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Laura & Jen: Separated by Angelina -- Literally!

3/17/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The friendship between Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston is proof that some good can come from the relationship-killing Angelina virus!

Jen Aniston, Laura Dern and Angelina Jolie
The two jilted actresses have been spotted around town a lot lately and share this in common: Both saw their men run off with gorgeous Oscar-winner/Goodwill Ambassador, Angelia Jolie. Girls, interrupted!

Although you may have heard that Brad Pitt allegedly hooked up with Jolie before after breaking up with Aniston, in 2000, Dern was reportedly still dating Billy Bob Thornton when he suddenly married Angie. Snap! Dern has since had two children with her husband, singer Ben Harper, while Jen is single and childless.

At least she has her friends!


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I am so glad to hear everyone talking about Laura Dern's skanky ass on here! I hope it does come around on her very soon. Or better yet, I hope she sets her current husband free before she has to force him to do the same thing to her. And that man needs to be set free. I also admire Angelina for the things she is doing now.

2740 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

I had a best friend some years ago who flirted with every guy and made it a point to see if she could get them interested in her. Every single man was game for her. Her favorite thing to do was to get husbands interested in her and could care less if she broke any of the girlfriends hearts.

Just one thing, when Jolie starts getting old (happens jolie and you have lived such a hard life drugs etc - what did you do with your brother anyway?) she will lose that flirting quality where guys will leave their spouses etc for her.

It will happen she will one day be an old hag and it will kill her. She will have the day when no guy will fall all over her. So Jen and Ms. Dern forget the guys you had they were losers anyway. Any guy that leaves for this one is a loser.

What is this woman trying to do? She knew brad wanted to start a family but Jen was not ready said they needed counciling first (he had met Jolie by then) Jolie played on what he wanted and that is why she keeps adopting.

That is why my ex friend does she finds the one thing that the guy desperately wants and she plays on it. They are just a bug in her spider web and so it brad.

Everyone feels bad for Anna Nicoles baby well I feel bad for any child in this relationship - natural or not.

Ewww I would not want jolie as my mom.

Jolie those tatos will sag baby. Haha hahahahahahahah

2740 days ago


Some of you need to stop reading things that arent there/here! NO WHERE does it say JA is pining over Brad.

Better she lost the "little" (small character, spineless, unfaithful cheating whore) man now than after they had kids and destroy those little lives.

Angelina J Voight is just like her dad. Unfaithful. She can drop the last name all day long, but that dont change what she is/was/has been or will ever be.

2740 days ago


Why is this being brought up again? It has been over 2 years get over it.

2740 days ago


.......Ohh... I know why so you people who cannot ever get over 2 year old news can comment to your hearts dispair on two women who neither care for you nor ever will.....

2740 days ago


Wow, Miapocca, who died and made you the morality monitor?

Brad and Angie are small potatoes on the hollywood scandal scale. Up against Lana Turner's daughter stabbing mom's boyfriend to death? Roman Polanski and child rape?

Get a grip, Angelina give one THIRD of her earnings to charity. Jennifer gives that much to her plastic surgeon.

I remember Jen's interview while still married to Brad about selfish he was. Pot meet Kettle.

Any man with a marriage in it's death throes who meets a gorgeous woman with substance and despite a troubled past makes a meaningful life, and does not become attractive is testosterone deficient.

I hear jealousy and hypocritical righteous indignation. Blah, Blah.

2740 days ago


it really is ridiculous to bring up angelina's past as if it is who she is today. she did have a troubled life and she acted out, but she has grown and matured. everyone deserves the right to learn from their past and a chance to grow. i'm sure everyone has something they wish they didn't do.

2740 days ago


jenfan, the bible you are quoting to condemn angelina also says thou shalt no judge.

2740 days ago


It's so interesting to hear that Laura Dern took BillyBob from his wife and kids, then Ben Harper from his pregnant wife! I had no idea. Now Jennifer is BFF with her, despite the obviously skanky past and yet you Jennifer fans keep casting Angelina as the "whore" in this triangle even though NO KIDS, or pregnant wives were involved either with BillyBob or Brad and Billy Bob didn't even tell her he was still with Laura (who was on location when they hooked up). VERY interesting. I'm thinking if Angelina was an ugly hag like Laura or Jennifer, nobody would even bother calling her names. Courtney Cox is also a homewrecker with Michael Keaton so the list of Jennifer's friends who are also homewreckers goes on and on. Angelina is the beautiful, outspoken girl every homely girl hates and fears. That's the only reason she's hated, end of story. Brad is a decent guy who got tired of waiting for his wife to come around and be his wife. Jennifer lost her chance and now she'll whine forever since it's the only way she'll stay in the news. Good luck with that, "pity party forevah"!

2740 days ago


must be a slow news gossip day Jolie is the greatest and most careing person who jsut wants to enrich the live of a few children leave her alone WHAT HAVE WE DONE TODAY TO MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR SOMEONE???

2740 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

I seriously hopes that Manniston dies alone and childless, she is a pain in the arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mediocre has been tv talent

2740 days ago


whatever sue i guess u just got to this site by accident because u werent interested in the headline ,and if u are not judging the home wrecker u must be judging the wife. i know what the bible said i dont judge he cheated and thats a sin im not just accusing him its a fact.and when his time come he will have to answer to god and all those kids will not change anything .

2740 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

To all the idiots here posting negative comments about Jennifer Aniston - WTF is wrong with you. She has done nothing wrong to any of you and the women who are sticking up for Jolie need to have the same thing done to them by a skank whore like her. Jolie should not have even been allowed to adopt a child as the self confessed person is saying that she used to cut herself and it took madox to see the light type of deal.

No child should have been given to that gothic hoe. I am calling her a hoe because she steals other womens husbands or boyfriends. If it happened just once then I might be a little more wiling to forgive but she reminds me of someone I knew who only wanted married men. She would flirt and play the little ole me, send them dirty emails and ecards to seduce them. She would even buy their children presents and hand them to them in front of the wives to see what she could get away from.

Social services should never allowed the first adoption because it is not the child who should be saving a person from themselves.

Her social services are because she was pegged by the agencies for the prettiness factor. They want a spokes person who is pretty so she did not initially go out looking to do this with her life.

Jen has done nothing to any of you except have a nose you all think is ugly. Well, well I like to see pictures of all you beautiful people.

So you all play into the pretty ones she get everything in life? Jen did not ask to have this article written it was tmz and she is now having a weekend of being bashed by you idiots.

Again, I hope what happened to her happens to all of you then we will see how you feel then.

As for dern, I do not know anything about her past and if she did steal two guys then I do not respect her either.

Jen did not steal any man and she held off on wanting children because they were about to start then jolie started to flirt with her husband. I saw her being interviewed on the View that they were going to start a family but he was off making a film (ghee which one)

Then the next time she was interviewed she got all quiet and said they are waiting a bit now. You could tell something happened.

Pit was being interviewed with clooney and said he wanted to start having children and wow out of the blue Jolie starts letting him be pretend daddy in all those pictures.

Jen should have dumped his ass and made it public when it first happened.

Even Gwen told pitt he was wrong to make this all public his seeing jolie.

So leave Jen alone and her looks alone because Karma will bite all you evil people in the ass.

2740 days ago


I hate Angelina!!! I hate Brad now he is with her... I told my self I will never buy another movie with either of them in it, I don't care how good it is..... I hate cheaters... you know she got pregnant before Brad and Jen split... I think Jen had to much class and Brad must like trash.. Comon anyone that would suck face with their own brother, marry Billy Bob Thorton, have lesbian relationships, adopting kids outside the USA when there are many kids in need here... What is she trying to do get a medal of honor or something she is so so dumb....

2740 days ago


Angelina is UGLY how did she even make it to the sexiest women alive Bull Shit!!!
I do not know who thought that they must need glasses

2740 days ago
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