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Trump Thumps Bush

3/16/2007 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump has started a war of words again! And this time, believe it or not, Rosie O'Donnell is not at the center of the attack ... Trump's now gone straight to the top!

Trump went on CNN's "Situation Room" on Friday and blasted President Bush for lying about everything from weapons of mass destruction to claims that Dubya reads a book a week. "Everything is a lie. It's all a big lie," said the combed-over braggadocio of the Decider in Chief.

Finally, Donald and Rosie have found something on which they agree -- Bush!


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Doesn't his man have more to do running his businesses and taking care of his $$$ than to run his mouth?? We're all tired enough of the liberal media without hearing from Mr. Comb Over!!

2786 days ago


I wonder if all of you knowledgable types will ever understand that this President kept the bad guys from blowing you up in your malls, on your planes, in your homes, in your churches by taking the war to them...over there....?
YOu have bought on to the media take on the whole war...and you blab the same crap...
YOu ought to get down and thank God you have President Bush to deal with it...or have your forgotten 9/11? The media has controlled the minds of the American people because they want to empower the left. They do not care if it takes us all down. There is an old Chinese saying: Be careful of what you want might get it....

2786 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Just another TV huckster. How does he have time to rule his "billion dollar empire"? Exactly.

2786 days ago


And finally i found something I completely agree with Donald Trump on. Let him attack Bush, and he and rosie leave another alone. Attacking Bush is worthwhile attacking Rosie is a waste of time.

2786 days ago


Finally, something to praise The Donald about.

2786 days ago


This JERK will start fights with anyone. To be called a smart business man he sure doesn't act very smart. Not that I'm a Bush fan, but Trump needs to get a life...maybe he can pay someone to give him some attention since he needs it so bad!!!

2786 days ago

Karen in Florida    

Remember too that Nothing has happened in the US since 911, except for bad weather ie...Katrina, Global Warming etc... Oh Yeah, the Democrats Blame Bush for that too don't they... They are never happy! They are trouble making cry babies!!! Look at their conduct since they won the election!!! "We are working on a Non-Binding Resolution", what is that besides a waste of time, and our Tax Payers money!! If it is Non-Binding what is it for then??? American wasn't founded by Losers! We fight till we Win!!! That is what makes us different!!! Look at what happened to Vietnam!!!! We could have won but no The media got involved and no one supported our troops! Low Moral, Politicians getting involved, and Finally pulling out!

History will LOVE Bush! Wait and see. He is a man of conviction, and charactor. He doesn't change his mind regardless of Politics. Democrats should aspire to stick to their convictions and not change their minds daily to be popular. This isn't a Popularity contest it is WAR!!!!! Get it through your heads that tough decisions will have to be made,

When someone JOINS the Military they do so knowing that they may have to give up their lives to protect ours! That is their sacrifice. It is theirs to make. Honor it instead of Shaming it!

I don't think WWI or WWII were popular at the time, but where would we be if we didn't finish our job then??? THINK ABOUT IT!!!

2786 days ago


I think Donald and Rosie have both lost their marbles!

And by the way, the reason a lot of foreign countries have lost respect for America, is because of our own media spewing lies and hatred about the Bush administration.

2786 days ago

Karen in Florida    

And another thing!!!!! The reason we won WWI and WWII is we showed the world a UNITED COUNTRY!!!

The ENEMY LOVES seeing that we are not supporting our troops and that the country is divided.


I am sure we will get out alot quicker that way than with all of this discord, and in fighting!!!

We are dragging this out like a HOWARD K STERN court battle.

Lets get it done together!!!!

2786 days ago


Okay let me get this straight. Trump is criticizing Bush for "lying". Isn't that what he did with all of his past wives. When he promised to be husband and then turned around and cheated on them, had babies, broke up again. O'donnell is right about him, he is No Moral Compass. Go screw yourself, you self serving son of a bitch!!!

2786 days ago


Yet another example of this man's lack of tact and morality. Keep on mouthing, don, you're showing the world how uneducated you are you low life mouthpiece.

2786 days ago



2786 days ago


I actually watched this on CNN...I thought he was great and was dead on about everything.

It all is just one big lie and our boys are dying. Sad state of affairs we are in.

2786 days ago


The people commenting who are supporting bush and saying things like "When someone JOINS the Military they do so knowing that they may have to give up their lives to protect ours! That is their sacrifice. It is theirs to make. Honor it instead of Shaming it!"

Are you really that thick?

We attacked a country that was no threat...They had nothing to do with 9/11...It has been proven and actually said by Bush Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11...So when you say that they are giving up their lives to protect ours...that is just ridiculous...we destroyed a country that had a grasp on terrorism until we destroyed its a lawless land.

Man...some of you people need to stop using TMZ and Fox News as your main news source.

2786 days ago


I agree with andrea #41. I am also sick of celebrities thinking they are so smart and
how they try to dictate to us how we should feel about issues and leaders. As if we don't
have the ability to think and form our own opinions.

Muffy, #54 That cracked me up, completely... Machopause!

Jon, #97 When people join the military, they DO know the job they face.
With a show of hands, who here does NOT understand the nature of the job a military person faces when they sign on the dotted line and raise their hand to take that oath.
Comon, raise your hand...anyone ?

2786 days ago
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