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Laura & Jen: Separated by Angelina -- Literally!

3/17/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The friendship between Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston is proof that some good can come from the relationship-killing Angelina virus!

Jen Aniston, Laura Dern and Angelina Jolie
The two jilted actresses have been spotted around town a lot lately and share this in common: Both saw their men run off with gorgeous Oscar-winner/Goodwill Ambassador, Angelia Jolie. Girls, interrupted!

Although you may have heard that Brad Pitt allegedly hooked up with Jolie before after breaking up with Aniston, in 2000, Dern was reportedly still dating Billy Bob Thornton when he suddenly married Angie. Snap! Dern has since had two children with her husband, singer Ben Harper, while Jen is single and childless.

At least she has her friends!


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No matter how long ago, when a true and deep and magical love is ripped from you. well the imprint of that love stays as well as the meaning and also the stupid resulting hurt of the tramatic theft. Hope she gets over it and on to a better or different love. Jen,Jen,Jen. L. spoopie

2723 days ago


It takes two to make a marriage/relationship go wrong... if someone strays there was a reason they strayed (not saying that it's right to stray but someone who is completely happy and in love doesn't stray...)

As for Angelina - she needs to stop adopting kids already! Someone with her kind of career (that demands so much of her time) cannot possible stretch herself to be able to spend adequate time with each individual child... I dont care who she is... no one can do it "all"

2717 days ago

Angelina has high morals and class    

I'm absolutely shocked at the loony Jen fans who spew bile and hate at Angelina and at other posters. If I weren't on Angelina's side before, I certainly am now. Calling Angelina names with such vicious hate shows how jealous they are of Angelina, and Jen's sick, loony and obsessed fans simply reflect bad on Jen. Angelina has never done anything wrong to Jen or to any of you, shes a decent human being who helps people, she never hurt anyone. So grow up and find some other way to desperately and obsessively defend the no-hoper Ice Princess Jen.

2714 days ago


All I got to say is what goes around comes around. Its true Angelina isnt pretty at all without her makeup and as for JA she didnt deserve what happened to her. She walked out the better person. Since this happened I dont watch brad/ angelina movies. I boycott them all. She tries really hard to make herself look good to the public by adopting all these children. Angelina look in your own backyard. There are many orphans here!

2713 days ago


I think Brad need to take little Shilo and run Back to Jen so that they can now be a happy little family and Jen can have a baby that is at least part of Brad. Because that baby is the cutest thing god has given to Angie and from the sounds of it she can't find a place for her in her heart. Then Angie can go buy more babies.

2710 days ago

Sick of It in AZ    

Jen is so far above in character from Brad or Jolie. Does everyone forget what marriage vows are all about? He is a cheater - she is home breaker. Do you really think this marriage is going to last? Don't worry Jen, what goes around comes around. We are already beginning to see the writing on the wall. I'm willing to bet that secretly, he already has his regrets but he is up to his neck in doodoo, so he can't admit to it now. Hold out for the "real man" who deserves a "real woman" like you. Whatever you do, DON'T take him back when he comes acrawl'n, and believe me, he will.

2708 days ago


halleey be ....

you probably dion't like agelina but stop lying ..
she never done a nose job, jeniifer did recently compare photos af two years to a recently one and you will see that i'm right
more agie in the daily bases weares no make up and she as curves because those boobs are real and jen's boobs don't reach the size of her boobs
so stop lying if you want to say something say it but don't lie that is wrong and really low

2706 days ago


My gurl Angy did what she did. The men are just at fault. I love Jenn but it is what it is.

2702 days ago


Angelina Jolie is terribly over-rated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So what, she adopts kids, shes not the only one who does that, yeah it takes two as far as her and Brad, them as a couple, you guessed it, over-rated also. Shes not all that, she does need to evaluate herself.

2700 days ago


angelina is jealous!! It hates so much bonheure of the others which it is not interested that has of the married or promised in marriage men!!! It is so bad that it does not deserve same step to be able adopted has turn of will vras like it does it!!! E lle believes that it is by filling the house of anfant that it will retain brad!! If brad could misled a serious girl like jennifer, it does not go either constrained for angelina!! But it misleads it already it, then!!! Ca will learn has brad to have released jen, it is found wedged with a witch, and it knows well that it will not be able any more turned over with jen because she does not want a infidel!!!!

2683 days ago



1499 days ago


Angelina Jolie may be all the things both the lovers and haters say, but here is a woman who, for the last nine years of her life has strived to make a difference in the world. I like Laura Dern, she is a talented actress. I cannot speak knowledgeably about her, and it is too bad she has not done more on the screen lately, but her face isn't plastered every day in the media talking about her hair, if she broker a nail, who she's dating and who her "friends" are. Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, pays a mighty sum to her press agent to have her every do-nothing moment chronicled in the media. Her talent is waning (not that she was that talented to begin with, although I will give her comedy, which is not easy to do) and it's time for her to call it a day.
Angelina's beauty will not last forever, but her brain and drive will and that is what she is known for most in her life. As for the men, well, we know what they're about, they can't pass up a pretty face, and if its got brains and independence to go along with it, most of them get hooked.
Sorry to hear about Laura Dern; she deserves better. Why in the world Angelina has to be pulled into this is beyond the beyond and says that there are way too many people out there who have nothing better to do.

1439 days ago


Angelina Jolie is a suicide looking for a place to happen, and one of her millions of kids, will unfortunately find the body. Let's face it, the woman is UNSTABLE MENTALLY. Hell, her own father admitted it, and she has proven is over and over, plus she is a COLD HEARTED BITCH, even with her own children. Hell, the first two years of Shilohs life, the cow hardily even admitted she was alive, because she wasn't dark enough for mommies media purposes. It is only a matter of time, before the body turns to stink.

1439 days ago


Angelina is a lanky looking woman. Where is the beauty in that! She has the worst body ever

1436 days ago
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