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Crazed Fan Pursues Birkhead

3/19/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As hopeful Anna Nicole babydaddy Larry Birkhead pursues legal fatherhood, he's already obtained a new level of celebrityhood -- and now he has a wacko fan to prove it!

Sources tell TMZ that a stick-thin blonde has been spotted outside many of the court battles in which Larry Birkhead has appeared, and yesterday in the Bahamas, she took her devotion a creepy step further -- when she tried to get inside his car! Security officials had to pull the confused woman away from the car, and she appeared to have no idea why.

She was later seen trying to finagle her way into the courtroom, but was shut down again by Bahamian guards.


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larry can't possibly have a nose job. who would want it to look like that?! i won't believe it unless i see it - a before pic.

freaky chic - poor larry.

2777 days ago

Bring it on!    

OMG, that looks like Howard in drag! Run, Larry, run.

2777 days ago


Just to respond to someone about Larry Birkhead's new
counsel? He
doesn't need one in the Bahamas. He already had obtained one at
start of the entire proceeding. Remember they had 19 lawyers
involved in the case and according to Debra it was because of all the
jurisdictions involved. So Vergie Arthur and Howard K. Stern and
Larry all have lawyers in the Bahamas so when Vergies US attorneys
were asked to leave it was because under Bahamian law only the
lawyers who are involved in the matter under their law is allowed to
be present. Its very different to the US.On an interview with Larry
B and Access Hollywood, Larry said that he was going to wait till he
returns to California to make arrangements then so he doesn't need
one right now. Debra only represented him in California. But she
has been with him from the beginning so it made sense for her to be
with him everywhere to make sure that everything is proceeding
properly that is why I'm sorry to see her out of the action.

After the paternity, the custody issues comes before the court. If Larry Birkhead is the father you would assume that the case will be moved to California but I think because the baby is in the Bahamas, they will have to fight it in the Bahamas. If that is the case, Larry B. should start thinking about getting a US attorney soon, just in case.

2777 days ago


Think Michael Bolton if you want to know what Larry would look like without the nose job. In the meantime, someone find that picture. Didn't Inside Edition air it?

2777 days ago


Does anybody know a link to see Larry before alleged nose job? I can't find one.

2777 days ago

to catch a killer    

You can tell by the nut jobs nose she is related to stern.. Talk about needing a nose job... pew........

2777 days ago


21. Classmates of Larry said they always thought he was gay.


Really? Your source? Link please.

Posted at 12:33PM on Mar 19th 2007 by Caryn

Google is your friend. That is how I found it. But my best recollection is it was Celebrific.

2777 days ago


larry is ugly for all you that think other wise its sad you don't no what a nice looking man is the woman might be his mother trying to be by his side in the time of need and he don't want no one to no she is on meds too

2777 days ago


But think about it. If Larry was hot in high school, would he have gone through with the nose job? He had a mullet too.

2777 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

......She feels her biological clock tic tic ticking away.....All the money that Dannielynne will get someday is making the tic tic ticking sound fade away........Run, she's ugly too........
I tell you change the childs name and disappear for a year or two......We stupid humans will be feasting on another carcus then...............

2777 days ago


You know what is funny is that everyone was saying Dannielynn had to be Larry's because she had his nose. This was before they found out he had a nose just like Howard's. LMAO.

2777 days ago


I also was looking for court new, and there's a program on tonight too... I guess everyone is getting questioned.
Maybe that's who it was, Larrys twin, that has a wife and two kids in Kentucky and doesn't pay child support.....

2777 days ago

Rock of    

Was that her you could hear talking? It sounded like she was asking about the babys mother. You have to listen closely.

2777 days ago

dmc Not much in
information YET
.... anyone who wishes to discuss the case in a mature, intelligent
group format is welcome. May not be as interactive as our favorite
chat that closed down, but we can all continue to communicate ....

2777 days ago


Don't be daff, Cindy. You think there will not be a legal battle over where the will is probated? You people that say stuff like this have no clue what you are talking about. Go take a course on Probate Law.

Howard is the reason Anna made the money.

2777 days ago
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