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DNA Test About to Happen

3/16/2007 6:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern, Larry BirkheadTMZ has learned the judge in the paternity dispute over Anna Nicole's baby has made it clear -- DNA testing is about to happen.

Sources say the judge has ordered the parties back in court Tuesday where experts in the DNA field will be called to testify. It is unclear whether some or all of the DNA samples will already have been taken for Tuesday's hearing.

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I'll believe it when I c it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2746 days ago


YES !! YES !! YES !!! I am holding out hope that Mrs. Gibson is working with the Bahama Gov't to keep an eye out for the babe and garnish inside info.
I also hope that ET is letting Coward talk talk talk as the cameras roll on and on. Maybe they antisipate their footage to be subpoened ?
Good for Bahama to get the US layers out. Not every country is swooned by Americas opinion of themselves. It shows that they are protecting their international reputation as a Soveriegn Nation and that they know the world is watching.
I don't think coward wanted her dead yet. Faxing over the will recently, I think he wanted it updated to include himself as her husband.
Definatly killed Daniel! Daniel was coming of age! He knew who the real father is! He would have convinced his mom to come home. A new family was being born that did not include Coward. Remember Scott Peterson. No one believed this "niceguy" could do that. Well men that portray themselves on the outside to the world that is in contrast to their true nature will do unthikable things when their ORCASTRATED IMAGE is disturbed. A baby would take away all of that unconditional love, attention, and loyalty that he wanted as his. His applecart got tipped over big time!
Sister Bonnie bragging of asking Anna to pose "sexy" for pictures at Thanksgiving Dinner shows that they thought of her as a commodity not as a person. I just hope Daniel was not there to see that.
Coward is staying in seclution EH? Getting in practise for prison maybe?

2746 days ago


#67 MY point also put her in foster care till DNA is done and it would happen NOW this is crasy already.

2746 days ago


Fox is now reporting this also. On another blog, they are saying all American attys were ordered out of the courtroom. Also that Vergie was told to leave. Anyone else heard this?

Just hope LB can get the DNA, get his baby & get on with living his life.

2746 days ago


GOD BLESS THE BABY! May she never know what went on with her the first year of her little life.

2746 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

HK$ is a killer ! Get the baby away from him!!!!!!!!!!!

2746 days ago


Has anyone heard that it was her son that got her pregnant and that's why she took his death so hard....... and I do believe Howard really loved Anna.....

2746 days ago

Beverly J Molawka    

Get that baby away from HKS! It's scarey that she is in the same house with him. This man creeps me out. Pleeease.....isn't there any sane people in the Bahamas????

2746 days ago


Be prepared for anything that happens...and that includes Howard or Larry not being the father.........

2746 days ago

The REAL Just My Opinion    


I don't know if you are a $tern flunkie, or just a big liar, but Virgie lives in a 3,000 sq. ft. house in a very nice area.

All her kids are ALL respectable citizens but Anna. He son is an FBI agent, so her background is clean, or he could not have been hired.

It sure won't be hard for a court to see the unsuitability of HK$ as a parent.
He was there while she was being killed in the womb & filming it for later use.

One of two things, he had hoped it would kill the baby, or he just didn't give a damn about her.

2746 days ago

Justice For Dannielynn    

I hope this is true .I some how don't really believe it..Virgie attorney said that the court order them back on Tuesday ..The court wants Virgie team to tell them why Howard shouldn't have the baby..I say we all who cares for that baby no matter how we feel about the others find for her right to know her father..She doesn't have her mother any longer..What happens to poor Dannielynn...she has other blood relatives other than Virgie.Its not right..Howard can't stay in the Bahamas forever..He has to get a job..He can't just start practicing law in the Bahamas..So i beg all of you..Lets help Virgie's team get reasons why Howard shouldn't have that baby..Who knows we may have more information than them..I'm saying Virgie should Dannielynn but she will let that child have a DNA test..I beg you lets do some emailing and bring Justice for Dannielynn..Look at the enviroment that child has endured so far..Her mother was high on pills and Howard did nothing it makes me thing that he has a pill problem as well..Please lets get to work and bring justice for dannielynn..start your emails please help this child i beg you

2746 days ago


Alright people! I want to hear what Larry's income was prior to meeting ANS. Probably nothing living at home with mommy & daddy & his sister,...aka The Model. Ha Ha. He lived off of Anna too. He had to have done SOMETHING bad. People have come out of the woodwork to discredit Howard, but since Anna passed, he has cared for Dannielynn, out of the public's eye and shielded her. I don't see him out buying baby clothes for a photo op. PLEEEEEASE. Maybe his drug of choice wasn't pills, but he sure did look messed up in some of those photos with Anna. He didn't do much to stop her either. Probably because it was free stuff for him. You don't see Howard signing autographs in front of the courthouse. He is a self-proclaimed ROCK STAR! He CAN NOT be 110% sure he is the father. Anna didn't even know. Possibly he can be 110% sure that he wants to get his hands on $475 mil!!!!!!!!!!!Virgi too!!!!!

2746 days ago

Too much!    

jane doe - so well said.

2746 days ago


Sources say HKS is on the run already

2746 days ago


Krista Barf, I guess you were feeling lonely so now your on all the TV shows making your buck .. You are the biggest liar besides your client coward sterns . Dont' you have a life somewhere ,what kind of person are you ?? How do you personally know Virgie Arthur , you know nothing about her except what the slim bag has told you . Was he such a coward that he stayed home today fearing maybe some one might arrest him .. chicken poop. Stay off of the air so we don't have to get the puke buckets out listening to your lies. Why do you get so pissed off when Virgie's attorney's get on there or Larry Birkheads ? I think that you really have to try and defend your worthless client because you know it is the truth ..Stay on TV and make that money and keep those big jaws flapping and keep making an ass out of yourself because you are defending Sterns a possible killer of two..

2746 days ago
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