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Brad Bikes as Angie Adopts

3/16/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Angelina Jolie finalized adoption proceedings for Pax Thien in Vietnam, Brad Pitt was getting some risky behavior out of his system here in Los Angeles.

Pitt was spotted driving around on his Ducati outside of the Scott Free Pictures offices, a production company run by Ridley and Tony Scott. Pitt appeared calm despite the knowledge he's soon to have a total of four tots in the house.


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to #71 above,,,wow!!!!!! I looked up bitch in the dictionary and they had your name in there, imagine that,,,,you're like famous already. And by the way, Joanne is a wonderful mother, but I doubt that I would allow my kids around someone with your attitude.

2754 days ago


For Chloe, #73
Thanks also to you for the thumbs-up -
Cary #51

2754 days ago


cheater! botox!

2754 days ago


love BRAD he is so good and beautiful-

love and respect all what he decided-hope to see you hapy

its dificulte with a instable woomen like angelina

good luck BRAD PITT

love and respect

2753 days ago


#33 : Yours is the second post I've read so far that suggests that
Brad should be concerned about Shiloh . I guess the other children that he adopted doesn't matter . A typical racist comment . You should just go to the nearest clergyman and beg to help you to pray for forgiveness . Being a racist is one of the uglier human sins .

2753 days ago


enough with the put downs already! lots of people have nannies to help with their childern and noone is calling them names for it. Stop hating! Both Brad and Angie are loving parents who just happen to have jobs. The kids always seem happy and well adjusted. We see pictures of the whole family all the time. So stop hating and there is nothing wrong with Brad going on a bike ride. If that is a crime, that lots of men and women better put the bikes away. You people who cut them down better stop working sell your cars and bikes and just sit home.

2753 days ago

Linda Sanchez    

What are you doing? This isn't the 31 flavors. Why don't you come home and we'll work it out . My house is quiet and I know that is what you want.

2749 days ago


I always think that AJ is nuts. First she seduced Brad..and then said that she loves him..then she's upset that Brad would like to meet up with ex Jen for a friendly meeting, then she tells him she loves him then all of a sudden she bans him..Then she goes off to veitnam to adopt taking the three kids with her without Brad..then she says she's ready to marry him after the adoption and now she rejects himagain and again and again..what is she thinking about???? I used to like AJ but now I think she is nuts..

2738 days ago

Donna M    

So what's the big deal with Brad & Angelina, Brad will move on without Angelina pretty soon and will go on with his life. And hopefully taking his only child with him or not. Brad still has IT !!! He will have more women in his life to come yet and so will Angelina and some men too. Because life goes on with or without us.

2733 days ago


I am all for adopting children. I myself am adopted and am grateful that I was chosen. But being in showbiz you really have no time for family. You literally work 20 hour days and have little to no rest in between. If she so chooses to adopt and save the world then perhaps she should lave the acting to brad and be a stay at home mom. Because like it was said before, you can't leave a nanny to raise your kids. If she just continually goes out, adopts a child, and then drops him or her off at the local daycare, then it begins to look like she is just doing it for the publicity....Does anyone else see where I am coming from?

2732 days ago

Lili Sal    

Oh yeah #85, I see exactly where you're coming from. Anyone can open a orphanage, hire someone else to spend quality time with them. But now that Angie has been put to the REAL test, a REAL bio-mom, the test results have been processed. SHE CAN'T/WON'T NURTURE. She is one of THOSE women who can't... do not know how to nuture and the reason why she continues to adopt... she, in every sense, is detached from each one of these adopted children, as she was with her mother, still detached from her father, and now Brad is being pushed away. She is more a CHAIR-PERSON of yet another organization she has created for herself. What is she trying to prove?

Good for Brad, to finally realize that she has no REAL biological connection to his precious daughter, except to give birth, yet not mother or nurture their baby. I think there is a name for that??? hmmm???

Sorry #5... cute couple doesn't cut it... life is real with commitments.

2729 days ago


Geez ....How exciting Brad gets on his motorcycle, drives away, The biggest thrill of my life NOT! I must be really bored tonight.

2729 days ago
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