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Brad Bikes as Angie Adopts

3/16/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Angelina Jolie finalized adoption proceedings for Pax Thien in Vietnam, Brad Pitt was getting some risky behavior out of his system here in Los Angeles.

Pitt was spotted driving around on his Ducati outside of the Scott Free Pictures offices, a production company run by Ridley and Tony Scott. Pitt appeared calm despite the knowledge he's soon to have a total of four tots in the house.


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#31 All of the kids are with Angie

2777 days ago


Jolie and Pitt are just using their wealth and fame to accomplish their needs. Strip away their wealth and they would be just like john public. Jolie thinks that her money can build their 'soccer team.' This is wrong. Children should not be bought. She skips all over and thinks this is how children are raised. Lets see how long she will tarry in New Orleans.


2777 days ago


They should concentrate more on the kids they have now before running out and adopting again. And it's true about regular people having to wait ages to get their adoptive kids in their arms. What Angie should do as both Ambassador to the U.N and as a rich powerful celebrity, is to appeal BIG to the powers that be to allow people to get adopted kids immediately, just as she and Madonna can. Then all these homeless kids can be with families a whole lot sooner and more often. Angie has to know that she cannot adopt them all. And what I read is that not only Maddox, but Zahara and Shiloh traveled with her to adopt Pax. Guess Brad needed a break. While the cat's away, the mouse takes out his motorcycle and other toys. Brad must be having a ball.

2777 days ago


Congragulations Brad and Angelina!

Negativity gets us no where!

2777 days ago

Hottest Couple Ever    

#37 Hey Joann maybe you should think first before you type. Brad was a single man. He and his X were divorced. Angie's adoptive children are her own. She loves them as though they are. Ask any adoptive parent. Being married is not synonymous with being a good parent. I'll wager that Brad and Angie don't give a rat's ass what you think of them. We have all seen in the news what those folks who are always talking about morals do when they think that no one is watching.

2777 days ago

linda mary    

You are all wandering what Brad's doing in LA? He's shacking with Jennifer!! LOL

The reason Billybob bolted on Angelina is because her ideas regarding adoption. Angelina adopted without his permission and they were married! How does she get away with this nonsense. Do any of you not wonder if Brad even wants another child? I believe he wants children but with his sperm, can more be biological? Ride away on that bike Brad as fast as you can go. Pick up Shilo on the way and leave the rest of the craziness behind you. She's nuts.

2777 days ago


Anna the illiterate wrote: "1. Is there anything this ass don't do like Tom Cruise?
Tom ride a Ducatti, Brad ride a Ducatti!
Tom is a pilot? brad want to be a pilot!
etc...What a pussy

Posted at 2:26PM on Mar 16th 2007 by anna

Dear Anna (post number one),

It is obvious that you are oblivious to proper grammar.

Check this out:

Is there anything this ass don't do like Tom Cruise?

Try this instead:

Is there anything this ass does not do like Tom Cruise?
(Asking a question on a message/comment board is strange)

Tom ride a Ducatti, Brad ride a Ducatti!

Try this instead:

Tom rides a Ducatti, Brad rides a Ducatti!
(Not "ride" but rides)

Tom is a pilot? brad want to be a pilot!

Try this instead:

Tom is a pilot. Brad wants to be a pilot!
(You should not ask a question on a message/comment board)

etc...What a pussy

Well, there is not much I can say about that last sentence, except it takes a pussy to know a pussy Anna.

It is possible that Brad has been riding a motorcycle for many years, and Tom has copied him.

I suppose since Tom adopted two children with is previous wife, that Brad hooking up with Angelina Jolie (who is copying Mia Farrow if we were to all think like YOU) was only to enable him to follow in Tom's footsteps. Thankfully, many of us understand that just because one person does something does not mean another is copying them ... especially in the celebrity world.

Please, go back to school and learn how to at least make some sense in your comment posts.

2777 days ago


Not all the kids Mia Farrow adopted was "perfect" Mia Farrow is also a UN Ambassador, she only made the news when that whack job Woody Allen married one of the kids. She was also in Africa when Jolie was, where are her pictures making her a saint? MG, I agree with you.

2777 days ago


The way this world is today. I wonder if they thought of how raising kids that are not blood relative could turn out. Maybe they should ask Mia. They could be in for a lot of heart ache. It happens everyday.

2777 days ago


You people stop hating on Angelina's adoption you know better that those kids will have the future they choose thanks to the kind people that Brad and Angelina are. I don't think is true that they get to have a quicker adoption than a regular person but if it is you have to know that they have the means to raise a big family and they will give love to any child so Stop the hating on them.. Brad and Angie I love you guys.....much love to you

2777 days ago


How nice sue, you are patting the backs of all the nice people who
just love angie and brad. I too think they are a great couple. They
give me joy because I can laugh at all the stupidity that he is. I
live in Pennsylvania sue, can you tell me why this adoption was on 3
days in a row on a local news channel. Now everyone has videos, where did they come from? pictures, etc, etc, etc,
she is not even back yet. Where is Shiloh? Where is Zahara? Maddox is with mommy
dearest selecting his newest sibling, prettygirl pitt is in Ca.
???not a media whore??? if this is a real "loving family" then keep on collecting,good job.

2777 days ago


I'm relatively new here (seem to be several people at tmz with variations on my name). I thought the purpose of this site was so anyone could express an opinion -- in this case, concerning Brangelina. I would enjoy reading every single post, however brief, lengthy, pro-Angelina or con-Angelina, whether or not the posters know her or not. I really dislike the hostile tit-for-tats. It's relaxing and fun to chat about celebrities who are in a separate world from most citizens; few famous people will read what we say. Yet if the antagonism between posters keeps escalating, I'll choose another distraction. I don't answer those who disagree with me; I want them to have their say. I can understand you may not have time for long posts, but you can skip over those if desired. If you are extremely devoted or enraged by Angelina, then explore more partisan websites. It could be really great here if everyone tried to be civil. If the tmz article is about Angelina, the comment section exists to welcome those remarks regarding that particular celebrity. Thanks for listening.

2777 days ago


Cary - well said!

2777 days ago

To: Angelina has no morals    

She has done more than you have ever done, so shut it.
If you had her money, you'd probably waste it on handbags and shoes.
"Adopting kids months apart" - WTF?
She got Maddox. 5 years later she got Zahara. She had Shiloh May of last year. And now she is adopting a precious little boy who was abandoned the day he was born.
She is adopting a 3 year old-other Americans who go to other countries for adoption insist on an infant.
She is doing a good thing, and rules.
Bite it.

2777 days ago

To: Angelina has no morals    

Are you rubes ACTUALLY using that defense???
MARRIED means nothing. You can get married in a church as much as you want, and it doesn't mean SHIT unless you get the $40 marriage license from City Hall.
Marriage is NOT LEGAL unless conducted through the government. It is a CONTRACT. There is nothing religious or spiritual about it.
WHY do they need to be married? They live together and raise FOUR beautiful children! The rest is semantics!
SHUT UP RIGHT WINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2777 days ago
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