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Lohan's Dad Banned from Lindsay's Party?

3/16/2007 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Lindsay Lohan was so deeply concerned that her felon father (recently released from prison) would crash a party she was deejaying last night, that she had the club go to serious lengths to prevent him from showing up.

Sources involved with the party tell TMZ that the owner of The Plumm nightclub in Manhattan Noel Ashman posted "extra security" to keep Michael Lohan from slipping through, and even gave a photo of him to the door people, in case he tried to weasel his way in. Michael, who served a two-year sentence on assault charges, was released from prison earlier this week.

We're told that the situation was "intense and nervewracking," and at one point, nerves evidently got to Lindsay as she was in the DJ booth. Our spy says that Lohan flipped out at shutterbugs, suddenly stopping the music and telling the crowd, "Listen, motherf**kers, if I see one more f**king flashbulb go off, I'm going to stop the music and I'm out of here." Her threat was met with utter silence: "You could hear a pin drop afterwards in the packed crowd."

Otherwise, the evening went off smoothly for Lindsay, who did a 30-day rehab stint earlier this year. She was spotted taking pictures of herself in the VIP area, and the crowd, we're told, loved her spinning stylings.

When contacted, Lindsay's rep told TMZ, "I know nothing about it."


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Good grief, I wish you people would learn how to spell, punctuate, and otherwise compose comprehensible sentences! My eyes are practically bleeding trying to get through this crap!

2777 days ago

Ms. Bobbie Weaver    

Please sir/madam in charge of tmz, can't someone clean up the language used here?

2777 days ago

susie Q    

Lindsay, brittany, paris, nicole and those ugly has been twins, why are they famous and paid attention too? I mean, there are talented and decent people out there and the young follow these dirt bags. No wonder we Americans are being laughed at.

2777 days ago


Lindsay is very young, imature, ungrateful and full of hersel. She is no Marilyn Monroe either.

2777 days ago


LOSER'S LOSER'S Both father and daughter !! Who really cares ??? She is very ulgy !!

2777 days ago


Lindsay is a brat throwing a fit. Do what she wants or she will ......just scream!!

2777 days ago


don't listen to what some of these people are saying. they are just jealous that they aren't you. sure you are having a hard time, but your only human. everybody has hard times, you just keep your head up and keep doing a good job. you are a great actress, and you are stunningly beautiful.
your fan,

2777 days ago


People need to stop giving Lindsay Lohan a second of their time.

2777 days ago

Dr. M    

HEY - Jim !

CAN YOU SAY : "Enabler" ?

Lindsay has talent -

Lindsay is human -

Lindsay has a problem -

Even if it's just breaking the law - (underage drinking) 107 DAYS 'TILL 21

Lindsay has referred to herself as "criminally insane" -
(hopefully she's off that medicine)

Lindsay's actions lead me to believe that she is = " Retarded "

Crystal meth is a tough / tough master -

She obviously can't handle the DT's (delirium tremors) -
She said so herself -

So - she continues to drink (the alcohol makes her feel normal)



Shalom ('bye)

Dr. M

2777 days ago

James B.    

its not true.. i was at the PARTY and it wasnt her who said it, it was the DJ.. the other girl.. :) i was right there when she said it, sh e was a bitch though :)

If you want to see more pics of her from the party log into

2777 days ago



2777 days ago


Forget LaLohan-who's that hottie to the left of her???

2776 days ago


lindsay lohan had a good reason to make sure her father does not go into that party. Her mom filed the restrain order against him and both lindsay, alli and the rest of the family signed their names at the bottom. So she was ordered to have him stay far away from her. for her sake and her brothers and sisters sake.
But not only should she get security but she should also call her Bobby Director Emilio Estevez to help guard her. For her it would take either Emilio or Richard Dreyfuss (who starred in stakeout with Estevez) to guard her.
really guys.

2776 days ago


This child, and yes, she is a child - needs help!! Going into rehab and hitting bars upon release is an absolute way to another downward spiral. If Lyndsay wants to remain clean and sober she needs to concentrate on her recovery, and be responsible for her career. Recovery being the first priority. Without that - so long to her career. If her mother really gave a damn, she would stop exploiting Lyndsay on ET, Access Hollywood, etc., and accompany her child to AA/NA meetings instead of allowing her to make gueat appearances as a DJ in a bar. It totally discussess me that this young woman doesn't even have true family support. Anyone and everyone knows that a recovering alcoholic and addict needs to stay away from atmosphere that could potentially cause a relapse - and believe me it will.

Been there - done that

2775 days ago


This comment is in response to the Kizzmyazz comment. I assume that you are so perfect not to have a freckle or birthmark of any kind on you. That you came out of some perfect cookie cutter mold. I wonder how full of yourself that you must be and how insecure at the same time to pull apart a beautiful young woman. I knew someone just like you, she used to find beautiful girls and pull them apart piece by piece to make herself feel better. I could never understand why so many people say such negative things about others., especially woman against woman. The freckle comment was something I would only come from an irresponsible prejudice creature that likes to thrive on hurting others, a responsible person wouldn’t post something on a blog that other young girls with freckles may read and may already be insecure about and now feel your opinion expresses those of others too. I suggest you browse through a magazine once in a while, turn the pages and notice that half of the models that you will see have freckles, beautiful sun kissed freckles running across their nose, a few scattered on their shoulders and chest. Beauty comes in many different styles inside and out, but definantly not in cruelty of others. Please be more responsible when writing something that young influencial girls may read. I’m writing this for myself and my entire family of gorgeous freckle faced nieces and nephews.

2775 days ago
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