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Anna Computer Has E-mails from Drug Docs

3/15/2007 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTMZ has learned the computer that has created renewed interest in the Anna Nicole Smith case contains e-mails from Smith to her doctors -- e-mails about drugs.

We're told the Bahamian police and Seminole cops met this week and discussed the contents of a computer that was in Anna Nicole's room the day she died. Sources say the computer in question was Anna's laptop, which she frequently used. The wife of Big Moe, Anna's bodyguard, was on the computer as Anna was lying in the bed before 911 was called.

We know Anna sometimes communicated with her doctors in the United States via e-mail.

TMZ also knows that Dr. Joshua Perper, the Medical Examiner, has interviewed people about Anna's drug use. We know Dr. Perper has asked about Anna's use of injectible Demerol, and whether she swabbed alcohol on her skin before inserting the needle.

We've also learned that at least one cop from Nassau checked into the Hard Rock Hotel yesterday, the hotel where Anna died. Although we cannot confirm this, it appears that the computer may have linked two separate investigations -- the Bahamian probe into the death of Anna's son Daniel, and the Florida death of Anna.


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In an interview with ET tonight Anna said that there was a girl in Daniels life. I want to talk to her. Does anyone know who she is? Could be just another one of HK$ tricks to fool the cops. He had an awful tight grip on Anna during the interview and as usual Anna looked pickled. HK$ kept staring at her as if he was hoping she wouldn't say the wrong thing. I wanna know who the "girl" is who was seeing Daniel. If there really was one. Hey, maybe if there was she's pregnant with Daniel's kid and this soap can start all over again.

2783 days ago


why is everyone putting this on howard i don't believe he murdered her or her son .he couldn't stop her from taking the drugs no one can stop a addict . and everyone who ever was in her life had a part of it so they r all to blame howard just stuck around because he loved her .as for birkhart he was with her for 2 years he knew she used drugs so whats that make him?come on people put the blame were it belongs.its a sad story with a sad ending 2 people lost there lives for what drugs.i hope they both rest in peace and are together again..

2783 days ago


Lot's of DIRTY DEEDS goin on here from all sorts of people. Let's see, they were friends with doctors, psyciatrists, lawyers, and real estate moguls. How convienient. People with lots of pull and lots of money. They all were in it together to all make a nice profit from one another, especially HKS. He had it all set up for himself and now that both Daniel and Anna are gone, how nice a life to come for his GAY self in the Bahamah's.......WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess again you wanna be playboy. Life is gonna suck now!! And who are you gonna sponge off now??? GET A JOB!!!

2783 days ago

Forrest Gump    

I also heard that Jackie chick was stalking Anna! Jackie said herself she did drugs with Anna and in the next breathe said how she tried & tried to save her friend from drugs! Does everyone involved with Anna lie their asses off or what! Poor Anna! At least she is in peace now! About the only good one besides her son seems to be Howard. He said under oath he doesn't want one penny & that he just wants to make sure Anna's daughter is taken care of. He stood be her for many years. How is that considered bad? What would he stand to gain from her dying? I've thought about this & I wonder why everyone is so apt to blame someone who was so loyal and loved her so much??

2783 days ago

Barbara Ross-Casssidy    

HK$ is the root of all evil. Anyone who was in the way of him getting the $$$$ that Anna was to recieve has died!! The millionaire, the millionaires son, Daniel and even Anna herself. He figured if everyone was out of the way he'd be on easy street with just Dannielynn. I think he had something to do with it all.

2783 days ago


Think about it. Howard used Anna's laptop to order the drugs that helped kill her. Her good Dr. friend Christina(Psyco) was with her during her pregnancy, birth of her baby and now says she saw Daniel before his flight to Bahamas, and he was feeling bad. She knew all about all the drugs they had taken? Odd huh. Also the good Psyco Doctor looks like she also has had plastic surgery sense Dannielynn was born(according videos shown of her)
Could it be the good Doc from 90210 who sent drugs to Howard who did her surgery for free. Just because she was helping push his drugs and because she was a friend???? of Nichols?
I believed and commented right after daniels death that Howard knew Danny was getting older, he would see how they were druging Anna to control her and turning her away from her son, as they had her mother and family.
Those Doctors involved in this should lose they license, pay a fine, and a law should come about called Daniels Law to protect clients from greedy lawyers and from drug pushing doctors like Kaporn oops Kapoor. I believe Howard Stern was ordering all these drugs on Anna's laptop as Anna...I believe setting the laptop on the bed was part of the whole plan to make it look like Anna was e-mailing the Docs. Stern was with her the morning she was dying and left not to be there when it happened. Time of emails should support this theory. Right.
Quit showing the Psyco Doc on the news Channel. She loves the publicity as does Howard. To break up a family. Helping assist in murder of a son and Mother. Then kidnap a baby for the profit of the life and story??? This was Howards dream come true. Lets pray the evidence is there to throw them in jail.
I pray Larry is not involved in this mess. I pray he got out when he saw the truth.
Ban the celebrity news channel that encouraged HKS murder publicity of Anna and her son. That was sick.

2781 days ago


Forrest Gump, Are you as sick as Howard and Poor Anna, Daniel is the only Hero in this whole sad story. He went to a PI because he saw what they were doing to his mother.....He saw his mother and sister was in danger. Howard Loyale???? Greedy maybe...He was hoping to come out with Millions of Dollars off the Marshall case as he says he was her Lawyer. Even though she spent money for smarter lawyers he could learn from. I hate to say it but as they say this whole senerio could not have been made up. Look at Annas life sense with Howard she was made to be a joke at times at her own expense. Just maybe thats what Howard meant by the truth in his speech at the funeral. All this seems to be have set up like a mystery movie.....Strange heh??
Its sad to think this way but watching all the fresh new videos and pics everyone was taking of Anna and her friends???? and son the last couple of years seems like a stage for big ending. This is sad because Danny Lynn is still in the Hands of the same people that was around her mother and Brother and 4 plots were bought by Howard in the Bahamas. Anna wanted family and people to fight for Daniels body. I think she wanted him in the states. Thats why she waited so long.
Judges, Wake up and get Dannilynn out of that house. Or change the resident till final decision. Put Virgie and or Larry if found to be father so they can bond with her. She is a beautiful child, I pray they are protecting her from all the pics Howard I'm sure is taking.
Same on you Gump.

2781 days ago


In response to #7... someone in the same room using a computer???!!!!?? Such an anomalous behaviour ! Moot.......... Adds up to zero.

2781 days ago


why can't you all see hks loved anna,what is wrong with you people haven;t you ever been in love??this tmz is like a big rag mag i am on here to say it's all bs and you all had better have evidence to what you are spreading about hks as it could be the end of tmz if you know what i mean,where do you get info ???from someone who is wanting$$$ or do you just like putting people down.this is ridiculos.have a heart and believe for once. it will be all over soon and may anna and daniel rest in peace.keep your chin up and be proud hks.

2778 days ago


An inquiry into Anna Nicole
Smith's death has revealed that a drug overdose was responsible

2776 days ago
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