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Trump Thumps Bush

3/16/2007 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump has started a war of words again! And this time, believe it or not, Rosie O'Donnell is not at the center of the attack ... Trump's now gone straight to the top!

Trump went on CNN's "Situation Room" on Friday and blasted President Bush for lying about everything from weapons of mass destruction to claims that Dubya reads a book a week. "Everything is a lie. It's all a big lie," said the combed-over braggadocio of the Decider in Chief.

Finally, Donald and Rosie have found something on which they agree -- Bush!


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How many times has trump had to file for bankruptcy again?

2778 days ago


I really don't need to respond the way I would love to right now because I need to collect my thoughts unlike some public, political figures I know!!!

2778 days ago


dump trump is a loser and very sick with the young wife and all
but nobody can argue the fact that bush is a scary scary man and the usa is in deep trouble

2778 days ago


Are you going through machopause? You seem to be angry at everyone, darlin.

2778 days ago


amen to this. and all the people on here who changed their opinions about him and admire him just for this statement, GET A FUCKIN BRAIN. i don't feel sorry for his wife either b/c she chose to marry the dickhead. no one put a gun to her head and forced her to sleep with this fugly bitch. he would be a nobody and not even have a wife right now if it wasn't for his money.

I can't wait till election time , we need some serious change. However anything that comes out of the mouth of a guy with a two dollar haircut is pretty much trash. At least when I get older I know what the side effects of viagra are. Trump thinks people hang on his every word. i just want to hang myself listening to this fool.
I thought you were going to sue Rosie fool. Trump, you are neither a genius nor a great businessman. you are a self promoting idiot. Get a life. For all your money it's plain to see you are a very lonely man.

Posted at 8:48PM on Mar 16th 2007 by kill bill

2778 days ago


52. How many times has trump had to file for bankruptcy again?

Posted at 8:52PM on Mar 16th 2007 by SJ

Filing bankruptcy on a company means nothing. Personal bankruptcy is more serious and some do it to keep from paying bills, while they keep all of their money. Bankruptcy in Donald's world means nothing. The only difference now is the bankruptcy laws have changed. You now cannot get rid of consumer debts. You can get rid of medical bills, stuff like that, but the laws changed and you are stuck with consumer debt, whether you file or not.

2778 days ago

it's all so saddddd...    

It's funny how the donald and rosie are always at it ...but both are saying the same on bush!!!

2778 days ago


#$43 you still did not answer the question. did you have a kid killed over their? never mind i can't and won't talk to ignorant people. moving on

2778 days ago

carol ard    

Donald Trump is a total ass wipe and he is disrepecting this whole country attacking our leader in this manner..It is not right to do this when we have trrops in harms way..Of course none of his kids would ever serve in that way because they all have silver spoons in their mouths..He should keep his war with ROSIE!

2778 days ago


Never thought I would live to utter these words about Donal Trump...but for ONCE I AGREE with him!

2778 days ago


59. It's funny how the donald and rosie are always at it ...but both are saying the same on bush!!!

Posted at 9:02PM on Mar 16th 2007 by it's all so saddddd...

Actually what they have in common is that they both like bush.

2778 days ago


Right on Mr. Trump!!!..Bush had me fooled, I voted for him. What a mistake. As for Rosie, You;re so right. She's your typical bully. She has all of the women on the view; eating out of her hand. She's the type that you find in the schools, at work, family gatherings etc. that makes life a living hell for anyone around her. Now she's paying with her mental problems.

2778 days ago

OJ Did it!    

To # 9, I bet you'd blow him too huh. Bush should be impeached.

2778 days ago


How can anyone take Trump seriously anymore. He's about to conduct some half-ass wrestling match with Vince McMahon, he's been in a circle jerk with Rosie about his comb-over(which is ridiculous), he flaunts his nose-picken, think they know everything kids in the media. He would stamp the "Trump" logo on his hairy ass if it could get him on TV. I use to respect Trump a few years ago. Today, he's nothing more than a laughing stock who belongs in a cartoon.

2778 days ago

adrianna laundry    

The DON for PRES?????You GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

crankyold Grandma

2778 days ago
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