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Factor This: O'Reilly Sued Over Name-Calling Incident

3/15/2007 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Frederic Von Anhalt, one of the men claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, is royally pissed over a few choice words that Bill O'Reilly used to describe him on air, and now he wants $10 million to ease his pain.
O'Reilly Lawsuit -- Click to Read
In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the prince says that O'Reilly called him a "fraud," among other things, during a February 23 broadcast.

Von Anhalt claims that O'Reilly "knew that the statements were false," and used them to "directly injure his reputation in a substantial portion of his community."

The prince is the 9th and current husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor.

A rep from FOX News tells TMZ, "We haven't received the lawsuit yet, therefore we cannot comment."


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Brother Harold, S.J.    

Two pieces of pure unadulterated shit.

2749 days ago


Love his show but I why are there more and more stories on Anna everyday on this site?

2749 days ago


If yall don't mind me saying so but I agreed with Bill. My question is why did the Prince waited til after Anna Nicole is dead and gone to comes forward to claim he might be the dad???????????? Why didn't he do that while she was alive? Its sad when someone come forward and say something about it when she's not around to defend herself. This is ridiculous and I feel so sorry for Anna Nicole and her baby. If Prince got millions, he shouldn't be going after someone's money. GET A LIFE PRINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2749 days ago

Just my opinion    

Frederic made himself look bad. What a freakshow he is!!!

2749 days ago


Yeah he can't get anything off ANS so he is going to go after someone who has a valid opinion about him. what a loser!

2749 days ago

Who ME??    

OOOHHH good lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - get a grip prince!!

2749 days ago


I would be pissed too if after I paid for my title of Prince and then you call me a fraud..

2749 days ago

Only in    

This is easy, O'Reilly counter sues and takes the rest of Gabors money and donates it to the Republician Partyto fight all you liberal loons.What say You?

2749 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

well what WOULD you call someone who goes around calling himself a prince, when all he did was PURCHASE that title from some hard-up for money obscure family in germany? i would say he IS a fraud!!! BTW, i'm NOT a fan of O'Reilly!!

2749 days ago


what reputation he is a nobody !!!!!!!!

2749 days ago


I have seen Bill O'Riley alot and he is one tough guy, I will place a wager that the "Prince" haha, is just wanting his 15 minutes of fame.
Well he got it so "Prince", crawl back in your hole.

2749 days ago


The "prince" is a kook, but any excuse to knock down blowhard Bill is OK by me!!! He is a dangerous, lewd, hypocritcal ass.

2749 days ago


wait didn't Fred agree to a lie detector test and then back down?

2749 days ago

princess wanna be    

Jeez, when will all these come to an end. I am not a fan of O'reilly at all but why sue him when so many people called the prince wannbe a fraud openly. I guess it's all about going for deeper pocket. The fake prince sure wants publicity. He had his 2 minutes of fame when ANS died and now he wants to get another second of fame.

2749 days ago


I hope the Prince sues O'Reilly's ass off. I can't stand the guy, or for that matter anyone on Fox News except Greta. It may be the #1 Cable News station but it sucks big time!! It's more like a televised "Enquirer"

2749 days ago
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