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The Anna Nicole Smith Movie -- Shane Gibson

3/17/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shane Gibson played by Louis Gossett Jr.


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How about Montel Williams for Shane Gibson???

2713 days ago


Why not use Montel Williams as Shane Gibson

2713 days ago


Vergie is actually a very nice person and Betty white is a great choice! Don't agree withTorri Spelling for Anna. How about Pamela Anderson?

2713 days ago

Boo Hearne-Carroll    

I'm delighted to see that my first choice, Jenny McCarthy, is shared by others. Tori? Bless her newly mothered heart, she's a sweetheart. I am sure her husband would plotz if she even considered the role. She's way too young and fresh to play this role. Jenny McCarthy is fun, campy, and very talented. She is a way over the top kind of personality when she wants to be. Only in fun. She'd be perfect. Let's let Tori be a mom for a while and run her bed and breakfast.

2713 days ago


Amazing! I think most of the proposed cast members are on the money but gotta agree with others that Tori Spelling is a horrible choice for Anna Nicole. How about Pamela Anderson? Or, even Jenna Jameson.

2713 days ago


Kathy Bates would make a better Virgie. Just put her in a blonde wig, and the rest makeup and props--think it would work just fine.

I think that JLo in a blonde wig would work for Anna--Brittney Spears??? Nahhh! Or, Cameron Diaz for Anna.

The late Peter Boyle would have been perfect as Dr. Perper, although I think a better choice for him would be Brad Garrett of the Raymond series. Makeup does wonders to bring characters to life. :P

2713 days ago


i laughed so hard i cried!! why does everyone take everything so seriously? I do agree with Jenny Mc Carthy though!!!!

take a chill pill everybody. this is hilarious.......

2713 days ago


Tori Spelling? No way, she isn't pretty enough. I agree Jenny Mc.Carthy would be the right choice.

2713 days ago

someones mother    

i don't understand why everyone is against Virgie.. regardless of what Anna thought of her (after she became a druggie) Virgie gave birth to Vicki Lynn! If my child only had a 6 month old daughter as the next of kin... whom we don't know who the father is... I would want custody of my grandchild too.. I think it is ridiculous for the girl to be left with Howard and his now money hungry family. He was a ever present figure in both Daniels and Anna's lives and look what happend to them. I commend Virgie for not tolerating Anna's drug habit! She could have been like Howard who could care less what Anna did as long as he could leech off of her... But instead of using her daughter for her fame and cash... she choose the tough love method. I for one would like my kid to be buried close to me.. so that i could visit there grave... and that's only what Virgie wanted.. I think out of everyone.. she has the right intent.... shes not after her granddaughters.. possible fortune.. if she were a gold digger like Howard.. she would have been in Anna's life leeching.. long before her death.. instead she kept her distance.. and supported herself.

2713 days ago


You people are all pathetic...It makes me sick to think your even (tmz) discussing this....This is sad and very upsetting...CAn those poor two people rest in peace? Obviously not! Cause pathetic papps and viewers keep this up.. A MOVIE>>>>>>>>>>>>I dont want my favorite actors/actress's to even play these parts....Its all wrong and very demeaning.........

2713 days ago


Good choices but not Betty White, she is too sweet to be mean LOL

2713 days ago


#90 I think TMZ did this for fun.

2713 days ago


I think maybe that loud mouth Rosie O'Donell could be Virgie. She would be perfect with a blond wig. I don't like either of them so Rosie would seem like a good chioce. They both are fat, ugly , and big mouths. Also I agree with those who say Tori looks like a horse. She can't play Anna anyways. She is pregnant with her pony.

2713 days ago


Who the hell is going to play Marshall? He is the reason why Anna Nicole is famous, after all. What was with the Fonzie casting? Tori Spelling? There a million actresses who look more like Anna Ncole than her, and probably quite a few more famous and talented also!

2713 days ago


The only one of these i think you got right was Henry Winkler for the judge. Id love to see him do Judge Larry!! He would be perfect. HA HA

2713 days ago
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