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Judge Says It's Time To Know -- Who's the Daddy?

3/20/2007 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead & Howard K.SternThe judge in the Dannielynn "who's your daddy" case has just ordered up the telltale DNA.

The judge in the Bahamas just ordered Howard K. Stern to submit his DNA sample for testing along with Dannielynn's. Larry Birkhead's DNA will be tested as well. Anna Nicole's DNA is in the bag too. We're told the results could come later this week.

Birkhead left the courtroom with pumped fists in the air, jumping up and down.

If Larry Birkhead is the father, the judge could make a quick decision on custody. Then a passport would be the only thing standing in Birkhead's way of taking Dannielynn to the U.S.


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OY VEY...i will laugh so hard when they find out none of them is the daddy fact I wonder if Larry kept the reciepts for all the baby stuff that he bought, in case he needs to make a return. One more thing Larry, antique cribs are not safe so please buy a new one up to the latest US standards. Wonder if Anna Nicole is thinking maybe I shouda of taken an another pill like a birth control one!!!

2773 days ago


I hear Howie is appealing it. I can't believe he is appealing after all the broo ha ha his lawyers have been spewing . " If it is going to be done, do it in the Bahamas". Well, Ms.Barth, it is in the Bahamas and Howie is still trying to defy the law.

What's his excuse this time? Let me guess....."His name is on the birth certificate" or " He is the psychological parent"?

I can hear the spin now. Well the only time I believe psychological parent is if the real parent never cared to know the child and come out of the woodwork years later. This is not the case with Larry.

Larry attended the first ultrasound with Anna Nicole and Larry has never denied he is the father. Larry has been purposely denied his child and his parental rights to know her as her blood kin and father.

I pray the judge denies Sterns appeal and lets get to the truth of the matter....before Daniels Inquest starts....Then what Howie?

2773 days ago


oh thank God! Someone in an authority position with a brain to do the right thing!!

2773 days ago


OK; we've at last found a judge who actually has sense.

Thank you, Bahamas.

2773 days ago

Free speech    


On WHAT BASIS will Stern appeal? Can't wait to hear this one..... betcha his first legal argument is, "It's what Anna wanted...."

Recall hearing last week on Court TV, that DNA takes 3-4 days for a result. Possible resolution by Friday, but I bet this runs into next week.

2773 days ago

Behind the HardRock    

I hope this is true.... it should have happened weeks ago, if not months.

2773 days ago


How is that someone is disclosing what is going on in the court. There is suppose to be a "gag" order. I hope that Howard prevails in the appeal process. The child should be with him.

2773 days ago

jen newman    

if larry is the father, I would not count on a smooth transition for him to leave the Bahamas with the baby. Nothing in this case has gone according to plan. I can't believe I just read that the house ANS and HKS bought is IN HKS'S NAME! Actually, that doesn't surprise me at all!

All I want to know is does anyone else agree with me that HKS couldn't care less about the baby, cause he only sees the money involved? I can just hear him talking to the baby and referring to her in those terms. What a sleaze!

I just hope he can't evade jail. That would really be an injustice!

Everytime I ask myself why I am so intrigued and obsessed with this case, I remind myself that everyone looks at trainwrecks and accidents on the highway!?!?!?!?


2773 days ago


It's about time! I hope things gp smooth. I can't imagine that Stern would really appeal. If he's the biological father, what difference does it make if he gives DNA? He should be anxious to do this. It just proves he's stalling. It would be a shame after all Larry Birkhead's gone through if he isn't the father. That would be sad. At least it seems like this circus is about to come to a close.

2773 days ago


Larry is not the father, why do you think that obnoxious attornry Debra Opri jumped ship. Belive me if she thought he was, she would be right there in front of the cameras spewing her venom at HKS.

2773 days ago


Thank God!! We'll finally know!!!

2773 days ago


Yeah Larry he looks sooo happy I just pray that their is someone watching that snake HKS He might try to pull a Gilligan and take the 4million and Baby D and get lost somewhere far away...Did he ever get that boat?Please hurry

2773 days ago

Bevery Neff    

Geeeee I wonder why Howie wants to stop the dna testing??? Must be wanting to hide something. Come on and get those tests done, before something else happens

2773 days ago


I hope its Howards baby.

2773 days ago

wanna know    

Your LORDSHIP -----------> YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all..........
Wanna Know!!!!!!!

2773 days ago
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