Mary Carey Serves Taco at Mr. Chow

3/16/2007 11:38 AM PDT
Mary Carey dished out the "Britney Spears Special" at one of the most popular restaurants in Beverly Hills last night -- repeatedly lifting up her pantyless friend's skirt in front of the swanky Mr. Chow!

After eating -- and probably lots of drinking -- inside the posh eatery, Carey started getting down and dirty with her BFF, "Showgirls" star Rena Riffel, as shocked patrons gaped in disbelief. After Carey kissed her pal on the neck and quickly whispered something in her ear, she then lifted Riffel's skirt and exposed Rena's landing strip ... four separate times!

Before leaving, Carey shouted, "We're so never allowed back to Mr. Chow's." Sounds about right.