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Aniston's Dog Day Afternoon

3/20/2007 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If men really were dogs, then 38-year-old single gal, Jennifer Aniston, would have no time for herself. Doggone it!

After hanging with a pal, the gorgeous animal lover took her white pooch out for a walk on Monday.

Jen knows the next best thing to having a man, is having man's best friend!


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I love her movies so I don't know understand all the haters on this board. I love how she dresses, very simple with clean lines to let her natural beauty shine through.

2775 days ago


As a pet owner I have found it nearly impossible to fit a t-shirt and tight pair of jeans on my dog. Some how it worked here.

Can't wait for her next movie? Just go to Block Buster now and pre-order what ever it is. It will not be in theatres long. Has any of her leading roles lead to a movie that could be considered a winner? "Along Came Polly" was carried by Ben not CHINifer MANiston.

2775 days ago


i wonder what brad thinks when he sees her pictures??

2775 days ago


Plain Jane is being really nice. She looks like a man. THATS a MAN BABY! There is a reason her hair "style" hasn't changed in the last 15 years. (go back to Leprechaun #1). The hair hides her FUG MUG!. CHINifer MANiston! Maybe she did win an EMMY, but she will never win an OSCAR or even be nominated for one. Acting is a skill that escapes her. But, I guess having close to $100 million in the bank makes her DOable.

2775 days ago


Brad is a Dumb man!!!!!!!!

2775 days ago


Just stopped by to give it up for JEN!
Luv Ya gal

2775 days ago


I knew Jen had good taste. She is leading a white German shephard or American shephard as they are known now I think. I keep German shephards and they are the best dogs out.
Jen looks great good luck to her. And anjelina jolie is a BITCH! she can get stuffed.

2775 days ago


love you Jen, keep up your low-profile, even thou i miss reading about her but its much better to keep it low rather than being photographed 24/7 like some other celebs.
She looks so happy,cant wait for her next movie, she's soooo talented & great

2775 days ago


#41 Who carried babel and the good shepherd. At least Along came polly made more then both of them combined.

2775 days ago


BEAUTIFUL.... that's a gorgeous german shepherd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2775 days ago


I still can't believe some people are such idiots as to call Jen "chinnifer or maniston". First of all I don't uderstand why since physically Jen is pretty, or al least prettier than most people here and she definitely doesn't look loke a man. There are a lot of female celebrities out there that don't even know how to dess right, so why pick on someone that always look good and that actually has a sense of style? Second, I don't think she deserves all the hatred, she hasn't said or done anything to anybody here or to Brad and Angelina. Personally I like her movies because I like romantic comedies and she is one of my favorite actresses, but I understand that everybody has different taste in movies. Seriously I don't think the insults are necessary to make your point.

2775 days ago


this is a beautiful woman, very feminine and graceful.

2775 days ago


Sue, if your taste is Jennifer Aniston's movie's, then I see why you don't like Angelina's movie's. Jen needs to stick to T.V. Every movie she plays in reminds me of Rachel. Every interview she does reminds me of Rachel. She's BORING, BORING. Jen wishes she had the movie Resume' Angelina has. Let's face it Jen can't even measure up halfway to Angelina. Jen is not what you call beautiful, sorry. Money can make anybody look good. It's a great ILLUSION.


2775 days ago


"Jen knows the next best thing to having a man, is having man's best friend!"

Excuse me, it's the other way around: "Jen knows that having man's best friend's unconditional love is so much better than dealing with a man."

2775 days ago


#48- Jennifer probably doesn't wish to even try and "measure up halfway to Angeline". WHY would she want to go around sleeping with others husbands/partners?? Jennifer is more of a lady and has far more class that Angelina could ever dream of ACTUALLY having-maybe she could try and act like she did, but like reality, her true nature and agenda would eventually come out! If to you, Jen "looks like Cousin ITT" from the Adams Family, you need to seriously have your eyes checked! You know, not all people are that shallow-even if someone isn't drop dead gorgeous on the outside (NOT the case with JA), they may still be very beautiful on the inside. But in the superficial world we live in today, it's all about appearances apparently. That's sad!!

2775 days ago
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