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Naomi Drags Herself Back for a Second Day

3/20/2007 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Naomi Campbell once again made a desolate Manhattan garage under the Brooklyn Bridge her own personal fashion show, showing up for a second day of community service in a catwalk-worthy getup.

Yesterday, it was stiletto-heeled boots, a newsboy cap, and a flared overcoat. Today, it was a short fur jacket, noticeable wrist bling, oversized shades, tight leggings, and -- to cap it all off -- a fedora. (She retained the Dickens-ian boots-slung-over-shoulder look.) Manhattan would be a much cleaner place if only all sanitation workers looked like this!

Campbell embarks on Day Two of her five-day stint at New York's Department of Sanitation, as part of her punishment for biffing her former maid in the head with a cell phone. Things could get ugly for Naomi today, as she may get locker-room duty, which, as TMZ learned yesterday, could mean scrubbing toilets. Stay tuned.


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dumb bitch

2752 days ago


Live and learn Naomi! Girl, you're no better than anybody else, and the smart thing to do would be to remember that. Karma, Karma, Karma. We reap what we sow. What goes around comes around. Smarten up girl, you're not getting younger and prettier; you're going downhill fast. You are, remember, no better than anyone else!

2752 days ago

London not England    

I'd gladly do community service to throw a brick upside her head!!!!

2752 days ago

Great Dane    

I wonder if she is "really" doing least when Boy George got community service, we were able to see him sweeping in the street....she may very well, be in an office....greasing somebody's palm.....watching Tyra and the View......

I want to see her with a doo rag, some rubber gloves and some humility......none of this cat walk community bullshit......

2752 days ago


So, are we going to get DAILY updates of this moron? BFD
She should have been thrown in jail.....

2752 days ago

This is not news    

Maybe you guys should stop filming her. (At least she's showing up and doing her community service as ordered by the courts.) And maybe TMZ should take down these violent comments people post...or offer free therapy sessions for its angry readership!

2752 days ago


nice language honey -- you are the top asshole of the day!

2752 days ago


Bet she had somebody clean them boots before she slung them over her shoulders...nasty as New York is...

and all you HATERS...were you talking like this when it was somebody that looked like your dumb ass'? IGMUGS!!!

2752 days ago

Suzanne Shjafer    

Why should the bitch be given a mask..let her breathe it in like everyone else....Suzy

2752 days ago


Why is it that whenever there is a story regarding an African American, the race card has to be put into play? Ignorance is bliss, so "honey" your dumb ass must be one happy individual.

2752 days ago


they should have really hit her where it would hurt. make her work all week in no make-up, no weave, prisoner orange jumpsuit with a shackle from her to her jail guard holding a shotgun. let her throw one of her little fits on him! she is disgusting and this punishment is even moreso.

2752 days ago


I never want to see a black sister be put in this situation

2752 days ago


Hey #11 -- stop reading the story and the comments if you find it distasteful

2752 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

like shes doing a real days work,she needs yo give mike tyson head all day for her community service

2752 days ago

Sean Poonce    

My only question is why didn't anyone ever fight back with this overpaid, ugly, useless waste of space? The real justice would be if someone punched her back or threw something at her. What a joke!

2752 days ago
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