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Laura & Jen: Separated by Angelina -- Literally!

3/17/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The friendship between Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston is proof that some good can come from the relationship-killing Angelina virus!

Jen Aniston, Laura Dern and Angelina Jolie
The two jilted actresses have been spotted around town a lot lately and share this in common: Both saw their men run off with gorgeous Oscar-winner/Goodwill Ambassador, Angelia Jolie. Girls, interrupted!

Although you may have heard that Brad Pitt allegedly hooked up with Jolie before after breaking up with Aniston, in 2000, Dern was reportedly still dating Billy Bob Thornton when he suddenly married Angie. Snap! Dern has since had two children with her husband, singer Ben Harper, while Jen is single and childless.

At least she has her friends!


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If you look Angelina up on Wikpiedia you will see she was a very rebellious teen who got hassled at school because she wasn't as rich as they were. She started self mutilating by cutting into her wrists and burning herself with ciggys. She also moved in with her boyfriend at the age of 14. I think this woman is deeply disturbed. When it was Brad's turn to go to the oscars she decided to runaway and do charity work leaving Brad alone in New Orleans with all the kids. I honestly think he doesn't look happy with her and I really don't think it will last. I think she is just too a dark person for him.

2723 days ago

Funny Answers    

Once of for all, someone give pitty pot Jen the worlds biggest towels. She has had two good me, but could not manage to keep them?? Tell you anything! Maybe, just maybe everyone kissing her ass is not helping her realize she might be a fault. Laura Dern has stolden married men, Karma is all that happened, Hollywood is full of this crap, Tom C. was married to Minnie while sleeping with Nichole K, but not one hates her. She does not even see her kids anymore. Tom, next slept with Peneope C. while married to Nichole, Karma get it, then divorced Nichole, went with Ms. Cruse for two year, no one call Penelope a whore, home wrecker. But no, Ms. Cox did sleep with a married man, who left his family for her, but she is not a whore. Please there are nor morals in the movie making business. Do not blame Ms. Jolie because Jennifer is a spoiled, self indulgent, self centered bitch, who projects the image of sweet. Not! Get the hell off Angelinas back. Tell what good had Jennifer done.....boob job? nose job? Newest Diet? Other than herself has she cared for anyone more than herself. No, that is hollywood. You like her because you don't know her, or the real her. You only see the people she plays, Rachel, get real. That is an act.

2723 days ago


Please people these are both men not boys. They were in the relationship not Angelina,put the blame where it belongs. They both went for what they wanted. This is coming from a Brad fan not a Angelina fan.

2723 days ago


Tammy we already know this, the only thing incorrect is the boyfriend moved in with her and her mother which she has stated before in interviews when she was asked about it. Angelina has stated already she was self destructive and after adopting Maddox and visiting various refugee camps, she found out what was really important. Please stop with the Angelina smear campaign. Let's face it Maniston is a loser, loser, loser!!!!!!!

2723 days ago


That pic was on a show called "Style Star." They showed how Angelina went from Goth to Chic. They stated she still looked beautiful in goth because Angelina can look good in anything. Keep researching. I bet you won't post any of Chinnifer's photo's..

2723 days ago


Jolie is a disgusting person.
Have you seen the video of her french kissing her brother at an award show.
At one time she was wearing a vial of blood on a neck chain, may still wear it.
My opinion, she is one strange gal.
Any small town in America will have several girls more beautiful than Jolie.

Donald Trump said it well, "she is ulgy on the inside too".

She doesn't speak to her father because he cheated on her mother....welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

2723 days ago


The thinkg is brad is superficial and wishy washy..there is nothing much to him than his looks, afterall he is 43 and if he wanted to do charity and adopt kids, I wonder what prevented him from doing it so long ago...he is simply adapting to someone else life style and hairstyle just as he did with Juliet lewis, to paltrow to jennifer to jolie...the girls friends become his friends etc
Oh and I dont buy that jennifer prevented him from doing it...he lacks the ability to lead his own life...instead living through others ........

Jolie is dark and compulsive and is used to getting her own way...her mother stood by and blamed her husband for her life not turning up right ,,,,while jolie camped out like a cat in heat for anyone man or woman to sniff it up
...Jolie learnt not to be at the mercy of a man financially or otherwise and does whatever makes her happy to the point of adopting without consulting then husband thorton.....

Brad found something different , he was probaly bored with the golden couple life style..since he cant take the initiative to live his own life, he latched on to the next woman with a life style he was interested in for the moment.

Lesson: Mothers , please dont dump on her ex infront of your kids, so you can both raise almost normal children

Dont shack up with a man who doesnt have a mind or life of his own because he will jump ship when he needs a change..............nto for the long haul plus you cant do all the baby sitting involved

2723 days ago


What in the Hell was the purpose of this "NEWS". Geeeeeeeeeeeeez, TMZ, if you're fishing for news items, send me a note. I'll send you a few tips.

2723 days ago


What goes around comes around. It's just matter of time before you'll see Angelina Jolie as a single parent of many children. Brad will get tired of her too. Then once again Angelina will be off to still another woman's man. That's if she finds a man that wants to become part of the Brady Bunch.

2723 days ago


People keep saying that Angelina is soo wonderful because she does charity work. Well because that all you see. People hate Jen because according to them she doesn't do any charity. Well just because she doesn't advertise it doesn't mean she does nothing, a lot of other celebrities also do charity and they don't advertise it. I never liked Angelina, but it has nothing to do with Brad, I simply don't think she is an honest person, but that's my opinion since I don't really know her. Someone also said that most people don't like Jennifer Aniston, Well sorry but speak for yourself, because I know a LOT of people that like her. Most people are tired of the media using Jen or trashing her for no reason. I am pretty sure she doesn't want the publicity. By the way TMZ this not news if you can't find anything to write about her then don't, just let her leave her life.

2723 days ago


If what goes around comes around - that means it's already come around to Laura Dern, because she stole Thornton from his wife Pietra and was living with him while they were still married. It also means it's DUE to come around to Dern while she's with Harper too, as she stole him from his then PREGNANT WIFE, which is why Harper's EX and Dern both have kids BY HARPER who are the same age. As someone mentioned, Maniston's bestest friend BOTOX COX was also living with Michael Keaton while he was married.

So ironic and hypocritical, that Aniston is best buds with two VERIFIABLE CHEATING SKANKS who ADMITTEDLY were F**KING MEN under THEIR WIVES NOSES, at the same time she is spinning fiction about what Brad may have done, KNOWING it's not true.

There's a special place in hell, for hypocritical lying coattail riding media wh*res LIKE MANISTON.

...and Face it - you beeches just hate Angelina, because she's beautiful. Fellow fuggies are simply rooting for their FUG tranny looking idols Dern and Maniston. That's all it is. It's as old as time, and as predictable as highschool. Angelina is the girl all the boys love, and you're the homely skanks wishing you were her, and so...YOU HATE. THAT is IT, in a nutshell.

By the way TMZ, I LOVE that picture that heads the thread - two BUTT UGLY stepsisters glowering down on the beautiful Cinderella Angelina. Hahahahahaha!!

As for Brad, you beeches just hate Angelina because she CAME NEXT, and because Brad broke the speed of light record leaving the homely whiny poor excuse for a woman, known as MANISTON.

Angie didn't get with Brad while he was with Tootsie aka Maniston aka Jen Aniston. He may fallen in love with her, but it was unbeknownst to her at the time. Hell, even Maniston's own friends say he didn't cheat, Maniston even says he didn't cheat, Brad says he didn't cheat, and Angie says she didn't cheat with Brad. Don't give me that emotional cheating sh*t either - if that were a crime every single one of us would be guilty. What are you gonna do, crucify Brad for a wet dream he may have had about Angie, while laying 2000 miles away from Maniston promoting Ocean's 12 in Italy??? Give the dude a break, he's an honorable stand up guy -- and along with her crime of being UGLY and TALENTLESS, I'll add she also should be hated FOR ALL TIME, because she slurred both Brad and Angelina's character by inferring they could have cheated - when SHE KNOWS that wasn't the case. She's the most sorry excuse passive aggressive lame-o good for nothing, DO-NOTHING waste of space EVER!

Everyone in Hollywood knew their marriage had been TOAST forever...Brad and she were apart 3, 6 and 9 months (!!!) at a time -- they were giving interviews all throughout 2003 saying they were NOT each other's soulmates, and going on about how their marriage 'could die,' and that it didn't have to be forever, and Maniston was saying Brad was not 'the love of her life,' while Brad was saying he and Maniston didn't share the same goals, and that she "didn't get him," and that he didn't know what she wanted or what her goals were -- this was all BEFORE Mr & Mrs had even started filming. They were unhappy and everyone KNEW it - which is why many people in HW today, loathe her for the lying conniving manipulative media wh*re she is. There was no triangle - Brad and she were DONE. She and her monster PR queen Stephen Huvane, are just using 'the triangle' to eek out her final few minutes of fame, desperately grabbing on to Brad (and Angelina's) coattails. She's a listless, restaylned botoxed three timed rhinoplasted FOOL of a TV SIT-COM HACK...and she needs to just GO AWAY.

I'd suggest Lifetiime TV, but they're too good for her talentless a s s.

2723 days ago


Some people here don't think. How could you say that all Jen wants is for people to feel sorry for her? I know this is what the tabloids and other websites want you to think, but that's the last thing anybody in her situation wants. I am sure she wishes everybody will just put this behind as she already did. She has moved on, she looks happy despite what the media wants you to believe. If she is friends with Laura Dern, so what, she's got lots of friends. Why does everything she does has to be link to Brad and Angelina? Seriously TMZ move on and people please stop hating. Brad, Angelina, and Jen all moved on and are happy with their lives.

2723 days ago


#37, I think you are a hilarious FOOL. You say you think Angelina isn't honest - ahahahaha....the woman is KNOWN for being as honest as they come...that's what Brad fell in love with (among MANY other things obviously), but it's what he said about her when they first met, she was authentic - he was most likely CONTRASTING her against PHONEYS like Maniston..with her fake nose(s), her fake boobs, her extensions and her fake hairlines (and her newest fakery, resteylned cheek implants, upper lip and botox).

I just find that so ironic, you'd say that about Angelina, of ALL people -- especially when Maniston gets caught in LIES every damn week. Whether it's her nose job, her boobs, her involvement with Plan B (LIES), and her biggest BOO-BOO, her phony public relations manufactured 'relationship' with Vince Vaughn that she milked until it became even too obscenely ridiculous for her to continue with. When Oprah is asking you point blank to your face, and you CAN STILL LIE right back at her - you are some kind of fake media wh*ring b*tch..

You think Angie would be caught dead wasting her time, energy, and LIFE gabbing and reading tabloids, leaking to tabloids, planting sh*t and leaking sh*t and concentrating more on what dumb a s s bloggers and rags have to say about her - than trying to resucitate her own dying career. Maybe if she spent more time on her acting, and less worrying about what US Magazine and Perez are saying about her this week, she'd have something more to show than a guest starring role ona syndicated cr*p tv show.

So you got some nerve EVER questioning Angelina's honesty -- the woman is KNOWN for her straightforwardness, her truth, honesty and beauty. Everyone in HW KNOWS it. That's what you HATE. hahahah

You WISH, the sit-com hack Maniston, had a tenth of Angelina's honesty. Maniston is as disingenuous a LIAR as they come.

The sad part is, it took their divorce for Brad to see just what a mean spirited nasty liar she REALLY was. She stabbed him in the back BUT GOOD.

But she's paying the price too. She will forever be the ugly woman scorned - and it's of her OWN making. I think that's why she's mutilated herself (rumor has it, pardon the pun - she can't even smile normally anymore - re the frozen face).

2723 days ago


angelina can take my husband and I wouldn't be mad at her. She's some woman! She's sure a lot more interesting than most women. And Aniston is selfish, I think Brad left her because sh refused to settled down and have children like she promised Brad.

2723 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

I am a woman and think that A.Jolie is sexy bombshell. I would love to have one night with her and my fiance. I am only being honest so please do not critisize me. I just admire the art of a beautiful woman.

2723 days ago
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