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Sanjaya -- Sandbagged by the Media?

3/20/2007 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya MalakarInside sources close to "American Idol" wannabe Sanjaya Malakar revealed exclusively to TMZ their concerns over the effects of negative media coverage on Sanjy's standing on the show.

According to the sources, they believe that Sanjaya's landing in the bottom two last week was due to all the negative publicity he's received from the media. "It wasn't his best performance, but it wasn't the worst."

America will have to tune in tonight and see if it really is the media dogging the moptopped bottomed-out singer, or if his singing is what's bringing him down. Tonight, the top 11 will perform songs from the 60's British Invasion. One thing's for sure: Sanjaya's got the hair thing down!


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It could be both--he's young, not that strong of a singer, and, in addition, performance anxiety because of all the negative attention is likely making him much worse. The worst problems seem to be that, at a certain point in every song, he almost starts whispering it, and he's very wooden on stage. Both of these problems could be caused by bad stage fright. He sounded much much better in the audition. He's not star material, but he is just a kid. I wish he could go home without having to be reamed on the way there.

2737 days ago


He can't sing a note!! Whoever is voting for him -PLEASE STOP!!!

2737 days ago

Davie C    

Too F'n bad. If he wants to become a singer, if he wants to become a American Idol, he has to get used to the press because if they find one little thing they will expose it. If you can't take it, get out of the game.

2737 days ago


He sucks and more at than just singing!!!

Go away hula boy!!!

2737 days ago


Voting is done right after the show, how can the media be involved? The reason why he didn't leave was because of the website. He received the extra votes because of them. I also think people know what they like and don't like. He doesn't have the voice needed to win.

If the media is all ready getting to him then he should not persue this type of career.

2737 days ago

Jennifer B.    

Bless his heart! He's terrible. I think I could do better! :) I truly believe, as was the case last year, that people are voting for him as a joke. The problem is...the good ones (or better ones) are getting voted off. It's ruining the whole show for me.

2737 days ago

Only in    

Take that head of hair,get back on your elephant,and ride out of town the same way you came in on and don't look back. GEEEZEEE

2737 days ago

J. Owen    

Are you serious? Bad PR? He sounded good in audition, but over the last two weeks he has showed that he can't handle the pressure of being on stage in front of an audience.

He needs to go home and finish school.

2737 days ago


I agree with #2 bless his heart, he's just not that good. They sent Sundance home instead of him the week before. He got a break that week and performed poorly last week and still stayed in. Why are folks complaining? He's not being sandbagged he just is out of his league. Go Lakesha.

2737 days ago


Sanjaya can't sing--and the press is reporting on the fact that a person who can't sing is still on American Idol----it makes the show look bad that a bad singer continues to be on the show!!! This is a singing competition--HE CAN'T SING!!!!!

2737 days ago


Sanjaya has a very nice voice. He has yet to sing off key. jWhat he needs is confidence and stage presence. He appears weak in those areas because there are so many older, semi-professional contestants this year. Ever since Season 3, the media has chosen a whipping boy. This year it is Sanjaya.

2737 days ago

He's Boring now    

#4 Right on the Mark. And the whole reason I'm going with Howard Sterns instructions for us all to vote for him---to show AI and the world just how ridiculous this show has become, when a terrible singer will win it all

2737 days ago


Sanjaya sucks..........all kinds of stuff.

2737 days ago


No I don't think that Sanjaya can sing at all and I personally have not enjoyed any of his performances thus far. However, he is still just a kid and does not deserve to be ragged on so harshly by the media. After all, he isn't the first Idol contestant to make it this far without talent. Last years winner Taylor Hicks was nothing to write home about and yet he still managed to get lucky and win it all. He was absolutely horrible to me but America still voted for him. So I say leave Sanjaya alone or simply stop voting for him especially if you know that by voting on that site for the worst singer will give him extra votes then just stop. It's that simple!!!

2737 days ago


I can't wait and see what Sweetie wears tonight. Maybe he should highlight his doo?

2737 days ago
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