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Laura & Jen: Separated by Angelina -- Literally!

3/17/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The friendship between Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston is proof that some good can come from the relationship-killing Angelina virus!

Jen Aniston, Laura Dern and Angelina Jolie
The two jilted actresses have been spotted around town a lot lately and share this in common: Both saw their men run off with gorgeous Oscar-winner/Goodwill Ambassador, Angelia Jolie. Girls, interrupted!

Although you may have heard that Brad Pitt allegedly hooked up with Jolie before after breaking up with Aniston, in 2000, Dern was reportedly still dating Billy Bob Thornton when he suddenly married Angie. Snap! Dern has since had two children with her husband, singer Ben Harper, while Jen is single and childless.

At least she has her friends!


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Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

Best comment all day from UjealousBeechies;

"yet DESPITE having a wife that looked like Dustin Hoffman's grandpa"

hahahhahahahaha so true so true!!!

Kudos for that great analogy!

2744 days ago

crimson pixie    

Lots of mouth-breathers on this topic. The Angie fan club must have sent out an alert, (as if Angie reads any of this shit and needs to be defend. hilarious).

Clue #1 that you're reading the post of a pathetically obsessed angie fan: use of the term "haters"
to describe people who don't use adjectives like "awesome" "goddess" and "hottt" for for Ms. Jolie.

And if the post is all in caps, you know they've gone a tad over the edge.

2744 days ago


F- your husband or someone else will

2744 days ago


Aniston has clearly moved on, and more power to her. I'm not particularly a fan of hers but anyone desreves better than the crap she got.

...and I agree with whoever said that the mouth-breathers flock to any topic on Jolie, apparently thinking that she'll read their feverish defense of her and want to be their friend. LOL!
All the groveling praise and irate defense of an amoral borderline personality who has enough money for good plastic surgery just shows that there is a definite market for "cult leader" among the public.
And don't think for a minute that Ms. Jolie would let one of you drooling fans touch her -- you're the "unwashed masses" and unless you validate her current void-filling activity, you don't count. Hahaha Pathetic.

2744 days ago


all I know is that, I turn on my tv, theres saint jolie. when I go to read my e-mail, there she is, saint jolie staring at me. I do not see anniston on my TV or my mail. I remember seeing a picture of pitt and maddox with matching mohawks, just like her other lover, and I am so glad I am not married to him. Therefor, in my mind, anniston is classy, jolie is a media whore.

2744 days ago


#115 I have already seen Jen and she is beautiful. Now I will like to see YOU!!!! I am sure Jennifer is a lot prettier than you. Well, that is if you can consider yourself to be pretty at all!!!! And by the way Jen and Brad were very much in love with each other when they got married. And she did said that she loved him in several interviews, but just because they felt out of love afterwards doesn't make Jen a bad person. If anything they are both (Jen and Brad) to be blame.

2744 days ago


you all Maniston fans are crazy racists people, i 'd be horrifed if i had such loonies as fans ; But she has what she deserves , she's so dumb, ignorant and bitchy , perverse passive agressive behavior;
Professional victim;

I'll take any day the UN family , it is the future of human beings;

But Man and her fans don't live in the present neither project in the future;

They live in the past , only in the past and can't move on with their lives ;

2744 days ago


114 UjealousBeechies, Wow you are sooo in love with brangelina it really makes you irrational. Why do you hate Jennifer so much??? She has never done anything to you. And then calling her ugly??? I will like to see a picture of you!!!!
112 Yes that's true Angelina did say that!!!

2744 days ago


I can see it now... a day in the life of the Jolie-Pitt household.

Bradbear, I'm going to the store for a pack of smokes be back in a jiff.

OK, honey

15 minutes later...

Honey this is the newest addition to our family, his name is Juan, he was selling oranges by the side of the freeway.

Jesus, that's the fifth one today. We can't just keep taking "adopting" kids off the street they might have homes you know. Besides this guy looks to be about thirty.

2744 days ago


Everyone should get over the brad and jen breakup.... Angelina is a mysterious animal for men and women alike. He fell for it, they are happy as reports go. ??? who cares , they haven't done any wrong,
EXCEPT each has been connected to previous married people that split up.
Who cares!!! they are both nice to look at.

2744 days ago


I don't care what anyone says any woman who steals another woman's man is pure scum. Angelina Jolie is a slut, bitch, skank, whore and no one will convincew me otherwise, and anyway she aint even that pretty, these guys are fucking stupid. Brad had a good thing with Jen and he stupidly threw it all away to be with little miss up and leave.

2744 days ago


Posted at 8:17PM on Mar 17th 2007 by sara

you all Maniston fans are crazy racists people, i 'd be horrifed if i had such loonies as fans ; But she has what she deserves , she's so dumb, ignorant and bitchy , perverse passive agressive behavior;
Passive agressive behavoir??? Look who's talking! Resorting to name calling is just plain childish. Didn't your mama ever teach you to play nice??? Apparently NOT!

2744 days ago


#123 Why are you calling Jen fans racist?? After reading posts like that and like #114, I definitely believe that brangelina fans are craaaaazy and obsessed. I really don't hate Angelina, Brad, or Jen because I don't even know this people. But I am a fan of Jens because I like her movies and her show and I have seen interviews with her and she seems to be sweet. I don't know their personal lives so it is ridiculus to hate any of them based on what you read in tabloids.

2744 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

to by UjealousBeechies

You are one ugly bitch yourself and we all know it. Anyone who writes all the tirades that you have all day about Jennifer shows what a low class person you are in life. Jennifer Aniston is a lady something you will never be. Some people are born with class and others try to be classy some are just both. You will never fall in this catergory. The best you can hope for is to have some guy from prison to marry you.

Obviously you have not known that Brad and Jen are still friends. That Angie has a difficult time with them being friends. Why? Well, try this on for size in the small pea brain of yours - angie stole her husband by having his baby. That is the only way she could get this guy with her.

Brad looks like he loves the children but could care less about angie.

So by UjealousBeechies hag go back to bed, eat your bon bons, and let the lard continue to grow on your huge ass which seems to match your mouth.

Signed by all the People who resent your nasty name calling bloggings against Jennifers looks.

2744 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

ok lets break it down for the slow people on this site (AKA MANniston fans)

We can talk about manniston all we want.
This does not mean the following:
1. that we know her
2. that we like her
3. that we respect her
4. that she has talent

it seems that if people attack manniston, you peeps are all crazy saying "Why do you hate Jennifer so much??? She has never done anything to you. And then calling her ugly??? I will like to see a picture of you!!!!"

yet some of you hypocrites call Angie a "whore", "homewrecker", etc...

I have several guy friends and they all have the same comment about Manniston, that her face isnt too cute. They like her body but thats about it. They say she seems like someone you would hump and then get all clingy and shit.
I have never met a guy that didn't find Angie attractive. She seems way cool.

We all have our opinions so deal with it.

Angie = Goddess, humanitarian, talented Academy winner, mother
Manniston = hit TV series (1994-2004) string of "OK" movies, failed relationships

2744 days ago
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