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Star Gives Babwa Silent Treatment

3/16/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones Star Jones says she's over "The View" – and that she hasn't uttered a word to her old boss Barbara Walters since she got booted from the morning gabfest last summer.

Jones tells TV Guide that she hasn't spoken to anyone at "The View" since her bitch-errific departure, though she does have email correspondence with Elisabeth Hasselbeck because, Star says, they "had a very personal relationship." Still, Star won't spill the beans on what Thin Lizzie talks to her about (job openings?) because she's "extremely discreet."

Still, Jones says that she still keeps up with the show itself, because it's "very difficult not to keep up with it if you read newspapers or magazines or do any work on the Internet." Jones claims that she's Flabulous Gallery: click to launch galleryhappy for Rosie & Co., even though ratings skyrocketed on the show pretty much exactly when Star bolted. Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Star giving someone else an icy-cold reception yesterday in Manhattan.

Angelina's Hot Passport

Angelina Jolie passport photoAngelina Jolie may have gotten a faceful of tears from her newly adopted son Pax, but Angie's own passport picture will brighten just about anybody's day. The picture was part of Jolie's adoption application, and smokin' hot is putting it lightly.

Meanwhile, Jolie went yesterday to pick up the newly-named three-year-old Pax Thien, but he started crying during their first encounter, perhaps because, as Nguyen Van Trung tells People, he didn't even know he was being adopted! "We just told him that we are taking himAngelina Gallery: Click to launch photos out," says Trung. "You are going to play outside – play with a mother and father." After the initial jitters, however, all went well. Pax – described as "very cheerful and happy" played nice with new big bro Maddox.

Heather Mills Cries Wolf on UK 911

Temper, Temper gallery: Click to launch photosHeather Mills has been overusing the British equivalent of 911, and the police have had just about enough of her bleating. The monopod and soon-to-be-ex-McCartney Mills dials 999 (emergency in the UK) so much to kvetch about the paparazzi, that a Sussex police superintendent complained to reporters, as reported by Page Six, "Clearly, people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the little boy who cried wolf." According to Mills' rep, the dancer-to-be hasn't annoyed the cops and she's simply protecting herself from the paps.

Party Favors: Jay-Z NOT Drinking Cristal ... Joe Simpson Getting Forgetful ... Spielberg Gets into Comedy

Jay ZJay-Z says that even though a bottle of Cristal was brought to his table at a Manhattan club the other night, he most certainly did not drink any of the bubbly, which he famously boycotted last year. ... Joe Simpson, say Rush & Molloy, forgot his BlackBerry after lunch at the Brooklyn Diner in New York. A Diner minion ran after Pa Simpson, but to no avail. ... Steven Spielberg has his sights set on TV comedy on a new series called "The United States of Tara," about an ordinary seeming woman with two kids who happens to suffer from multiple personality disorder. The show, reports Variety, may land at Showtime.


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Cara need to get over the racial thing. Blacks ALWAYS make everything racial. They blame everything that doesn't go their way on the fact that they are black. I'm tired of it..........I'm white and I don't think Star Jones did anything wrong by leaving early.

2776 days ago


Why is Heather Mills in everyone's space? I personally will NOT watch Dancing with the Stars until she is booted off the show. How dare she mess with our Beloved American Icon, Paul. We all saw that she was not right for Paul, but being a man, he was thinking with the wrong head. Now he has to pay a ridiculous sum of money to get the leach off his wallet.

2776 days ago


Star your mother named you because she knew you would have the guidance to shoot for the stars and I salute your mother and grandmother for just a wonderful grounded upbringing. You were a strong woman and kept it real and professional when you told the world that Barbara and Bald headed Bill had lied to you and you were fired.I still can not understand Barbara jeopardizing her journalists career to stoop that low and agree to such tactics.Now with all those famous interviews I wonder now how did she get them was it more lies or on her back.She has a lot in her closet will be exposed and I will see it on CNN and not be shocked.When you know who you are ,you do not have to look back about your enemy and really a christian woman can not sit among darkness with those women lifestyles and I wish Elizabeth get out before they corrupt her mind for being wholesome and a christian republican.Good Luck Star!!!!!!!!!

2776 days ago


Reverend (white) Negro, Coby, TB, Lovinit, haa
All of you should research and read before bashing someone. Star has done several in-depth interviews and she is humble and appreciative of her success from the View and she acknowledged her mistakes and how people may have perceived some things. People like you are becoming more and more invisible to me. Because of your IGNORANCE and racist attitudes, you are becoming a minority. Hell is real! You don't want to go there, get your hearts right. Your attitude towards this woman is deplorable and it's pretty obvious why.

I like the fact that Star left on her terms while they were trying to screw her over. I do think she was much more attractive with the weight, but she's probably healthier without it. Star is a bright attorney and she will have continued success. She's intelligent and was a definite asset to the View. I'm not interested in seeing the View at all. Rosie has a very dark agenda and needs to be off the air.

2776 days ago


I never liked Star from the beginning......too full of herself and everything she said or did was for her own benefit not the show. Her new look............Oh NO! You were a beautiful women before why change it? Now you look like a guy in drag!!!!!!!!

2776 days ago


Star Jones! What a joke....I watched the view when she was on in the beginning then because of her "STAR LIKE QUALITIES" and her arrogant ways I totally stopped. Now that she is gone I watch it. I feel like she looks down on certain people and feels she is above the rest. I got news for her, she eats with her mouth like we do and it comes out the same place as the rest of us too. I do not see where she is any different than us. Good for me she is on court tv; I dont get that channel since direct tv has cancelled it off of its package!

2776 days ago

E. Doss    

Star Jones looks different but the verdict is out on whether she looks better. She looks cadaverous to me. I understand loosing weight, getting your hair straigntened, etc. in preparation for a new job. The fact is that the hollywood atitude is still there and will rear its ugly head again.

I supported Star when she beat Barbara Walters to the punch on that job thing. Barbara and the people behind the scene deserved a kick in the butt. I think Star did the best thing when she learned that Rosie O'Jackass was coming to the view. Those two obnoxious women would have caused a riot on the set.

As for Rosie I am with Trump I don't ever want to see you with your behind spread eagled on a rope again, I don't care what the reason is. That was just nasty and normal human beings did not need to see that..

2776 days ago


Star Jones and Donald Trump should have a threesome with Heather Mills in a hot tub filled with my vomit.

2776 days ago


I was so glad to see Star leave "The View", what a relief.....but then along comes Rosie.....I don't know which is worse. Now I just can't watch it anymore....they sound like a bunch of cackling hens....all trying to out talk the can't even understand half of what is going on....then when you hear Rosie's big hateful, complaining voice, you wish you hadn't heard it.....What are the producers even thinking here?
I didn't like Star on the show and I for certain, will not watch her new one. Her before and after pictures look like they were reversed! Who cares about her weight loss and her marriage.....I don't . She should go back to legal one likes a lawyer anyway!

2776 days ago

Big Mike    


2776 days ago

ruthie freeman    

Why is everyone so down on Star Jones......jealous? She has class and she refused do speak ill of Barbara, whom at one time I thought had class, no too many people would have done that. I wish her all the best. To try to find the worst in people so that you can make news is low. How nice it would be if people treated others the way they would like to be treated. There is nothing wrong with Star's name. It is unique. She is a beautiful person and not many celebrites can reach up to her standards.

2776 days ago


The View hasn't been the same since the departure of Star. At least Star tried to be logical and debate an issue. I do not like Rosie period. This prima donna has been TOO emotional and confrontational for my tastes. There isn't anyone she(Rosie) hasn't insulted or tried to pick a fight with. If I wanted to watch white trash tv, I'd watch Jerry Springer. I thought Barbara was "classier" than that. Barbara, you should be ashamed of yourself for losing control over a show that YOU wanted to bring to tv. It was YOUR vision not Rosie's. You must not care anymore what is associated with your name.
There is a new defintion in Webster's dictionary under low class; it's Rosie and Barbara.

2776 days ago


All of this bull just goes to show what money will buy: children, weight loss. Take your pick!! Angelina would never ever be able to adopt any of these children without her fame and money. What about infertile people, who can't have babies, who don't have all this money to adopt? Why can't she help them. And Star Jones, please!! What a joke!! If it wasn't for her money, she'd still be as big as ever. What about using some of that money to help an obese person who isn't rich lose weight, such as paying for personal trainer and chef for one year? If they want to impress me, they would think of others in America who are not wealthy.

2776 days ago


Mary, you have no idea who I am or how much I have contributed to katrina. I may not be on Angelina or Brad's payscale, but I do help where help is needed, I practice what I preach as I feel this is the best way to teach my children and grandchildren the way to be. Oh, by the way I also help with diabled and mentally challenged people. Your comment to Penny was also out of line, maybe she cannot afford to go out of the country as you obviously can. There are alot of less fortunate people in this country look around or maybe you spend so much time out of this country you cannot see that. You must be on Angelina and Brad's payroll.

2776 days ago



2776 days ago
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