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Star Gives Babwa Silent Treatment

3/16/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones Star Jones says she's over "The View" – and that she hasn't uttered a word to her old boss Barbara Walters since she got booted from the morning gabfest last summer.

Jones tells TV Guide that she hasn't spoken to anyone at "The View" since her bitch-errific departure, though she does have email correspondence with Elisabeth Hasselbeck because, Star says, they "had a very personal relationship." Still, Star won't spill the beans on what Thin Lizzie talks to her about (job openings?) because she's "extremely discreet."

Still, Jones says that she still keeps up with the show itself, because it's "very difficult not to keep up with it if you read newspapers or magazines or do any work on the Internet." Jones claims that she's Flabulous Gallery: click to launch galleryhappy for Rosie & Co., even though ratings skyrocketed on the show pretty much exactly when Star bolted. Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Star giving someone else an icy-cold reception yesterday in Manhattan.

Angelina's Hot Passport

Angelina Jolie passport photoAngelina Jolie may have gotten a faceful of tears from her newly adopted son Pax, but Angie's own passport picture will brighten just about anybody's day. The picture was part of Jolie's adoption application, and smokin' hot is putting it lightly.

Meanwhile, Jolie went yesterday to pick up the newly-named three-year-old Pax Thien, but he started crying during their first encounter, perhaps because, as Nguyen Van Trung tells People, he didn't even know he was being adopted! "We just told him that we are taking himAngelina Gallery: Click to launch photos out," says Trung. "You are going to play outside – play with a mother and father." After the initial jitters, however, all went well. Pax – described as "very cheerful and happy" played nice with new big bro Maddox.

Heather Mills Cries Wolf on UK 911

Temper, Temper gallery: Click to launch photosHeather Mills has been overusing the British equivalent of 911, and the police have had just about enough of her bleating. The monopod and soon-to-be-ex-McCartney Mills dials 999 (emergency in the UK) so much to kvetch about the paparazzi, that a Sussex police superintendent complained to reporters, as reported by Page Six, "Clearly, people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the little boy who cried wolf." According to Mills' rep, the dancer-to-be hasn't annoyed the cops and she's simply protecting herself from the paps.

Party Favors: Jay-Z NOT Drinking Cristal ... Joe Simpson Getting Forgetful ... Spielberg Gets into Comedy

Jay ZJay-Z says that even though a bottle of Cristal was brought to his table at a Manhattan club the other night, he most certainly did not drink any of the bubbly, which he famously boycotted last year. ... Joe Simpson, say Rush & Molloy, forgot his BlackBerry after lunch at the Brooklyn Diner in New York. A Diner minion ran after Pa Simpson, but to no avail. ... Steven Spielberg has his sights set on TV comedy on a new series called "The United States of Tara," about an ordinary seeming woman with two kids who happens to suffer from multiple personality disorder. The show, reports Variety, may land at Showtime.


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#95 Mercedes......honey, if Star wanted to keep her weight loss methods private she should have shut up about it and not forced us to hear about it everyday. You can't have it both ways.

2744 days ago


The bitterness expressed here is uncalled for. For a civilized people, we have lost the ability to express ourselves in a civilized/humane manner.

Star is a star and should be proud of her accomplishments. I have chosen to no longer watch the View due to their new "personality".

As to Angelina. . . . I was reared in a home with four "natural" brothers and six foster children. As a teenager, I became troubled and difficult to deal with. After all, I just happened along and the other six were specially chosen. In talking with our pastor, I finally heard my Mother when she said, "I always felt the more children I loved, the more I could love each one." At that moment, I realized what a very special set of parents I had!!

I pray Angelina's children will realize how they are each loved individually for who they are and that they are not a publicity stunt as so many writers here have intimated.

God bless you all, folks, and, hey, take time to find something to smile about.

2744 days ago


# 334 Stacy- might I ask why YOU are here and posting comment sif you don't like on every web site they have a little red box in the upper right side of the open site...move your mouse arrow over it and push the right side button on your mouse....bye see ya

2744 days ago


to Fireda # 309

Wauw, thanks, you are an island of reason in a sea of insanity. Thanks for sharing your experience and hopefully it will enlighten some very misinformed posters here.

2744 days ago


ok you people are pissing me off, to think that white people are not still racist, is stupid! White people in power still are racist and do try to block out people of different colors, not just black people. But, this is not to say that all white people are the cause of one black person's problems. Some Black people are racist, some white people are racist, and apparently some native american's are racist, # 246. But NOT ALL WHITE, BLACK, NATIVE AMERICAN, HISPANIC, ASIAN OR HINDU IS RACIST.I'm part native american and can't believe you just said that, my grandfather is cherokee indian and black foot, and would be disgusted to hear a native american speak that way. Do Not put a whole race down for one person's stupid comments, and do not add a whole race in to your stupid comments. This is a blog about stars and their crazy lives and not race! Please get that into your heads and stop making this about people who happen to have a different skin color than you.

2744 days ago


Rosie has been so obnoxious on the View that it makes me wonder is she trying to get fired so she'd have something else to go balistic about. She has definitely crossed the line. Frankly I don't understand how she has continued to get away with it.
Then there is Heather Mills, another LOSER, I hope she gets booted off first. I hope people see her for the gold digger she really is.

2744 days ago


That just figures! Everyone has to be such a big hypocrite! It's so easy to talk about how we need to help all these unwanted children, yet rely on someone else to do something about it. I have an idea that hardly anyone besides me, and ten percent of the American population, will ever do. Stop being selfish and obsessed with having your own kids and actually go and ADOPT some of these children! Maybe the human race will last a bit longer before inevitably overpopulating this planet. Don't rely on your religion to save mankind, MAB'S. Read some history books, and I think you'll find that religion doesn't always bring out the best in people. I should know, I'm a catholic!

2744 days ago


hey janet # 351 and 244 and 56 you don't need to post the same comment more than once...we have all read it and if we thought that it held any credit...someone would have replied..are you sure you are not Star Jones...?

2744 days ago


Star is so stuck on herself that Court TV will be saying "what the hell did we do" in about the first 3 months of her show. I wonder if she'll roll her eyes at her guest like she did on the view, if she'll pout if she doesn't get more talk time or if she doesn't agree with something that is said..waaaawaaaa, she's a no talent, label whore that only cares about money. Did anyone really buy her book? Does anyone really care what she has to say more than the next person walking down the street. I love some of Court TV's shows but sorry while Star's show is on I'll get my dentist appt out of the way or scrub my floors or something, but I won't be watching! What a waste of air space!

2744 days ago


You adopt your children where you choose to and they can adopt theirs where they choose to. Move on. By the way I am an adopted child from another country and I am grateful for the opportunity given to me that I never would have gotten if everyone was as self centered and narrowed minded as some of you.

2744 days ago


Debbie, I see you missed out on English 101. They are still offering that course at a college near you.

See you!

2744 days ago


Star Jones turned into a diva quicker than Heather Mills could go down for a quarter!
She thought she was so famous she should get everything for free and a plug on The View. What bills she couldn't get canceled that way she just didn't pay and figured she could get away with it.
She paid good money to get a new body which I have no problem with but then she lied about it.
She is (was?) just so taken with her own importance.
Now, I ask you, in the scheme of life are the women on The View really important at all? Is the show really important at all?
It's entertainment and nothing else. She should just shut up.
Heather Mills should just go away but she probably never will, she'll be the rest of her life making a total ass of herself in her quest for celebrity and billions.

2744 days ago


This post is for all the people complaining about Angelina Jolie not adopting a "white child" from the U.S. and adopting children overseas. Children are children no matter what race. If she feels like helping out children in underprivileged countries, thats her perogative. If you guys feel so strongly, why dont you guys do a noble thing and adopt a child?

2744 days ago


To everyone who accuses Angelina Jolie of "stealing" Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston: How do you "steal" someone who doesn't want to be stolen? If Pitt wanted to be with Aniston, Jolie couldn't pry him away with a crowbar. Face it, people: Pitt was sick and tired of living with a narcissistic airhead who was too selfish to give him a child. The better woman won.

2744 days ago


My boyfriend for over two years (Indian descent) and his blood brother was adopted by a middle class white family. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. And although they couldnt particularly teach him much about his culture they have never refrained him from reaching out and learning more about his background. Yes, there are orphaned children here but you have no idea how many there are in other countries. And especially in poor countries, there isn't even adequate care for orphaned children leaving many of them beggars on the streets. Atleast we have a foster care system here, and no two year olds running the streets begging for food. It was the best thing for my boyfriend to be adopted, because otherwise who knows what would have happened to him.

2744 days ago
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