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Deacon: Ban Elton John,

He'll Make You Gay!

3/16/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

eltonThe Archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago wants to ban Elton John from a local jazz festival for fear that he'll tempt locals into becoming gay.

Elton is scheduled to headline Tobago's Plymouth Jazz Festival in April, but the country's Archdeacon Philip Isaac told a Jamaican newspaper, "His visit to the island can open the country to be tempted towards pursuing his lifestyle." Trinidad and Tobago immigration laws makes it legal to bar openly gay individuals from entering the island.

Despite the Archdeacon's homophobic and preposterous request, organizers of the Plymouth Jazz Festival maintain that John will close the three-day concert on April 29, adding "This country should be honored to have Sir Elton John perform in Tobago." Can you feel the love tonight?

Besides Elton, other artists scheduled to perform at the jazz festival include Miss Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J and Gladys Knight.

A rep for Elton John declined to comment.


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Thinkpeople - I don't hate the term "homophobic", I think it fits certain people perfectly. I would however agree with you that everyone...including bigots, homophobics, etc, have a right to their opinons just as everyone else. And that also includes disagreeing with people - both in private and in public.

And if I am to follow your "logic" that no one should be bashed for "disagreeing" with homosexuality, then I would assume? that you feel that no one should be bashed for disagreeing with heterosexuality, correct? I don't disagree or care one way or another about hetersexuality, I'm playing devil's advocate with you. And btw, I also don't believe that everyone has to "tolerate" everyone else's opinions/beliefs. That is not even close to realistic....nor do I tolerate bigoted views and actions. Everyone has a right to his/her opinions, but if you think I'm going to tolerate your "lame" view of "logic", you are mistaken, as well as the Deacon's blatant discrimination. Incidently, I am a gay person and it doesn't matter if you, or even the Deacon, "agree" with, like or "tolerate" people who are gay. - I will still openly disagree with you whether you like it or not and I will continue to be gay -- openly btw, no matter how much someone may disagree with it. However, what I do care most about is that bigots stay the eff out of our lives. And what the Deacon is doing is this case, as a bigot and a homophobe is to not only state his bigoted views publically, but has taken it a step further and is using them to create an intended action to ban Elton John from performing there. That action does affect John's life if he is banned and it will affect other people's lives who may have want to see him perform.

Now if the Deacon is soooo afraid that he might be tempted if John performs, then by all means he shouldn't attend John's concert. And no, I won't "leave him alone" Once he made those comments public and is intended to use them to discriminate against John, he is accountable for it....which includes criticism.

2778 days ago


"Besides Elton, other artists scheduled to perform at the jazz festival include Miss Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J and Gladys Knight."

Some jazz festival. Not one of these people is a jazz musician.

2778 days ago


why, how many people has elton made gay so far?

2778 days ago


I am both amused annoyed and angered by the attention this fool is bringing to my country. There is no such thing as an Archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago, this man is either self-appointed or there is lazy reporting going on ... anyway it's a small group of religious conservatives who don't represent the feelings of the majority. Every country has them.

2778 days ago


Wow. I am nearly 50 years old, happily married for 27 years, a mom and have been a huge fan of Elton, buying his records and listening to his music for over 35 years-AND ALL THIS TIME I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS GAY!!! People all over the world should totally boycott going to Trinidad and Tobago and the loss of all of our tourism money would serve those ignorant homophobic haters right!!

2778 days ago


Um gays have no problem living visiting or working here m'dear. You would impugn a whole population because of a handful of religious conservatives? Is your country free of those same sentiments? lol. Elton will have no problem performing here, the masses support and welcome his presence, and if there is a minority who want to object because of their religious beliefs they are free to do so, as they are free to express their views in any democratic society.

2777 days ago

Paul Kline    

We are ALL gay. All of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.

Ya are!

2777 days ago

Auntie Em    

Finally.... a view point that can legitimately be described as"homophobic".....
Not just "I don't like gays"....but actually thinking that gayness is contagious!
Poor, stupid Archdeacon of Toboggans...and Trinidaddies.

Now reference to the accompanying photo of this article.....
I love Elton, but he may want to look into some teeth-bleaching.

2777 days ago


Elton John has great talent, but it is true that homosexuality is a learned behavior. It is like an addiction. That is how my friend who was a lesbian for more than 15yrs told me. I have been around gays my whole life. They always try and convince straight people (that they want to sleep with) that they are secretly gay. It is a mind thing. It is also perversion. Gays get mad when people don't agree that they are born that way and they call people homophobic. I took care of a dying homosexual man who had aids until his death. Am I homophobic. Most of his friends left him. I respect him as a fellow human being, but I do not support his behavior. He was a very talented and carring man. By the way, I found a bible next to his bed before he died. I don't think that Elton John should be banned from going to the island though. People have free will.

2777 days ago


Paul, You are like a gay enabler. They really do hit on straight people. Usually people who are unhappy in a marriage, or troubled teens are very impressionable. Easy targets. Most of the gay people that I know had problems with one of their parents being absent and they began to act like the one who was there. For example a guy gay friend I knew from elementary school all through highschool didn't have his father around, he was an artist already sensitive and he began to emmulate his mother. but he had a crush on a girl we knew too. not bi, just confused. His mother fixed his hair so femenine like marilyn monroe and some kids teased him and called him gay. After a few years of hearing that, you begin to think that you are gay. Cmon. be more observant. It is not ignorance to disagree. You just care so much about pleasing your friends and not wanting to hurt their feeling to really objectively look at them. Why do gay men seem to have the same personality. Black people do not have the same personality. Gays think that they have to act a certain way and many people now a days become more popular all of a sudden. Turning gay is not something that happens over night like your joke you made. It happens over time. It is learned. I knew another guy who's father died when we were in highschool and my other friend I mentioned above told me that during that time he went to him crying and instead of getting comfort he was hit on. They had sex. But the guy who lost his father was ashamed after and he is really a straight guy. Actually everyone is straight until they get confused. Feelings are fickle, and misleading at times. The heart is deceptive above all else.

2777 days ago

Tony Barker    

I sincerely hope,that Elton John cancels his trip to Tobago.

2777 days ago


Trinis please!! we in the caribbean know that you and the bajans are as gay as jay birds!The deacon is probably a bit scared that Elton John will out him. Now trust the jamaicans to make this one public when we also know that gays are the best kept secret on that island

2777 days ago


It's true. Crocodile rock turned many kids into gaywads.

2777 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Oh, for god sakes...

This shows that those who wrap themselves in religious garb are often times the most closed minded, rigid & bigoted people on planet earth. ATTENTION ANTI-GAY ZEALOTS & RELIGIOUS BIGOTS: it's obvious that you believe that people DECIDE to become gay, and that this is the basis of your arguement; Keep Elton John away from our kids because they may DECIDE to become gay after hearing him in concert. How laughable & silly. The exact opposite is true. Ask anyone who has gone public as a gay man or woman about this, and to a person they will tell you that they've felt this way since they can remember; they've felt totally out of step with how they were expected to act & feel. They finally realized that this was because this is how they are hard wired; it's not a decision on their part. No one would reasonably make a decision to place themselves in a position to be looked down on society (to be viewed as twisted & immoral by many, including most organized religions), to be potentially discriminated against for their sexuality and to possibly be put in a position of danger (lots of violent anti-gay people out there).

All this silliness does is further expose how out of step with society religions and the people who promote them can be. My suggestion for next time is, try learning what the reality of the situation is before making these silly declarations. Or, even better, try to use just a little logic before you puke all over yourself like this guy did.

2776 days ago


I live in Trinidad and Tobago. All countries have their share of bigots. And many countries have outdated laws on the books that they just don't bother to remove. Sir Elton John is NOT going to be banned. The majority of the people in this country are very laissez-faire when it comes to personal lives.
I have no idea who this "Archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago" is. We have a Roman Catholic Archbishop, an Episcopalian (Anglican) Archbishop, a Baptist bishop, but I have no idea what church this person represents. Never heard on him before this. He's probably a new church using this controversial announcement to get some publicity.

2775 days ago
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