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Star Keeps Her Trap Shut

3/15/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For once in her life, Star Jones had absolutely nothing to say.

Newly-revamped Court TV talk show host-to-be Starzilla was accosted by a fan/stalker/provocateur just outside of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. As she tried to ignore his verbal prodding, Star just iced up, second by second.

The man just wouldn't take "no" for an answer. In fact, he wouldn't take any answer at all, as he continued to blather on, hardly taking a breath, until Star ducked into a handy lobby for cover.


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Rascal Hater    

I'm not a fan of the lady either but why is race on your tounge? The only ni***r is you! Ignorence is color blind ***hole!

2778 days ago


Anybody who lives in new york knows that when a kook approaches you rule # 1 is "NO EYE CONTACT" do not engage, just ignore them. What was she supposed to do , stop & listen to his "poor black man" "statistic" spiel? gimme a break!!! I wish Star the best of luck. "The View" has turned into "The World According To Rosie Odonnell" real stomch turner. I have a feeling Star will have the last lugh

2778 days ago

Josie go girl.....You look the BOMB!!!!..
Ya Rosie & Co. is right...she runs the show now...
she opens the show.....just the way she opens her big mouth..

2778 days ago


I don't think Star looks good but it is her business. I don't care for Rosie and her remarks. She thinks she is hot stuff.

Just can't stand Rosie.
I like Joy Behar. They should close the view and give Joy a show.

2778 days ago


No. 32, how dare you label people "white trailer trash" who made negative comments about Star. But then, I just assuming you are a black, affirmative action, ghetto-dwelling underachiever.

2778 days ago


I didnt really think I could be shocked anymore by what people do or say, but I can actually say that I was stunned by some of the hateful and racist comments made on here. GROW UP!!!!

2778 days ago


10. What happened to all of her pretty hair and make-up? She used to look like a prostie, now she just looks like any old N----r.

Posted at 4:51PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Rascal

Is that word allowed

2778 days ago


I agree the one who is worse off it Rosie Nosey Odonell, that woman is ruining the who show, that is only why viewers have gone up, because they want to see a fight? Rosie belongs in San Fran, and stay there, far away from the cameral with that pug mug.
The BIGGEST LOSER IS BWABRA, WATERS!! SHE HAS ANOTHER FACE LIFT AND SHE WILL BE LOOKING AT HER BACK SIDE!!!!!!!!!! even the Donald has her beat! "don't watch that loser gab fest at all" not worth it, glad Star got away from there!!!

2778 days ago


For one thing, Star has never shown her natural hair. She admittedly only wears wigs or major extensions. I agree that she looks pretty bad. She has always been like a wax figure in that she barely moves in fear of messing up her hair. When she was heavier, she could hardly breath! On the view she gasped between sentences, so at least she must be healthier. But I feel she is a very self-absorbed woman . I stopped watching The View because of her and Rosie is not any better -- just another mic-hog. And I never could stand Elisabeth. Joy needs to move on before she gets dragged down with the ship.

2778 days ago


Keep your FILTHY prejudices in your ugly hearts and off these pages please.

2778 days ago


Rascal you are nothing more than a nasty ignorant, foul mouthed low life

2778 days ago

Inga Heffner    

I can only shake my head at these "eggspurts" who claim to know the true reasons behind the scenes....Star? looks like a BOMB ? Yes, plastic surgery...would love to see her without make-up....if there was ever a hypocrate Star played it directly to the viewers, so I can judge for myself. Barbara W. the Liar ? Is there anybody that has never told lie? Yes, Rosie O, the loudmouth...but you get what you see, like it not. And Sir D. can live his high faluting life as he wishes - can he really be a happy man? Sorry, but openly attacking ones features is uncalled for. Rosie could probably look like a "Bomb" too if she opted for surgery....we will never hear about the real shanigans behind the scenes....lets face it, IS'S SHOWBIZ !!
And oh, d-man should made to dig his own grave with his bare hands......

2778 days ago


I never heard why Star quit to begin with. Something to do with Rosie? I remember her when she had a court -type TV show. Something that is never mentioned. Anyway, I think that her 'new look' is just a bit bizzare. I don't find it an improvment...Skelator went out in the mid 70's didn't he? Somewhere between this scrawney monster and the fat girl she used to be would be just about right. OH well, it really doesn't matter in the big scheme of things, does it?

2778 days ago


Rosie is next. She has to be jealous that everybody just loves Thin-Liz.

2778 days ago


Everyone has something bad tosay about Mrs. Star Jones Reynolds! What has she done to make everyone against her, besides speak up for herself when she was being patronized on the show or talked down to. Joy Behar has the ugliest , biased attitude of them all. She hides her prejudices behind jokes and has any one noticed she is dumb. Leave Mrs Jones Reynolds alone. She was only let go to bring Rosie on the show and ratings or not Rosie is giving the producers hell trying to keep her white trash mouth closed. Elizabeth is a very bright intelligent loving girl and I wish her the best. You talked about Star when she was big so talk on about her being smaller, B----------!!!!!!!!

2778 days ago
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