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Jessica to Paps: "Back Off!"

3/15/2007 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Back from her Roman holiday, a visibly pissed off Jessica Simpson had some terse words for swarming photographers on Wednesday.

After leaving Hahm Rejuvenation Center in West Hollywood, Jessica was in no mood to deal with her usual BFFs, the paparazzi.

As camera hounds crowded around her, Simpson barked, "You guys, please, please back off! It's really not cool." The 26-year-old divorcee was able to maneuver her way to a waiting black Mercedes convertible, adding, "I'm trying to respect you guys, but this is very rude."

If Jess wants people to leave her alone, she should just sing.


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chi chi    

As useless as she is, we should all leave her alone, forever! She is just an idiot, big boobs just arent enough, too many woman can buy them who are at least entertaining.

2749 days ago


Whomever wrties this stuff is a genius. "If Jess wants people to leave her alone she should just sing". I love it!! LOL!! Keep up the good work TMZ!!

2749 days ago



2749 days ago


Why don't these celebrities hire their own paparazzi's (they have the money for it) and have their "pap's" stalk the "pap's" that are stalking them (the celebrity)???? I mean much of it could they take themselves...having people stalk and take pictures of them 24 hours a day!!!!!! I think it would be GREAT if they got a taste of their own medicine. Hey....we could start a magazine featuring only paparazzi and where they're going, where they've been, who they've been seen with, etc. Who's got a good name for the magazine?????

2749 days ago


I'm not sure why stalkerazzi think it's ok to swarm around celebrity's 24/7. How much are pics of Jessica coming from the spa worth? Damn. I'm telling you I'm about to put together a team of people to stalk the stalkerazzi's. Camp outside their homes, chase them down in their cars and follow them on errands. When they mess up like every single person on earth does we can post stories about it in a mag called, Stalkerazzi, "we hunt the hunter".

2749 days ago


It looks like we are on the same page TK.

2749 days ago


I just have one thing to say: Jessica, right on! You go girl :)

2749 days ago

dumb media whore    

hahahahaha, "maybe she should sing," that was good. This poor girl is getting led around like a puppy by John Mayer. That guy is a pretentious asshole. Ehh, the slut deserves it. Only person I'd rather see crash and burn more is Mayer.

2749 days ago


Hey I'm sorry but I think that when you decide that life career you are well aware of the lack of privacy. And really I think it's a fair trade off for how much money celeb's are making these day for what they do. I'm not saying they don't work hard but really I work everyday too and I don't make that much but guess what I also have my privacy. So pretty much what I'm trying to say is if you want to be left alone find a new job and move out of hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2749 days ago


shove it bitch if anybody deserves harassment its u. One day u luv it the next u cry about it. You r nothing without your stupid pic in some mag slut so love it while it lasts.

2749 days ago


She's a fugly no talent bitch. Everybody hates her except her father.

2749 days ago


What i don't get is why the paparazzi's are following Brittney Spears and Jessica Simpson? they haven't done shit but get divorced and go bat-shit-crazy. Are they really relevant? me thinks not

2749 days ago


Rude? She should have thought about her career if she can't handle the attention....but why is anyone paying attention to Jessica Simpson...there are better singers and celebs out there i would prefer to spend my time checking on than her.

Great religious family...out for big bucks.....use the kids to get it!

2749 days ago


I agree with #7. How difficult would it have been to smile and wave and walk to her car? It seems like she was in a bad mood in the first place, and used the paparazzi to take out her anger. She's probably upset because she had a nice vacation with John and now he's back in his world and she's back in her world; just the way John likes it. I work in an environment where people always need me for something everyday, and if I'm having a bad day, I certainly would not be rude to anyone, even if they were rude to me. I get interrupted when I'm having lunch, but I'm always polite.

2749 days ago


Thanks TMZ for the hillarious video of Jessica. Her true colors came out. She had enough space to get to her car and she knows the drill, but she chose to be rude the paparazzi.

2749 days ago
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