his son's bedroom and is grilling the son about where he learned this stuff? The kid responds, "I learnt it from watching you!!!" That's soooo very true. Daniel probably picked up on the bad habbits of his mother, unfortunately.

Read more about Anna and help to celebrate her as a person:

- Mariza

2746 days ago

J A    

God,TMZ,can't you leave Anna alone?These stories must be very hard on her family and her daughter doesn't nee to hear this shit ,when she grows up,and is able to understand the circumstances of her mothers death.Go whore yourself out to another story,

2746 days ago


Is ET going to film Larry's reunion with Dannilynne?

Is ET going to film Howard in cuffs, being hauled off to jail?

Now that, I'd watch!

2746 days ago


In response to #9: Every medical professional knows to swab an injection site with alcohol before inserting the needle to sterilize the area. Perhaps Dr. Perper wants to find out if someone other than Anna injected her? I must say, thank goodness he is the medical examiner. He seems highly trained and professional.

2746 days ago


at the clinic where I work they keep a record of "drug seakers" and all hospital and other clinics in diferent towns share all this info. It may be that there is only 1 doc that did this. At least that is what it looks like to me

2746 days ago


Obviously there is something wrong with an A student and Anna both dieing from the SAME enabler around...also does anyone realize how Howard K Stern was the TAKER of the PICTURES while TALKING about SELLING them. Hello CPS in the USA work with the Bahamas and get the baby to a safe environment please...

Howard K Stern is letting Moe's wife take the fall and thank goodness Moe is finally standing up to the plate...

Keep up the great reporting TMZ Howard and Staff!...JEZ

2746 days ago
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