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And I'm Telling You,

I'm No Diva!

3/19/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Hudson is firing back at recent media sniping that says she's a flake and an ingrate.

In an exclusive interview, she tells Jawn Murray of "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" that she's been "hurt" by the backlash since her Oscar triumph, especially allegations that she tried to ditch the "Soul Train Music Awards" and that she demeaned "American Idol" as a mere "stepping stone." Page Six reported last week that Hudson tried to back out of the "Soul Train " show, where she received an award. "Why would they dog me out after I was one of the only people to show up on the show?" asks Hudson.

And as for her calling "Idol" a stepping stone -- to which Simon Cowell made a pointed and sneering reference on a recent episode -- Hudson acknowledges that she did, but says, "I didn't mean it in a bad way ... 'American Idol' is a stepping stone because had it not been for them, no one would have known of a Jennifer Hudson to call to audition for 'Dreamgirls.'" Hudson adds that she's actually met this year's "Idol" contenders and taped a segment with them -- all at her own request.

Hudson is clearly learning that getting famous as meteorically as she has ain't no dream, girl: "It's like everything I say referring to the show gets twisted around and makes me look like I'm being arrogant and a diva."

Check out the full interview at the BV Buzz at AOL Black Voices.


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Um, maybe her obviously incapable PR person should've informed her that when someone begins to refer to themselves in the 3rd person, that's a diva! Britney started doing it a couple years ago, and now look at her.

But it's kind of funny....

2684 days ago


Ok, admittedly I'm white, so I probably don't notice the same things a person of color would, but it makes me sad that some people see racism right away in this debate. Wasn't TMZ the first to post that MIchael Richards tape? Are they treating Naomi Campbell differently? Diddy? Will Smith? Star Jones? Nicole Richie? (Okay, bad example....)

I'm not being snide, I'm honestly asking.

Btw, whatever people think of her attitude, congrats to Miss Hudson for showing how beautiful a big girl can be.

Is TMZ racist? Wow.

2684 days ago

just asking    

I'd like to see TMZ block profanity from the poster like our jobs do.

Opinion and ideas don't have to be expressed in such vulgar words as I have read recently from TMZ posters.

Clean it up people. Express yourselves dont disrespect yourselves.

2684 days ago


Her head is too big. She ain't all that.

2684 days ago


You know its funny that some chastise me for telling people to be quiet and do research but never once address the comments that said F Jennifer Hudson or calling her a Fat Ugly B or the like. That really adds to your credibility. And for the person who thought I was confused about the Simon article. I'd like to ask you what color is the sky in your world. Its funny that you can give him the benefit of the doubt and understand what he was saying about being bigger than Bruce Springsteen but when J-Hud says AI was a stepping stone(which it was) to get to where she is you can't fathom what she meant by it. Selective reason...its a gift huh? Gimme a break you Hypocrites. The fact is Simon belittles people to pump himself up. That was his intent with the comments about Bruce Springsteen whether you admit it or not. What other purpose would the comment serve. If I came up to you and said I make more money than you, which by the way from the brain power you are displaying wouldn't be a stretch..what would you think? You'd think I am demeaning you and probably be a bit perplexed and pissed at me,right? Most people would. That is what I meant when I brought it up. Do I need to paint a picture to for you stoneheaded folks that won't face the obvious. Get off of J-Hud or any stars back that you don't know or you haven't researched the situation. You make yourself look like the uninformed arse that you are when you open you mouth and bump your gums talking crap about people.

2684 days ago


I don't believe any of the negative things being written about her Maybe she didn't want to attend a function because she's human...overwelmed with this sudden success....or was just plain tired......Every interview until now showed a very humble person.... I don't believe the press at all....

2684 days ago


I haven't seen one interview yet where she has displayed any diva-like behavior.
If anything she has seemed taken back by the sudden success. Wouldn't any of us be? I think her words have been taken out of context...."stepping stone"...what's bad about that? She meant that that's where she got her start.
So many weak people out there that can be so easily influenced by what they hear. Now that's scary....especially if you don't even know what you're hearing is true.

2684 days ago

henry penta    

She owe's a lot to simon,and should give him an apology and tell him she falsly accused him of berateing her, this ungrateful so and so. signed JP

2683 days ago

henry penta    

She owe's a lot to simon,and should give him an apology and tell him she falsly accused him of berateing her, this ungrateful so and so. signed JP

2683 days ago


Jennifer's right. All the rest of you are rumor mongers. Simon was jealouse and the rest of you are too. so the only thing you all can do is try to destroy a person.

God brought Jennifer this far, and no matter what you haters do, God will not let you destroy her.

Keep trying and God will definitely destroy your life as well.

2683 days ago


hello people, jennifer saying A I was a stepping stone is only part of what the media is saying they are also saying she is a liar when shesaid she was abused on AI, she couldnt take the critisisim only the best singers didnt get critisisim, Fantasia the winner of season 3, same season jennifer was on got praise the whole season why is that she is a great singer,and they tried to kick Fantasia off A I cause she had a baby she is not going around talking about it to the media sometimes you have to leave the past in the past it only makes j-hudson look bad maybe j-hudson should right a book about it and shut up to the media there is a time and a place for everything , Fantasia made a movie of her life story and everyone watched ,J hudson is just not interesting or likable

2682 days ago

Tita G    

What she needs to worry about is losing weight !!!!!!!!!!!

2681 days ago


Hey J hudson your B.K. card and your academy trophy....If you don't change that evil diva attitude ,you'll wind up on E-Bay selling your card ,your trophy ,and your a$$ to pay your bills be a lil humble brown sugar,you still have a chance....

2679 days ago
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