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Virgie's U.S. Lawyers Booted from Custody Hearing

3/16/2007 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie ArthurTwo American lawyers representing Virgie Arthur were kicked out of a Bahamian custody hearing for Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, according to Court TV.

An attorney for Howard K. Stern made the motion to exclude the two men, which was then granted by the judge. Virgie Arthur was allowed to stay in the courtroom along with her Bahamian attorney, Dr. Deborah Rose.


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bi paula    

vergie doesnt't neeed the baby

2769 days ago


All this woman wants is cash$$$$$!

Where was she for the past 1-15 years? Where have any of Annas family been, including Daniels father. They have been out of Annas and Daniels life because Anna refused to give any of them a dime, so they had no use for Anna,

You didnt see fat-ass traveling to California breaking down any doors to help her drug afflicted daughter or to even see if her grandson needed her. Daniel wasnt on heavy drugs, she never checked on him.

I am sorry, but any woamn especially a ugly poor one that has 5 husbands, has had to go through a whole lot of men to get them. God only knows what abuse Anna has had to endure.

Now the bitch, wants to take the baby away from Birkhead. This tells you she wants to be the only one to have acsess to any money. She didnt give a rats-ass about Anna or Daniel when they were alive. Now, all the sudden she cares about Annas baby?

I hope Birkhead, or whoever the daddy is, keeps this money-hungry cow away from the baby. The baby deserves a fresh start. Not a reminder of what her mother had to endure.

2769 days ago


They needed to be booted out of the court. This bitch needs to go home where she belongs and has been for the last so many years not giving a rats butt about her daughter. Theres no sense in trying to care now, it's a little late. I pray to God that Dannilynn never knows Virgie Arthur, she will be better off. I will be happy to see Larry Birkhead get custody of his daughter. I know he will teach Dannilynn good things about her Mom as it needs to be. I can hear Virgie now, telling Dannilynn about her Moms drug use and how many men she slept with, the woman is a disgrace to the good Mothers in this world who would never degrade their daughters no matter what they had done. LARRY, PLEASE KEEP VIRGIE AWAY FROM DANNILYNN, SHE WILL TRY TO POISEN HER MIND.

2769 days ago


I think Howard is doing a great job of protecting that child from all the media goons. He is not out there doing interviews or jumping from show to show trying to get attention. He wasn't just an attorney for her he was her best friend. He started out as her attorney then it turned into a friendship. He directed her to have other attorneys for her mounting legal woes. He didn't draw up the will like everyone thinks. What Howard did was what Anna wanted him to do. He more or less learned the entertainment industry by being around Anna and then became Anna's agent of sorts. He helped her find work and made sure no one took advantage of her. And just like enyone else they did what ever they had to do to make a living. If that meant selling photos of the baby or Daniel then so be it. That's why he insisted on those getting close to her sign a confidentiality agreement. At the time of Anna's death they were trying to come up with the money to buy the other house on the island. Thanks to Ford Shelley & G. Ben Thompson who were taking back the gift he had given her because she ended thier relationship. She was being paid to be at the Hard Rock. You have to do whatever it takes in this business. Yes, Howard's expences were paid but that was all the pay he received from her. Anna wasn't the type to hang around people who were disloyal to her. Howard was the only one who was at her beck and call. Along the way he fell in love with her and in the end she loved him as well. And the only money made since Anna died was used to give Anna the kind of funeral she deserved and to pay for the safety of well being of Dannielynn. And the attorney fees to fight off the low life scum trying to get ahold of that baby for the money she may one day inherit. I can't see Virgie getting her hands on that baby. She can't even pay her Bahama attorney fees. They are on the verge of suing her themselves. Vergie has been pregnant at the age of 13 delivered the child at the age 14 and that was with her step brother. She got pregnant with Anna at 15 and had her at 16. She has had 6 husbands one of which died in her presence in the same year she married the old man. She is trash and Anna wanted nothing to do with her because she and the rest of Anna's family would say anything to the media to make a buck off of her. God help Howard and Larry together bring this little innocent baby up away from all the trash that is trying to steal her just for the money.
Rest in peace Anna & Daniel.
A Friend Sandi

2767 days ago


I hope that Larry doesn't have a big enough heart to let Virgie be anywhere near the baby.

2767 days ago

jake the snake    

I won my bet that Anna died of an infection related to her drug use and not the suicide that everyone predicted. I think if she was going to kill herself she would have done it when her son daniel died. May the creator take her into his loving arms and guide her to the peaceful spiritworld that she so longed for. You go girl we'll still be praying for you here in canada. We'll also pray for your beautiful baby and your loving companion Howard. We will pray that the Cretaor does right by the choices that are available. Pinamayaya Tankashila.

2766 days ago


i think virgie is a awful mother and probably would be a worse grandmother.i would not give her a rat to take care of. she is only in it to try and get anna's money.she needs to crawl back under that rock she came out from under.

2766 days ago

Empathy Matters    

Vergie, woman, get busy. Isn't it time yet for you to be on the prowl for another husband? What rocks do you usually look under?

2765 days ago

howards team    

larry boy obviously has other motives every time he's in front of the cameras "he's on" shaking hands signing aitpgraphs and smiling like he just won a winfall...people, even he is bio dad how much credit did he take for trying to save her life when it wasn't his to save..she was self distructive we all know that she had a wish and she fulfilled it.."just like marilynn".Larry is just as phony as Virgie and they both should be absolutely ashamed of themeselves and the lies they have told. Please let the Bahamian law let howard mourn his love and care for baby without further lawsuits ensuing..the man may have faults but we all do and if yu don't happen to like the "way he looks"..who r u to judge a book by the cover check out his actions they were all intended to make anna feel like the most important person on the planet and no matter how much her fans and people aroung praised her it wasn't enough that was why she numbed her self constantly because she could never believe in herself due to virgies harmfull parenting techniques..

2758 days ago
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