Naomi Drags Herself Back for a Second Day

3/20/2007 10:50 AM PDT
Naomi Campbell once again made a desolate Manhattan garage under the Brooklyn Bridge her own personal fashion show, showing up for a second day of community service in a catwalk-worthy getup.

Yesterday, it was stiletto-heeled boots, a newsboy cap, and a flared overcoat. Today, it was a short fur jacket, noticeable wrist bling, oversized shades, tight leggings, and -- to cap it all off -- a fedora. (She retained the Dickens-ian boots-slung-over-shoulder look.) Manhattan would be a much cleaner place if only all sanitation workers looked like this!

Campbell embarks on Day Two of her five-day stint at New York's Department of Sanitation, as part of her punishment for biffing her former maid in the head with a cell phone. Things could get ugly for Naomi today, as she may get locker-room duty, which, as TMZ learned yesterday, could mean scrubbing toilets. Stay tuned.