Gina Lollobrigida Slaps Paps

3/15/2007 1:19 PM PDT
Legendary screen siren Gina Lollobrigida went all Naomi Campbell on a photographer yesterday, with a smack and some smack-talk. La dolce vita? Not for this cameraman!

The 79-year-old geriatric bombshell emerged from her midday repast and decided she'd had enough of all those pesky paparazzi getting in her face, so she simply swatted away the lens, causing a minor fracas.

Maybe it was their attempt to address Signora Lollobrigida in Spanish, or perhaps she's just tired of all the media attention after calling off her marriage to her longtime boyfriend, who is 34 years her junior. Either way, do not get in Lollo's face with that camera, because she will pop you! Arrivederci!