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Star Keeps Her Trap Shut

3/15/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For once in her life, Star Jones had absolutely nothing to say.

Newly-revamped Court TV talk show host-to-be Starzilla was accosted by a fan/stalker/provocateur just outside of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. As she tried to ignore his verbal prodding, Star just iced up, second by second.

The man just wouldn't take "no" for an answer. In fact, he wouldn't take any answer at all, as he continued to blather on, hardly taking a breath, until Star ducked into a handy lobby for cover.


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My God, how can people be so spiteful. What did she ever do to you. You sound like a bunch of bigots. Is it because she's Black that you hate her so?

2744 days ago


If you ask me,,, i think Star is really AL ROKER in drag.

2744 days ago

Mr Marcus    

she needs to treat everyone the same, black and white figure it out!

2744 days ago

Smyrna Emphezema    

I wonder what her Gay husband would say. He would probally say " Mary enough already
just because she's a attorney dosen't make her a star!!!!!

Smyrna Emphezema
Key West Drag Queen

2744 days ago


The general population needs to get life. It is nobody's business what Star is doing, what she is looking like, or who she she does it with. The View traded a smart articulate woman for a comedian. Star brought insight and information to the show, now all the show does is gossip. But I guess that is fine because that's about all the information that some poeple have the intelligance to grasp these days. People tune in to see what an ass Rosie is going to make of herself with this Donald Trump JOKE each day. YOU GO STAR I HOPE THAT YOU SHINE BRIGHTER THAN EVER.

2744 days ago

Mary Trombley    

Personally the only one on View I care for is Joy. She's down to earth and not afraid to speak out. I watch the show for her mainly. As far as Star is concerned, I could never stand her and care for her even less now. I had to turn her off on Larry King live. She double talks (just like a lawyer) and thinks she's sooooo wonderful! Pleeeeeeeese!!!!!!
She was a mess then, is a bigger mess now! Get a REAL life!

2744 days ago


I know Star personally and she is a lovely., bright woman and a very polite southern lady. Its easy for people to talk about someone when they really don't know the person. No, I am not black so don't think that is why I am saying nice things about her...its just the plain truth.

2744 days ago


I agreed with the writer who said that Star was afraid of the man. Now I also agreed with number 29. Star used to go my church in Harlem --way before she became a view star and a skinny person by way of surgery which she will never confess to. At the time she was approachable, really nice and people respected her and looked up to her. NOW she lost her fat, niceness and let Hollywood get to her where she thinks she is a diva. Most people now thinks she's a bitch and a phoney. She looks old with this major weight loss.
Please bring back the old STAR and get rid of the evil stepsister.

2744 days ago

jane biggers    

I wish Star was back on THE VIEW, rather than ole big mouth Rosie. Rosie is ruining the entire show and the entire morale of the nation. Elisabeth makes the show a decent show and Barbara is goofy for allowing Rosie to keep up her nasty remarks to Elisabeth. I wish anyone was in Rosie's place but Rosie. Ellen would be a nice and pleasanat change since she is a person of character and good humor. BARBARA ARE YOU LISTENING?

2744 days ago


I think all of this negative comments you all are making about Star Jones is because you are JEALOUS-- she has an education what do you all have? Especially you Rascal- It shows if you have to resort to Racial epithets. She has a new job that is going to give the View a run for their money, and if I know star it will be a total success.

Star I wish you all the best this world has to offer and more. I will be watching and cheering for you all the way-- You are what you are a total "STAR" and nothing or no one can change-- and that includes Barbara Walters.

I love you- You look fantastic and I love the hair style

2744 days ago


It appears to me that all the people who have the most negative comments about Ms. Jones are also the ones who seem to know the most about her. If you dont care why are you looking her up on the Internet? I would venture a guess that anyone with any self respect would grow tired of unknown and possibly dangerous people stalking you while you try to do the most mundane things.
I am not a huge fan but it seems to me that all she did was get a job in entertainment which is her choosen field of employment, and it appears she went shopping. Neither are attention grabbing activities. I think the rude loud mouths who have posted on this are just that rude loud mouths who have too much time on their hands.

2744 days ago


The funny thing about celebrity gossip is that while the world cares about every detail of their lives and gets nothing for it (minus a few paparazzi and gossip colunmists), the celebs dont give a damn about anyone else and have TONS of money, and will live a life that most of us will only dream about.

Do I like Star Jones? Yes, she doesnt bother me at all.
Do I like Barbara Walters? Not really, never did, and I dont like here even more now,
Do I like Rosie O'Donnel? Hell no, she talks to damn much for me.
Does my opinion matter? Not at all!

These people make money and will continue to make money with or without our approval. So why argue over it. Can't we just post our opinion in a civil manner.

2744 days ago

Joan Keane    

I`ve never heard of anybody so disliked (hated) as she was on "The View", her phonyness was evident, as was her ego. I jumped for joy, when I heard she had been fired.
I only wish it would also happen to Rosie.

2744 days ago


What is the reason for the hostility towards Star? I have always enjoyed watching her and think her new look is appropriate. But the absolutely disgusting racist comments? She is obviously far more intelligent and classy than the people making those comments--is it a bit of envy and jealousy because she has made it and they are pissed off because that fact defies their irrational stereotypes and makes them feel inferior, to, God forbid, a black woman? Incidentally, I am white, so don't start that shit with me.

2744 days ago


Star is so full of herself. People get fired from their jobs all the time. Just because she is in the spotlight-doesn't give her a reason to go bonkers every time the View comes up as her last employer. She seems to conviently forget that without the View she would not be where she is today. GROW UP STAR! Get on with your pathetic oh so important little life and leave the View alone!

2744 days ago
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