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Gene Simmons


My Black Eyes!

3/19/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has exclusively obtained the first brutal image of KISS Army Commander, Gene Simmons, minutes after doctors surgically altered his face. Hotter than hell!

As you may remember from the season finale of Gene's hit A&E reality series, "Family Jewels," both the aging rocker and his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed, underwent his n' hers facelifts. Is that you?!

Shannon originally backed out of the operation when she thought that might have been pregnant. Once she discovered that it was only a false alarm, Gene's better half went ahead with the surgery.

The 57-year-old rocker will broadcast his rough road to recovery on the season two premiere, which airs March 25.


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Isn't shannon tweed almost 50?????????

2753 days ago


I think it's great that a man had some cosmetic surgery. Why not? More men need to pay attention to the way they look. They say we (women) fall apart with age, well, what about them? Some men specialize in looking like hell after we've said 'I do.'

I see nothing wrong with wanting to look attractive because that raises one's self-esteem. If you feel good about yourself then chances are that will be reflected in the way you relate to others.

2753 days ago


Hey Gene.....Get your money back.........IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2753 days ago

pattie in cali    

SAD. fade away

2753 days ago

khoi nguyen    

Holy Cow! What the hell is that?

2753 days ago

Reality TV News Blog    

Can't believe he would allow himself to be photographed like that, but then again, he'll do anything for publicity, good or bad. Love the TV show, though.

2753 days ago


Who cares ...... Kiss sucks it sideways and Gene is just proving how shallow he really is.

2753 days ago

tony w.    

I'm shocked that VL is the only person that says Gene Simmons look like he got his ass kicked!

2753 days ago


hay gene if you can't or won't marry shannon i sure will she is a hottey---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------man you are nuts

2753 days ago


I got to meet Gene 3 times, ... and he was gracious, funny and very outgoing and friendly with our little band here in Denver.
We need more multi-millionaire stars like this in the world. Very open - very accessible.

He has personally given MILLIONS of dollars to charity over the past 35 years - What have all you critics done?

KISS is still rockin' - and working on plans for a new tour in '08! Can't wait to see them again!

Yes he acts arrogant, and smart-assy, ... but deep down he is warm and friendly, ... and when we first got to meet him back when we were 19 years old, ... he acted as if we were friends forever - he gained our respect - and love!

Good Luck Gene - You are One In A Million!

2753 days ago


He looks like he was blown up in a meth lab and then dragged out in an alley and beaten senseless.

2752 days ago


Gene did you ever think about when your older how you'll look. You were fine hope all looks good still......TT

2752 days ago


What a stupid fool He is 57 with it...creased ,lived in, faces are lovely and speak of life well lived . Why this obsession to buck with looks vile..makes them all ugly whatever age they are when they start this nonsense. Every celeb in USA had nose boobs bums cheeks botox face lifts collagen lips et al..they look as if they all gt squeezed out of the same sausage making machine.

2752 days ago


To Liza R.,
Who are you and people like you to tell someone how to spend their money? It ticks me off that someone is encouraged to "embrace the freedoms" this country gives and "live your dreams" and "be successful". But the moment you do, people then feel like you owe them or the world something. Gene Simmons can do whatever he wants with his money and people like you need to shut up. People like you are trying to turn this into a Comuninst country and it makes me sick. Do you have any idea about this man's life story? I doubt it. A true American dream story. Rags to freaking riches. Gene Simmons probably does more for charity in a year than most people do their whole lives. So if you or any other jacknut wants to be a dictator, go and take over Cuba. What is happening to America?

2751 days ago


Gene, we love you man, you're our hero - but PLEASE PRESERVE WHAT"S LEFT OF YOUR DEMON IMAGE before it's too late.

2750 days ago
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