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Gene Simmons


My Black Eyes!

3/19/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has exclusively obtained the first brutal image of KISS Army Commander, Gene Simmons, minutes after doctors surgically altered his face. Hotter than hell!

As you may remember from the season finale of Gene's hit A&E reality series, "Family Jewels," both the aging rocker and his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed, underwent his n' hers facelifts. Is that you?!

Shannon originally backed out of the operation when she thought that might have been pregnant. Once she discovered that it was only a false alarm, Gene's better half went ahead with the surgery.

The 57-year-old rocker will broadcast his rough road to recovery on the season two premiere, which airs March 25.


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EWW! he was fugly to begin with,, now just look at him shesh!

2742 days ago


Good for him! Hope he recovers fast!

2742 days ago


I've known Gene since 1996. I used to be a entertainment reporter for a major midwest newspaper and I've been going to KISS shows for years; when they tour I get to visit backstage, have dinner and hang out in various cities. I get to do that I think because I don't want anything from him, actually.

He is a very nice person who puts on this obnoxious front -- and I have no problem on calling him on his behavior when it is out of hand.

His childhood was an interesting, but slightly difficult one, and it made him a strong person. He doesn't like whiners and doesn't play the blame game.

Shannon Tweed is very lucky she managed to snare him -- or she would have most likely wound up like Lana Clarkson!!

2742 days ago

David Orbach    

#5 - Ha, ha, ha. The same could be said for you!

2742 days ago

C. Lyn    

Actually, I watched Family Jewels last night. As I recall, Mr Simmons underwent the knife by himself because Shannon Tweed told him she thought she may be pregnant and couldn't have the plastic surgery because of what it might do to the baby. I thought, wow, what an appropriate time to tell your boyfriend/lifemate you're expecting his baby. Tacky, in my opinion. But hey, it's all about the money....right?

2742 days ago


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. looks very painful.

2742 days ago


Gene is actually a Stephen Segal lookalike.......................EW................

2742 days ago


He looks the same way I feel, after listening to this windbag's music! Gene, yer lookin good! Wish I could say the same about your music and pathetic acting ability...though your squeeze is hot!

2742 days ago


OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the Doc's gave them painkiller's, then a pass to Promise's.

P.S. I met Shannon on one of her B movie (sraight to video) movies, talk about not being very nice!!!!YIKES!!!

2742 days ago


He needs to work out, too. His posture is like an out-of-shape, stiff, slouchy, old man's, on his TV show. All that money and free time -- no excuse -- Get it together, Gene! Don't just get your face redone -- start excercising!

2742 days ago

jane smith    

What is wrong with this site? I have to post everything twice.

This picture almost made me puke this early on the morning. Ewwwwwwwwwwww

2742 days ago


I'm guessing that Shannon is NOT pregnant? The show ended months back and I"m sure we would have heard by now if she was pregnant, right?

Anyone know?

2742 days ago

Lady Kemet    

Who would look good after that kind of surgery? He's a great guy with a wonderful family.
He earned the money so he can do whatever the heck he wants with it!!! More power to
him! Go Gene!!!
And how do you know how much he gives to charity? Better much do YOU
give to help the poor?
Yeah...that's what I thought!

2742 days ago


WHY???? He isn't even that much of anything anymore. His TV show is for crap. This man is such a has been who refuses to let go of his youth and embrace his maturity! NEXT??

2742 days ago


I don't know -- but I bet she would REALLY like to get pregnant. Gene won't marry her, their 2 kids will soon be all grown up, and nobody's getting any younger. I don't know why he won't marry her, though. She seems like a catch to me.

2742 days ago
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