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Brad Bikes as Angie Adopts

3/16/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Angelina Jolie finalized adoption proceedings for Pax Thien in Vietnam, Brad Pitt was getting some risky behavior out of his system here in Los Angeles.

Pitt was spotted driving around on his Ducati outside of the Scott Free Pictures offices, a production company run by Ridley and Tony Scott. Pitt appeared calm despite the knowledge he's soon to have a total of four tots in the house.


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To: Angelina has no morals    

She couldn't adopt him with Brad, BECAUSE, in overseas adoptions, they typically require that you be married. But since she obviously has enough money, she can act as an independet agent, and Brad can adopt him later.

2756 days ago


Hey, this is just a thought......
You know where thoughts can get you?
I was saddened at first, that Angelina was adopting infants and not those of an elder age. But, as time goes by...... she is really not interested at the lime light at all. She has proved me wrong, once again. She adopted a boy who needed an opportunity. My best friend was from the baby drop (Vietnam) back in 1975 and ended up in a small town in Florida. I was always intrigued by her and her knowing that her parents in America gave her an opportunity she would never see in Vietnam....
One day, I said to her, "Would you like to find your real parents?"
her answer, "WHY?", "these are my parents and I am blessed they got me to the states to see freedom and venture a better life. No, I do not wish to meet them b/c these are my parents, I don't see it any other way, they saved me. I heard stories of babies left in the caves to die. The nuns couldn't pick everyone up. I got saved and to this day I don't know my real birthday date b/c I was one of those babies in the cave during the war. " I never said a word again about her adoption and when I was 18 ( back in 1993), I made my mind up, I only wanted to adopt! No matter the age, no matter the money, people who go the extra mile to help one soul is worth a billion spirtual golden medals!(Especially in the adoptive child's mind) May Brad and Angelina keep helping the souls of the next up (and may I say up) and coming life, be a life of happiness, love and peace. I think they really are good people and if they could get rid of fame, they would, to help a soul anyday!

2756 days ago


I also have an adopted son of Cambodian decent and he meant the whole world to me. I do not understand how some people write very mean things about Brad and Angie. Just because they are movie stars, these negative writers who write their comments here in fact should know that we do not have ownership of their personal lives. They offer us their movies, their talent and their global generosity and all some of us do is go on the internet and give these nasty comments. Brad and Angie are not asking for our opinion about their behavior or how they want to live their lives, who they want to adopt, where they want to live. We do not own their personal lives. Since Brad left Jennifer, that was his own decision, get over it. It has been two years. Stop the hate. Leave them alone to do their thing whether they want to live in New Orleans or L.A. or Europe. FYI, all the kids are in Los Angeles while Brad is filming the Curious Case of Benjamin Button/s. He has a contractual deadline to finish filming or else he gets sued under the labor act. He is not only an actor, he is also a producer and this bike ride was to a production office. If I can afford it, I also want to have a nanny and who are we to judge how they raise their kids. Look at yourselves first before you judge. Angie gives 1/3 of her income to charity. How many celebrities have the guts to do that? Check your moral codes/ ethics before you judge.

2756 days ago


guess the nanny has the have brad riding a bike in LA..maddox and the boss or nomad which ever you prefer are in Vietnam with a crying brother to be....who does not want to leave Vietnam or the orphanage.......boy this nomad better stick around the house for a change and be a mom to 4 very young children. She has no clue how tough it all can be when you have to deal with all of this..stay off the planes and the un trips and the movies.

2756 days ago


Brad has already said he wanted many children-a soccer team to be exact. LOL Silly Bradley. Angelina is making up for lost time for the 7 years Brad was with someone who did not give him any children. Brace yourselves because whether you like it or not, more babies are coming. Combodia check, Ethiopia check, Vietnam check, Chad next stop.

2756 days ago


its not a Ducati....
American designed, hand built in New Orleans:
Confederate Motorcycles
he rides a HellCat

2756 days ago


I agree with Cary, #51. Way too much hate, foul language and derogatory comments. I work at an extremely stressful job and visit this site to de-stress and have fun.

With that said, for 7 years I interviewed people and wrote adoption studies for a private agency that dealt primarily with adoptions from China, but virtually every country in the world. Every prospective adoptive person(s) went through a stringent background investigation, including having a psychological assessments. While I can't comment on other celebrities, Angelina and Madonna have clearly by-passed the usual channels. My concern is, despite Angelina's supposedly good intentions, there should have been a lot of BIG RED FLAGS that went up with her unstable background which has been very public. Yet, she gets, virtually a free pass because she's got the MONEY and is a CELEBRITY. I don't see her being able to sustain the rigorous demands parenting requires as her brood get older.

2756 days ago


The boy is 3 years old. What was wrong with his original name? I assume it wasn't HEY YOU so why change it? His name wasn't good enough for you? lol.

You're two kinds of crazy Angelina! Adopting more kids when you don't even take care of the ones that you have! Good thing that you have all of that money for those nannies! You are going to need it!

2756 days ago


#22 WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN? You are such a dumb ass! GET A FUCKING CLUE! She is pretty yes, the most beautiful HARDLY! Beside's she is so fucked up it cancel's out how pretty she is.

Good thing that she is pretty though, without it what else would she be but a crazy husband/boyfriend stealing psycho whore!

What goes around comes around Angie... buy some more kids so that when Brad is on the set making a movie he will have a affair with his co star and leave her for your ASS! LOL Wouldn't that be swwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttt! ;)~

Don't forget to take your little Shiloh umm... I mean your BLOB with you Brad!

2756 days ago


That's how much Brad really cares of Angie's kids. He goes riding! Yay!

2756 days ago


i'm so tired of this crap about angie and brad having a beautiful mixed family. what are they going to do to make each child proud of their ethnic/national identity? those kids are probably going to have some sort of complex by growing up in that house, not knowing where they fit in or how to feel about the country that their compulsive mother plucked them from. yeah, i know angie does stuff in cambodia, but i believe that's all for show. her actions are so reminiscent of colonial-era paternalism. what, does she think she's got the white man's burden on her shoulders to save all these poor, "third-world" kids? give me a break...she just wants some brown babies to show off. if she REALLY cared, she would be putting all her time and energy solely into developing programs and building schools/hospitals so that these kids would be able to grow up well in their own thriving societies. what is she achieving by adopting kids from every continent? in the end, she's just helping a few lucky kids (and by help i mean spoil like hell) while their peers in asia or africa or wherever are forced to live in less than ideal conditions and deprived of the most basic things. if someone really wants to save people and help make the world a better place, they should start from the bottom-up in that given country. we need to help developing countries help themselves and not be dependent on the US or the EU or any other rich powerful governments or even dear selfless angie to save the day. face it, she loves the attention of being labeled a true humanitarian especially since it detracts from her homewrecking image. i'm sure any one of us, if we had the money and status, could muster up the will to go to a mosquito-ridden hut in developing country for a few weeks if we know that we're going to return to our luxurious mansion in the states and be applauded by the media and our blind fans who seem to know nothing about sustainable development and the REAL economic, political, and social solutions to eradicating global poverty. this isn't to say i'm against adoption by any means. any life saved is a life saved and thus very precious. i just seriously question brad and angie's motives and believe the attention they receive isn't deserved because, as many have stated, other parents with much fewer resources and privileges adopt kids as well but do not receive worldwide coverage for their benevolent deeds.

i didn't mean this to practically be an essay but i'm so sick of misinformed opinions. not that i know everything there is to know about such subjects, but angie and brad should probably leave the true humanitarian work to those who dedicate years of their lives and indebt themselves to get college loans in order to be able to study these problems and try to solve them, without calling the press every time they put 10 cents in the world's tip jar. Her work with the UN is great and all but, ultimately, their lavish celebrity lifestyle does not strike me as an example of one’s personal sacrifices for the well-being of others which she likes to preach about.

also, a common comeback for some devout brangelina worshippers seems to be that us "haters" are jealous. why is someone jealous if they criticize someone else? Is a person jealous of the president, for example, if they criticize his foreign policy? no, i didn't think so. so, fyi, i and a lot of these so-called haters are not jealous of angie and brad. we just don't like what they represent when you really analyze their actions. period. save the jealousy argument for famous people who are actually worthy of being envied. thanks, and again, sorry for the ridiculous length.

2755 days ago


To ROSE BLUE, #52.
Thank you!
Regards, Cary

2755 days ago


I find it really sad that she is there, he is somewhere else, where are the kids, but more importantly......WHY HAVE THEY CHANGED HIS NAME????? Apparently it was Pham Quang before he was adoptted. WAS THAT NOT COOL ENOUGH FOR THEM?

The poor little one is going to have to adapt to a new family, the paparrazi, a new country, new school, life with unlimited money, and he couldn't even keep his own name. Give Pax some peace.

2755 days ago


I do not find these two stars adopting kids awe inspiring. I agree that orphaned children should find a home which AJ can provide. These children maybe well fed and sheltered under her care but what money can't assure these kids is growing up to be emotionally healthy; unless nurtured properly and beyond the spotlight. It would defeat the purpose of adopting less fortunate children. I feel so sorry for Maddox that I'm convinced he'd end up with an identity crisis of his own. It seemed that deviating from the norm with that mohawk hairdo and painted nails is being encouraged. In a normal household a boy of five years would know what toys would identify with boys and painting nails would be deemed girlish. So sad to think he is begginning to be bi-curious at such a young age.

2755 days ago


to number 71, maybe you should watch the clip again. yea, you sound like a jolie fan. since I am bigoted, do you know what color I am? hope this job pays you well. name calling is for children. I didn't french my brother on national tv.

2755 days ago
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