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Anna Computer Has E-mails from Drug Docs

3/15/2007 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTMZ has learned the computer that has created renewed interest in the Anna Nicole Smith case contains e-mails from Smith to her doctors -- e-mails about drugs.

We're told the Bahamian police and Seminole cops met this week and discussed the contents of a computer that was in Anna Nicole's room the day she died. Sources say the computer in question was Anna's laptop, which she frequently used. The wife of Big Moe, Anna's bodyguard, was on the computer as Anna was lying in the bed before 911 was called.

We know Anna sometimes communicated with her doctors in the United States via e-mail.

TMZ also knows that Dr. Joshua Perper, the Medical Examiner, has interviewed people about Anna's drug use. We know Dr. Perper has asked about Anna's use of injectible Demerol, and whether she swabbed alcohol on her skin before inserting the needle.

We've also learned that at least one cop from Nassau checked into the Hard Rock Hotel yesterday, the hotel where Anna died. Although we cannot confirm this, it appears that the computer may have linked two separate investigations -- the Bahamian probe into the death of Anna's son Daniel, and the Florida death of Anna.


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# 46. WERE YOU IN THE ROOM? NO! So shut yo mouth. It was Howie!

2748 days ago


JV #39... I noticed on last night's ET that they are positioning themselves a little more center. Is that just a coincidence?

2748 days ago


It sounds like they're looking into possible prosecution of the drug docs - not for her death but for breaking drug laws. I doubt they would go for manslaughter charges against the drug docs or against Howard, even though they promoted and enabled Anna's abuse of drugs. One does have to wonder about the baby's safety with Howard and his poor judgement around.

2748 days ago

Larry's#1 fan    

This doesn't excluded HK$ , yea the doctors play a big part in this , but howard was the one feeding her the drugs in the first place , and even Moe said that .

2748 days ago


even if hks adminsistered those drugs, they arnt gonna be able to nail him with no witnesses. that baby that poor child, she should be with her real rather and away from the black spirit of hks. he is a dark dark spirit.

2748 days ago


I wonder if there were any emails from Ford Shelley on her laptop. Why would she ask Ford (who lives in South Carolina) to get her stuff from the bahamas. Why not her other friends? She was in a legal battle with the family yet she trusted him with her personal papers? And if he had permission, why did he trash the place?

2748 days ago


The more that Howard keeps his silence, the guiltier he looks. Come clean. Tell what you know. Take your lumps. Be a man. The truth will set you free (or lock your guilty ass up).

2748 days ago


No. 7 you are absolutely correct what was big moe's wife doing on the computer???very strange
I pray they dont think Anna wrote all ,some ,or none of themNow I listed to Larry King's tape again this morning and Debra Opri said the following to King's questioning "why are you so confident, HKS is not the father" and she responded "larry said you have to do something to create a baby" that means to me, he cant have children, he had a vasectomy, or he is gay. I really wish someone would BLOW THE WHISLTE ON STERN and come forward honestly and say he cannot have children, vasectomy, or he is gay.

2748 days ago


Jen -
How do you know what 'scripts they found or what other drugs where in that room. Please provide a source. I am curious. Officials have been very tight-lipped about what was in that room. Moe has spoken to the media. But not official sources. We just have to wait until officials speak.

2748 days ago

Right Again    

There must be many doctors who have prescribed medication for ANS and HKS; surely Dr Kapoor can not be the only one.

It would be interesting to find out when ANS actually saw a "real" doctor. It would be more interesting to know the names of the doctor(s) who wrote prescriptions for HKS, since it is claimed he is healthy and doesn't "do" drugs.

HKS is a murderer, irregardless of his method. He spent years with his obsession of ANS, years spent trying to controll her.

HKS must have truly hated her for her actions with other men. Hated her because he was there, with her, and she wouldn't love him.

He must have hated himself because he wasn't man enough to leave his unpleasant situation, a situation he chose to stay in for many, many years.

He couldn't leave because of the money that he saw in his future.

How many men get a "free-ride" with everything paid for by a woman. He said he worked for no pay, what a liar, he was paid royally by her for his legal help. He became a parasite, hanging on to her, sucking the life out of her, controlling her, hating her for allowing him to use her. He conned her using her vulnerabilities against her for his own uses.

I hope the doctors lose their licenses and I hope HKS spends years and years in prison.

Women have met men like him, over and over, the nice guy who is really a con-man who hates women, a man who feels women are stupid and should be used for anything the man can get.

2748 days ago

my take    

what the hell does this have to do with howard? he may prove to be involved ultimately but there wasn't even a mention of howard in this article. not one. Just proves you'll twist things no matter what you hear. This is retarded. is howard to blame for everyone's actions? I suppose he's also to blame for anna winding up in a coma and checking into Betty Ford BEFORE HE KNEW EVEN HER. Hmmmm.....I suppose he should be prosecuted for that too? Maybe LB should be prosecuted for allowing her to take a supposed duffle bag full of drugs.

2748 days ago


37. Kapoor was working with HK$. Howie signed for the drugs and administered the drugs. He's just as guilty as Kapoor.

Posted at 1:01PM on Mar 15th 2007 by TEAMBIRKHEAD

They both could be charged with manslaughter!

2748 days ago


I don't believe that Dr. Perper will change his cause of death. He'll still label it a suicide, BUT the medical board will be notified regarding the doctors who prescribed her the meds.

Regarding the cleaning of the injection site, it's possible Dr. Perper is trying to determine which injection sites were done by the paramedics and doctors who tried to revive her, and which were the handywork of ANS, HKS and Moe's wife. If the medical personnel cleaned the sites, as they always (yes, ALWAYS) do, and a high concentratrion of some drug is localized to a site which showed evidence of having not been cleaned, the investigation will continue as to who and when injected Anna with something in the hours or minutes prior to notifying medical personnel that Anna was having a medical emergency, which would probably not result in a homicide ruling, but it would label that person or persons as being neglegent, particularly if Moe's wife, who has been called a nurse, is found to have been "the one."

It is possible that someone found ANS near death or actually without a pulse, and injected her with more drugs to "finish her off" before notifying EMS. If she had been dead or close to death at this time, the drug could have stayed in the tissues immediately surrounding the injection site, having not circulated through her body because her blood was not flowing. When a person is in a near-death state, if there is blood flowing from the heart the body, in an effort to preserve itself, routes blood away from the extremities, concentrating on preservation of the heart, lungs and brain.

2748 days ago


No. 54 about the evil one, if only people would crack and come forward that is what it is going to take. but they are all holding out for their percentage of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$when he comes out on top.
However, if Larry can get the DNA and he is proven the Dad, it is curtains for stern and maybe then people will come forth.

2748 days ago

isnt she special    

Where is everyone getting the information that ANS death was going to be ruled a suicide by the ME>?

2748 days ago
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