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The Anna Nicole Smith Movie -- Dr. Joshua Perper

3/17/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Joshua Perper played by Don Rickles


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Dr. Perper is a smart man thats why he has 2 brains. His head had to accomodate all that brain. We should leave him alone though becasue he has really respected Anna and looked out for her well being.

2779 days ago


What is wrong here?? Are you all kids or adults? "Deformed"?! I can't believe this stuff. Are you in the habit of making fun of any and everyone? Geez......

IMO, Don is not the best choice for Dr. P. Don's personality and wild sense of humor would never reflect that of Dr.P. (But, hey, I notice in this pic, DR. P. has somewhat of a smirk or smile. That is unusual for him.) They may bear some small resemblance, though. Gotta give this one more thought.

2779 days ago


Good Grief! Where is the love, folks? I cannot get over this hateful, hurtful posting about people you don't even know! As to his head, I have never mentioned it and this will be the last time I do. Leave it alone! As I tell my children...we should never make fun of, hurt others feelings nor make judgements before we get to know them because....we just never know what they are dealing with in their lives or what may have happened. Just be thankful for our blessings.

2778 days ago



Sooooo..guess by your standards,Courtney Love should play ANS. Makes sense to me...NOT

2778 days ago


Ok, I just googled it and found out that Dr Perper "was dropped accidentally on his head by his aunt when he was a small child and a blood clot thickened part of his skull".

2778 days ago


Don Rickles needs a bone transplant on his head to play Dr. Joshua Perper

2778 days ago


Dr. Perper is a decent man, and you all need to stop talking about him. He had an accident as a kid--that is why he has the knot on his head. Whoever plays him needs to play him as a very credible and decent man--the most decent man in this fiasco!

2777 days ago


don't be so mean to perper! he's been a good guy and the only other normal person in this process besides millstein. (who's gonna play him? someone tall, smart, thin and distinguished). anyway, yes to jenny for anna, no to betty for virgie. i thought of roseanne barr with blonde hair independently of the other post-er. i think it's gotta be her. plus i think you need someone other than lance bass for larry birkhead. maybe some surfer dude blonde actor. that's how larry strike me, even though i like him and see him as genuine (mostly). or maybe leo decaprio? henry winkler for seidlin was absolutely INSPIRED. and i think the actor who plays andy sipowicz (sp?) the bald cop on NYPD Blue for Perper... what's his name??

2773 days ago


I didn't know that Don Rickles was still alive! There is one person that I feel would fit the part, Art Karney But unfortunately he is no longer alive!

2772 days ago

P. Bybee    

Definitely no to Tori. She looks absolutely NOTHING like Anna. Try Charlize Theron.

2770 days ago


FYI: Peter Falk is alive and well, has taken up watercolor painting in his golden years and Don Rickles is very much alive and performs in Vegas.
What about that actor on the Shield, Michael Chiklis to play Dr. Perper?

2754 days ago
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