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Trump Thumps Bush

3/16/2007 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump has started a war of words again! And this time, believe it or not, Rosie O'Donnell is not at the center of the attack ... Trump's now gone straight to the top!

Trump went on CNN's "Situation Room" on Friday and blasted President Bush for lying about everything from weapons of mass destruction to claims that Dubya reads a book a week. "Everything is a lie. It's all a big lie," said the combed-over braggadocio of the Decider in Chief.

Finally, Donald and Rosie have found something on which they agree -- Bush!


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Karen in Florida    

I like Fox News don't get me wrong, they at least attempt to show both sides which is something no other media outlet even attempts! Glen Beck is awesome. I have been listening to him for awhile....

2773 days ago

Eric Fontana    

Right on Donald! He's speaking the truth whether Bush-heads like it or not or anyone likes the Donald. Everything Bush does is a lie and there's a war with over 3,000 dead precious soldiers that have fallen victim to one of the biggest lies in American history. Before Bush can get out of one lie he or his staff are telling another. Mark my word, when Bush is out of office he and Cheney will be serving jail time. Bush needs to be impeached now!

2773 days ago


#212 Annie K You are an "IDIOT" ! I am not a dumb American! Maybe you have no respect for yourself or your country. Go live in IRAQ WITH THE TERRORISTS, PLEASE!!!!! WE DON'T NEED CREATURES LIKE YOU IN THIS COUNTRY!

2772 days ago


If people want the real news, the real truth, watch FoxNews or Glenn Beck.

2772 days ago


CLINTON LIED!!!!!!!!!!! 'I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN!!!!!!!! I bet if the Liberals and Democ(rats) lived in Iraq and their families were being put in wood chippers ALIVE, they would be saying President Bush, Please HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember all you Cindy Sheehan"s "THIS IS A VOLUNTARY WAR"

2772 days ago

Karen T.    

What is wrong with Donald ? Is there any thing he doesn't know! He mabe be right about this, but does he have anything good to say about anyone ?

2772 days ago


This man gets into arguments with daytime talk show host (Rosie), has declared bankrupcy how many times? Has had how many divorces? So what makes him an expert on anything? Mr. Trump please just shut up already.....

2770 days ago
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