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Laura & Jen: Separated by Angelina -- Literally!

3/17/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The friendship between Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston is proof that some good can come from the relationship-killing Angelina virus!

Jen Aniston, Laura Dern and Angelina Jolie
The two jilted actresses have been spotted around town a lot lately and share this in common: Both saw their men run off with gorgeous Oscar-winner/Goodwill Ambassador, Angelia Jolie. Girls, interrupted!

Although you may have heard that Brad Pitt allegedly hooked up with Jolie before after breaking up with Aniston, in 2000, Dern was reportedly still dating Billy Bob Thornton when he suddenly married Angie. Snap! Dern has since had two children with her husband, singer Ben Harper, while Jen is single and childless.

At least she has her friends!


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I speculate that Angelina Jolie has issues to resolve or come to terms with being that she is estranged from her father and mom had cancer (recently died from it). The two men she married may have been her way of looking for father figures.
I am not fond of Jennifer Anniston from what the media gives us. I get the impression that Brad Pitt wanted a family life and she did not. If their differences were that big, it makes sense that Angelina and Brad work so well, together. Angelina is doing amazing generous work and Brad is into the environment. As a couple they seem very happy and do more for others, together.
Laura Dern. I lost track of her (after the actor from The Fly). I was never a fan of hers. I didn't see attractiveness or talent, jmo.
Anniston seems to enjoy her money, public sympathy and doesn't appear to be leaving that role anytime soon.

2748 days ago


How the hell did Aniston make it? Remember when Aniston was man of the year 2005? HAHAH that was good times!

I think some of you forgot about POOR VINCE VAUGHN? Hello! Did Jennifer the bitch even care about that loser? She just used the poor lass and now he looks like he never showers! What a mess aniston left him in. I think she used him for publicity remember when she was caught humping him on the first story balcony? haha some more good times!

2748 days ago



So what if Angelina kissed her brother on the lips. WTF is wrong with you?
So what if Angellina married Billy Bob Thorton?
So what if Angelina has had lesbian relationships?
So what if Angelina and Brad adopt out of the USA?

What are you some bible bending, hate spewing, retard. Of course, you are. Hope you don't have kids - they will surely be raised 'in a box' in them their hills where the hicks like you live. You poor slob.

2748 days ago


Wait until SLUTALENIA starts aging and those enourmous lips start getting sucked down by gravity. She's gonna look like an OLD tatoo. She should be ashamed of herself. Karma is a bitch, she'll get hers. I only hope that we all get to enjoy it. I feel sorry for those kids, they are nothing but publicity for that SKANK.

2748 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

Oh look 20 minutes has gone by and Manniston still is lame.

I dont care if people bash Angie, she doesn't care.

She does her charity work, has a gorgeous partner, beautiful kids.
Brad is with her and the kids, so why should she or anyone else give two fucks about Manniston?

There was a comment earlier about how Laura Dern coped and how Manniston is coping. Laura Dern should be giving flowers to Angie for taking that piece of shit off her hands.
I will say that was a low day in the Jolie camp (when she was with that POS).
She never "french-kissed" her brother. They had a kiss on the lips (longer than I would expect) but whatever.

So what if she went through a goth period??? How well do you think you would be perceived if every move you made was constantly under public scrutiny??

Its time to seriously stop posting the "poor Jennifer" storys.

No one cares about Manniston, and the few who do can watch Friends re-runs and sit on their (I would perceive as very fat) asses and play with their cats.

Angie does a lot of charitable things and next time you want to bash her, ask yourself what charitable thing you have done lately.

Manniston fans = fatties who need to let go.....

2748 days ago


To all the people calling Jen "Maniston" seriously what has Jen done to you?? Do you really need to insult Jennifer to praise Angelina? Nobody really knows what happened between Jen and Brad and we will never know, but yet there are some ridiculus people saying that Brad was always unhappy with Jen. LOOK if they didn't love each other they wouldn't have been together for seven year. So why all the hating and judging when you don't even konw what happened. Also people calling Jen ugly, well I would like to see how you all look like????

2748 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Apparently you all forget too soon that she was going to the doctor who specializes in women trying to get pregnant. She stopped when idiot brad the hag started a friendship with angie the pigie jolie.

What did she say in interviews - that she did not to have a child and it end up in a broken home like she was raised in.

So she has morals and did not to subject any innocent child to a relationship that was about to doom. You fault her for that? Come on you people would tell your best friend to get rid of the cheating husband and not to get pregnant.

So what is the real reason you jennifer hates hate jennifer? You have none and the idiots who keeps saying they hope she dies childless and is barren need a good whack up the inside of the heads for being cruel vindictive people. That is what most of you are. cruel and vindictive people who would walk over anyone including your families.

Karma will bite you all in the ass.

2748 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    


Instead of MANniston how about the following nicknames:
1. Barren womb No Talent FUG
2. Jay Leno's illegitimate Chin
3. Chinniston
4. TV Has Been
5. Soon to be a guest on CSI
6. Blockluster Bomb
7. No Man Jan
8. Crybaby
9. Yoga Whore
10. Poor Mans hot girl

Which do you like, since you talk about FUGS like YOU know her?

2748 days ago


This is not really an important story TMZ!!! Must be a slow day today ugh!!! But some people are really being mean, specially to Jennifer Aniston. Some people are calling her " maniston" ??? You must be really hateful!! I feel sorry for you all. Why are you so angry at her?? I mean, if you don't like Jen than why waste your time reading stories about her. And about blaming (just) her for the failure of her marriage, nobody even knows what happened. Most of you are quoting lines from tabloids. I think BOTH Jen and Brad are blame for this divorce. Everybody involed seems to have moved on, maybe you should do the same.

2748 days ago


Jennifer Aniston is a Liar when she said of course she wants kids instead of keeping her promise to Brad she went off and made 6 Bomb Movies in a row. Now Brad is the father of 4! Proof is in the Pudding. How many kids does Selfish Jen have? ZERO She is so selfish and her career thank god is over, next she will be having Lunch with Eve Plumb.

2748 days ago


# 95 And do you know her????? NOOOOOO I didn't think so!!!!! So why all the hate??? Face it Jen is way more successful and pretty than you will ever be!!!!

2748 days ago


I think people are being mean to Angelina . That's what this thread was created for right? to bash her for "wrecking homes" like Brad and Billy Bob were innocent parties. Come to find out Laura Dern has wrecked a few homes her damn self and Who knows about Anistons past relationships. I'm sure she's had more than one man in her life. You just never know.

2748 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

You do a good job of getting breaking news first, but WHY DO YOU PUT THIS TYPE CRAP UP EVERY WEEKEND? I know you need hits but this is getting ridiculous. THERE IS NO TRIANGLE OR CONNECTION AT ALL BETWEEN THESE PEOPLE TODAY. THEY HAVE ALL MOVED ON WITH THEIR LOVES. THIS IS LIKE COPYING THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER AND THEY ARE BETTER AT THIS BECAUSE THIS IS ALL THEY CAN DO. So what if at some time they were partners or married or whatever? WHO CARES? STOP WITH THIS OLD CRAP AND TRY BEING CURRENT. Your weekend staff is terrible.

2748 days ago


Wow # 95 You sound so angry at Jen. What did she do to you??? To the people saying that Jen is a liar. Well lets see she said she wanted to have kids with Brad and didn't have them. Do you know the reason??, No. If they were having problems it was best that she didn't have kids with him. About the nose job, the boob job etc. Those are tabloid rumors if you want to believe them that's find, but that doesn't mean that they are true and that she has to admit them. If you don't like the way she looks that's find but is it necessary to call her names???

2748 days ago


First of all, Everyone always says how pretty Angelina is: I do not see it.
In fact, she doesn't look healthy to me- her coloring always looks off like she is anemic or has HIV.

What Angelina needs to do is take a close look at herself in the mirror and "try" to start being a decent person by not being hurtful to others and destroying other peoples marriages.
Once that is accomplish, she can adopt as many kids as she wants!

2748 days ago
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