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DNA Test About to Happen

3/16/2007 6:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern, Larry BirkheadTMZ has learned the judge in the paternity dispute over Anna Nicole's baby has made it clear -- DNA testing is about to happen.

Sources say the judge has ordered the parties back in court Tuesday where experts in the DNA field will be called to testify. It is unclear whether some or all of the DNA samples will already have been taken for Tuesday's hearing.

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Howard K Stern needs to take a longggggg trip Bye Bye... Even if the father ....he is evil..,
He is just causing toooo many problems for everone!

2756 days ago


I'll believe it when I see it...when LB has his baby in his arms and boarding a plane

2756 days ago


IT'S ABOAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT POOR BABY

2756 days ago


It is about time, I do hope that Dannilynn is found to be Larry's child, and that the courts grant him IMMEDIATE custody. Then Larry can take Dannilynn to Texas and move close to Grandma Vergie who deserves a chance to be in her Granddaughter's life.

2756 days ago


krista Barth you make me sick to my stomach , you got on court tV and start talking about Virgie like you actually know her . you know nothing about her . what about your fucking client ,you know the one that was the enabler of all the drugs that Anna was taking ,how he was in the presents when she died and the boy ..he was there and he left knowing she was dead . The truth will come out in the inquest of daniel and then your fricken client will be in jail . Virgie was friends with her daughter until that bastard came in to Annas life and he turned her against Virgie and then Anna was so well supplied in drugs she knew if you her mother seen her she would turn her ass and That is why the video of her cussing her mother out anna was so nasty to her because Virgie had went to open camera and made it know world wide Howard STerns had a connection with her sons death and he was enabling Anna with drugs , you are a fucking bitch and probably sleeping with your client Coward Howard sterns ,you know the one with no balls .. How dare you get on the television and protect that parasite . keep your big ugly mouthed face off of television because when you open you mouth nothing comes out but lies .Where was your chicken shit client today ..

2756 days ago

When is this going to end??    

I started going to this TMZ website when the Anna Nicole debacle started in Florida and in my opinion, TMZ has been right on with their inside scoop on this story so far.

2756 days ago

The REAL Just My Opinion    


The court already had an investigation on Larry & Virgie done in the U.S. I guess they have no way to check HK$ out since he has just been a pimp all these years.

2756 days ago


WOW, HKS looks like a serial killer in that photo. JMO. But I certainly hope he doesn't hurt Dannielynn in the meantime, if he decides to commit suicide before the paternity results are in.

2756 days ago



DNA BAHAMAS12-23-04, - 12:14 PM
DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) analysis is by far the most powerful and reliable method of parentage testing for personal, medical or legal reasons. In order to determine if the alleged father is the true biological father, specimens are obtained from either the alleged father(s) and child(ren) or the alleged father(s), mother and child(ren). The conclusions are based upon the principle that the child inherits fifty percent (50%) of the characteristics in his/her genetic sample from each of his/her biological parent. DNA is the unique genetic blueprint within each nucleated cell in the body that determines a person's genetic pattern and individual characteristics. This is what truly makes us different from each other.

The term parentage testing is an accurate description since the mother's sample is included in the analysis. On rare occasions the status of the mother is in question (e.g. an infant improperly labeled or switched at birth). However, seeing that the child would share half of it's genetic make up with the biological father, paternity can still be proven in the absence of a specimen from the mother.

Unfortunately, a renewed interest in parentage testing has resulted due to the fact that there is an epidemic increase in the amount of illegitimate births in the world. Since the father is often times absent from the home, many of these mothers are forced to raise their children without additional financial aid. In order to gain financial aid, the mother must identify the father and the named man may deny paternity. There are some fathers who voluntarily contribute to the support of their illegitimate children but there are others who may not unless ordered to do so by a court of law. After such a motion, paternity has to be formally proven before the financial assistance is granted.

DNA parentage testing is recognized in most countries as a means to settle many paternity disputes. The testing facility chosen should ensure that a strict chain-of-custody is upheld. All parties being tested should be positively identified, photographed and fingerprinted when the samples are collected. Specimens should also be properly labeled with each client's name, date of birth, collection date and the name of the collecting technician. The notarized test report should then be sent to all parties tested and their attorney if requested. It it is a private collection, then only the tested individuals need know the findings. On average a paternity test report is available to the client two to four weeks later. It is best to incorporate the services of a testing facility that follows the chain-of-custody regime so that the report, pending the outcome, is legally admissible.

* A doctor's order and in some cases a court order is not required to have a
DNA paternity test
* Mouth swabs are very accurate in determining paternity - the bonus is that they are PAINLESS compared to a needle stick
* Client relationships and results are strictly confidential
* Accurate paternity testing can be performed when the mother is not available for testing - the child obtains 50% of its DNA from its biological mother and the remaining 50% from its biological father
* There are no age restrictions for paternity testing - from the newborn baby to the elderly can be tested

* A woman is seeking child support from a man who denies that he is the child's biological father
* A man is attempting to win custody or visitation rights
* A man wanting to confirm paternity for his peace of mind
* A man wanting to prove biological parentage before writing a will - a copy of the report can be affixed to the will so that an illegitimate child can be recognized by the remaining family members once the biological father passes
* A couple is going through a divorce and the parentage of the children are in question
* An adopted child is seeking his/her biological parent, etc

DNA parentage testing is a very private matter. It is quite often that we forget about the true victors (or victims) in this battle, the children. The advantages of knowing your biological parent far out weighs the disadvantages. A common saying goes, "What he or she doesn't know can't harm them". This is not the case when it comes to knowing who your mother or father is. There may be hereditary ailments like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, etc. that an individual may not be aware of. I am sure that if you knew that your parent were predisposed to any of these ailments, you would pay keen attention to your own health. Suppose a family member needed a bone marrow transplant or organ donation and it is not until you were tested that you realize that you are in no way a match (not even close). Then there is always the issue of brothers and siste

2756 days ago

R. fusaro    

Well damn skippy. About time. Stern is the devil in disguise. Please, let Larry have his daughter already, enough is enough

2756 days ago


It's obvious that little Dannielyn is Howard's baby. The Bahamian court will make it definite.

2756 days ago


i hope that it is howard too. virgie is not fit to raise any body child.

2756 days ago


Why do they not take the baby into foster care so she can be safe until they find out? Get her OUT OF THAT HOUSE! Before she is gone!

2756 days ago


I Love it..I Love It..I LOVE IT!! GO LARRY!!

2756 days ago

Beverly J Molawka    

Pleease...Get that baby away from that killer. He was "with" 2 people that died recently. Coincidence? DUH! Someone better move on this soon....this baby could be death # 3!!

2756 days ago
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