Naomi Campbell Gets Her Hands Dirty

3/19/2007 10:45 AM PDT
Naomi Campbell rocked the concrete catwalk this morning as she entered a grimy Manhattan garage to push a broom and mop some floors, as part of her community service for throwing a cell phone at her maid's head.

Wearing a chic short coat, a jaunty black hat, and high-heeled Christian Louboutin ankle boots, Campbell sashayed down a driveway heading into Manhattan District 3 Garage at Pier 36 on the East River. Campbell brought her own workboots to play cleaning lady, and changed into them before starting her workday. Campbell was also allowed to don her city-issue work vest away from the glare of cameras in the garage.

Unlike fellow celeb custodial worker Boy George, who had to suffer the indignity of picking up garbage in full view of the paparazzi, Campbell was granted permission by a judge to work indoors, and will do so for the next four days. The model pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in January for hitting her former maid, Ana Scolavino, in the back of the head with a flying BlackBerry.