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Virgie's U.S. Lawyers Booted from Custody Hearing

3/16/2007 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie ArthurTwo American lawyers representing Virgie Arthur were kicked out of a Bahamian custody hearing for Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, according to Court TV.

An attorney for Howard K. Stern made the motion to exclude the two men, which was then granted by the judge. Virgie Arthur was allowed to stay in the courtroom along with her Bahamian attorney, Dr. Deborah Rose.


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have my own opinion    

what happened with the house hearing at 3;30 on bahamas???

2745 days ago


Purplee #4

What is the problem with Virgie having help? She, if anyone, has the least and if I were in her shoes...going through this with my daughter and granddaughter...honey, I would, by any means of help, do what I had to do .

Do you think her $30,000 (a figure reported earlier..may have grown by now) or so makes her something horrible? I wonder what you think about HKS and his millions he has made from both deaths and the funeral and continues to make? Let's not forget that LB seems to be 'exclusivel;y' with Access Hollywood now. Is that all right?

2745 days ago


I feel for Virgie! What us mom's go thru for our kids!! She looks really stressed out, and won't even get a hug from her daughter or grandson when the fight is over. I think she needs all our prayers!!

2745 days ago

Terrie/ Southern Belle    

Whats next? Poor Virgie I wonder if spash was there!!!
someone said she has a 3,000 square ft house. hmmmmm!!
thats pretty good for a retired cop she said her house was worth 35,000
good deal I need to move to Texas!!

2745 days ago


Stop bashing this Mom. She wants to get the baby away from Stern. Larry may not have it that easy. Courts are going to side with blood relatives first, and paternity isn't done in the Bahamas much or it would have been done by now! You think the money issue is a big deal, no matter who ends of with the baby there's going to be money, except I doubt if any jury would award one cent to Stern. Think about what this man has done, he has killed two people, and made a mess of their lives before he did that! Daniel had a business card of an investigator in his pocket, this man was questioned by police and they have the goods on Stern. Focus on when he is going to be arrested for the manipulation of Anna leading to her death. It may be impossible to get a first degree murder without proof, but it's clear he provided drugs for Anna and didn't bother with rehab. He would clean her up for interviews where money was being made, then drug her if he wanted her to scorn her Mom. Read the transcript of Stern in his Larry King interview.

2745 days ago


She deliberately went on TV and said the most hateful things about Anna Nicole before Anna had the baby then after, she continued her rant to ANYONE on TV that would give her an outlet and absolutely stomped on her while Anna was alive and then she did the same thing to poor Anna after she died by stomping deliberately in a hatred filled manner on her grave after shoveling the dirt in a hateful manner too. Everyone else who shoveled the dirt did it in a respectful manner. She friken looked like she works the late shift there and that was the umpteenth grave she had to do. Come on people...Virgie is a Ho! Oh, yeah when her other 4 children come to her defence and start telling about all the love they have for her, then you can talk about how good she is!

2745 days ago


i awer hyesd khs yui serd 1-9 moki lopr.

2745 days ago


She had other children so why from what has been reported did only ANS turned out the way she did. You know it's not always the parents fault. I was not saying that Virgie should be the one to get the child i was just stating that she may be the only one in there related to the child.

You people are quick to judge and point fingers. The should put that child in a safe place until the legal stuff and all the investigations have been dealt with. He may be great with the child but we do not know that for sure.

2745 days ago

Just me??    


2745 days ago


So what if she is a blood relative ,She was never there for Anna,Only money she saw,Like Splash with her on the way to the morgue.Thank God she will never get the baby.No money virgie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2745 days ago


Obviously not many of you are grandparents . . . so it is impossible for you to understand her concern for her grandchild . . . don't forget . . . she did predict that ANS would be next . . . and she was right . . . and . . . as far as HKS is concerned . . . it was reported today that the only reason the authorities have not questioned his parenting abilities is because no one has filed a formal complaint . . . can you believe that? . . . regardless of who ultimately is awarded custody . . .personally I am rooting for LB . . . don't you think it would be a good move to get that baby back to the US ASAP and away from HKS . . . even if she makes a short stop in Texas?

2745 days ago

Too much!    

All the Vergie supporters...I suppose that all of you would be okay with the one person you despise getting your child if something were to happen to you.

2745 days ago


Virgie's attempts to do anything sicken me.
Anna Nichole didn't talk with her while Anna was living, what makes Virgie think she is
entitled to anything of Anna's, let alone her daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everytime we see Virgie on TV--my co workers and I BOO at her..................

2745 days ago

Lone Ranger    

Hey, I am not a fan of Vergie, but if they boot her US attorney's, they should boot out ALL US attorney's. Goes to show folks, $tern IS GOING to get everything. He has the officals in his back pocket..

2745 days ago


To bad they did'nt boot her fat ugly money grubbing ass out with her attorneys, she's nothing more thean trailer trash at it's finest.

2745 days ago
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