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Star Gives Babwa Silent Treatment

3/16/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones Star Jones says she's over "The View" – and that she hasn't uttered a word to her old boss Barbara Walters since she got booted from the morning gabfest last summer.

Jones tells TV Guide that she hasn't spoken to anyone at "The View" since her bitch-errific departure, though she does have email correspondence with Elisabeth Hasselbeck because, Star says, they "had a very personal relationship." Still, Star won't spill the beans on what Thin Lizzie talks to her about (job openings?) because she's "extremely discreet."

Still, Jones says that she still keeps up with the show itself, because it's "very difficult not to keep up with it if you read newspapers or magazines or do any work on the Internet." Jones claims that she's Flabulous Gallery: click to launch galleryhappy for Rosie & Co., even though ratings skyrocketed on the show pretty much exactly when Star bolted. Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Star giving someone else an icy-cold reception yesterday in Manhattan.

Angelina's Hot Passport

Angelina Jolie passport photoAngelina Jolie may have gotten a faceful of tears from her newly adopted son Pax, but Angie's own passport picture will brighten just about anybody's day. The picture was part of Jolie's adoption application, and smokin' hot is putting it lightly.

Meanwhile, Jolie went yesterday to pick up the newly-named three-year-old Pax Thien, but he started crying during their first encounter, perhaps because, as Nguyen Van Trung tells People, he didn't even know he was being adopted! "We just told him that we are taking himAngelina Gallery: Click to launch photos out," says Trung. "You are going to play outside – play with a mother and father." After the initial jitters, however, all went well. Pax – described as "very cheerful and happy" played nice with new big bro Maddox.

Heather Mills Cries Wolf on UK 911

Temper, Temper gallery: Click to launch photosHeather Mills has been overusing the British equivalent of 911, and the police have had just about enough of her bleating. The monopod and soon-to-be-ex-McCartney Mills dials 999 (emergency in the UK) so much to kvetch about the paparazzi, that a Sussex police superintendent complained to reporters, as reported by Page Six, "Clearly, people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the little boy who cried wolf." According to Mills' rep, the dancer-to-be hasn't annoyed the cops and she's simply protecting herself from the paps.

Party Favors: Jay-Z NOT Drinking Cristal ... Joe Simpson Getting Forgetful ... Spielberg Gets into Comedy

Jay ZJay-Z says that even though a bottle of Cristal was brought to his table at a Manhattan club the other night, he most certainly did not drink any of the bubbly, which he famously boycotted last year. ... Joe Simpson, say Rush & Molloy, forgot his BlackBerry after lunch at the Brooklyn Diner in New York. A Diner minion ran after Pa Simpson, but to no avail. ... Steven Spielberg has his sights set on TV comedy on a new series called "The United States of Tara," about an ordinary seeming woman with two kids who happens to suffer from multiple personality disorder. The show, reports Variety, may land at Showtime.


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THE ANGELIA ADOPTIONS ARE ALL WELL & GOOD, I GUESS BUT, LIKE Blogger AudreyRose MENTIONED, "hey jolie, with fake tears in your eyes, try the USA children!

2755 days ago


If you ever had any doubt about the true character or smarts of Star Jones, remember, she proudly admits she attended OJ Simpson's "Victory" party in his Calif. home following the not guilty verdict. She never should have been in any position of influence on tv. Good riddance, "if you lie with dogs you rise with fleas>"

2755 days ago


Why do most of the celebrities have to go to different countries to adopt children? There are plenty of kids here in the United States that need parents and love. And why should Brad Pitt adopt them along with Angelina when he is not even married to her? You get married first then you get the kids. She should spend some time reading her Bible and she would know the error of her ways. I don't care for her and probably never will.

2755 days ago


This has nothing to do with race. Madonna has constantly been scrutinized and so has Tom Cruise. Just because Star is black does not mean people cannot disagree with her attitude.
It seems like you are the one who needs to get over it!

2755 days ago

Susie Thornton    

I think Rosie is doing great, she can get overzealous at times, but that's because she
believes in her country and what it's suppose to stand for.

2755 days ago


I liked Star when she was on the VIEW. But I must say that I watch the show more now that Rosie in on it. She is like Simon on American Idol. You tune more for them then for the show. A lot of the things Risie says is Right on. Everyone now realizes what an ass The Donald realy is. People forget that Rosie is a comic by trade. All she orgionaly did was make fun of his hair. Other comics make fun of Trumps hair all the time. If it would have been a Play Boy Bunnie that said what she said, Donald TrumpASS would have played it up and made fun of his hair with her.
And the Kelly Ripa thing. Rosie was right. If it would have been Brad Pitt placing his hand in front of her face, she would of grabed it and start licking it on national TV. But because it was Clay Aken she decided to chastize him on that show and the next.

2755 days ago


If Star keeps losing weight, she's gonna fall in the mouse hoe and never be seen again. She looks HORRIBLE !!!

2755 days ago

Alemenia Mclean    

I think that STAR found the SECRET and decided that vigania's asses, and sexual disfunction of wemon as a hold, she wanted to lift herself above the idle gossip and move on so she she used the SECRET, and moved on

2755 days ago

Ray Lanfear    

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2755 days ago



2755 days ago


OJ got off with killing TWO people!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who gives a shit about anyone elses wedding? Stop the racial crap. It doesnt work anymore.

2755 days ago

Alemenia Mclean    

I think it's about time that we all listened to the SECRET, and get on with a good life, instead of gossiping about other people.

2755 days ago

Joyce Hodur    

Heather MIlls needs to hit the hight road. Why would they ask her to be on "Dancing With the Stars"? She is NO star! She's going to ruin the whole show. She is the LAST person that I want to watch on "Dancing with the Stars". I hope that nobody watches. Does she think that because she marries a famous man and tries to take him for all of his money, this makes her famous? HEATHER... YOUR NOBODY!

2755 days ago

Janice Stewart    

As far as Heather Mills is concerned. I told my husband that she was a true gold digger from the start. All she wanted to do was trap Paul into marriage and a baby so she could guarantee her futer wealth. I fee sorry for Paul. I wish I could have talked to him before he married her. I am a very good judge of character and I knew she was after him for his money because she just never seemed to care about him as much as he did her. His hard was broke from the loss of his beloved Linda and he was looking for a replacement but Heather Mills just wasn't it. She seems so cold hearted to me. I hope her child is more like Paul.

I wish the best to you Paul.

2755 days ago


Star Jones just needs to know that she is not the only person in this world and that most of us don't really care one way or another about what she says or does. It's called growing up and being less spoiled. I wish her well, I'm just tired of her.

As for Jolie-Pitt. I have such a strong feeling about all of this. First of all, I respect the fact they are welcoming children that have no families. Please don't misunderstand me. However, I do wish they had married before all of this uproar about adoption and made it a respectable family. These children need good role models as they are "chosen". As for Brad, he will see the error of some of his ways. He has made a lot of quick decisions about a lot of important issues and has not done anything in the proper order. It is one thing to want to be with a beautiful woman, however, he was selfish and hurt someone that truly loved him and was loyal to him. Angelina is doing what she is advertising because it "saves" face after breaking up a marriage. That is no small sin. Also, helping children is great....having children is wonderful...but at least give them all a real name and make this all start with a descent foundation. It's just another HOllywood "ploy" and I'm done with these people who "act" "react" and have way too much money and not enough morals. We put them where they are....but we should not. I'm not at all impressed with Jolie-Pitt. Brad is in the middle of the woods and will wake up one day and realize he was extremely foolish and way too eager to act on impulses that men have. Angelina can never match Jennifer as a lady, never. I wish them well with raising these children. I wish all good things for the children. I just do not believe they did things in the right order or at all in the right way.. I feel Brad will regret this tremendouly one day and well he should.

2755 days ago
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