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Tila to MySpace: Back Off, Don't Turn "Evil"

3/20/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila TequilaSaucy model Tila Tequila is lashing out at the cyberhand that feeds her, accusing of going too "corporate" for her liking.

In a statement on her MySpace page, which is connected with 1.7 million friends, Tila blasted the networking site after she was asked to remove a certain media player from her webstie. "I feel like they've become so corporate now and won't even allow me to do fun stuff on my page anymore such as post up cool new widgets from other websites," Tila wrote. "MySpace will now only allow you to use MYSPACE things and that means you can not find other ways to promote yourself. In other words ... you're just stuck here and only here."

She directed her ire directly at MySpace, saying, "Please I ask you guys....don't sell out on us now. You guys used to be so cool. Don't turn into a corporate evil monster." Perhaps it's too late.

The content in question is's Hoooka player -- a multimedia player that artists and users can put on their sites. It not only streams videos and songs, but users can purchase them straight from the player.

The player was posted on Tila's page to promote her first album, but was removed over the weekend. Other artists, however, still have Hoooka players on their MySpace pages. A rep for MySpace tells TMZ, "MySpace did not remove anything from Tila's profile. A MySpace representative contacted her and told her that she had violated our terms of service in regards to commercial activity. She removed the material herself, after realizing it was not appropriate for MySpace."

Calls to Tequila's reps were not returned.


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She's full of crap. She's just trying to get publicity and you guys are helping her get that. I know this girl from Houston and she's not what she says she is. Shes not some badass or whatever she claims to be. It's all a persona that she plays up for everyone and people are feeding into that crap cause they dont have anything else to base it on.. unless you know her. And lots of people in Houston will agree to that... she's fake (especially her body parts). She's got a big head and a little body. Sorry.. but she's not that great looking in person. FYI.

2774 days ago


Wow, this creature is living proof that aliens do exist!

2774 days ago


Oh watch out Tom & all MySpace management... ms. tila tequila wants you to bow down to her wishes... what a pig.. she is SO last year and she's nothing but a total joke...

2774 days ago

Black Macho Gal    

Tattoos on chicks make them look like trashy whores. Same goes for Asian chicks with fake blonde hair. She has both!

2774 days ago
20. is racists......    

Have you even heard this chick's sorry rap song? Her rap skills are horrible. If you have itunes go look up her single. She proves that anyone can get a record deal if they are hot. Me so horny, me love you long time. She should be thankful for the exposure she is getting. Tmz please start putting better and more interesting stories and people on her. You guys are going down hill with these overrated exposure of these so-called stars. Please stop posting everything about that kristin callamari or whatever her name chick.

2774 days ago


This bitch is kinda like a female Kevin Federline, except she married Myspace instead of Britney Spears.....

She is still worthless talentless trash!

2774 days ago


Wow, some gooky chick who looks like a space alien after getting a makeover makes a statement about myspace going "corporate" and it's newsworthy. I wonder what her take on the Google - Apple joint venture in Europe is. On second thought, I don't. Someone remind me- why is an utter f'n nobody like her famous again? I can't seem to recall.

2774 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

she sucks. She is a whore that got popular on myspace for being a whore.
Her songs blows harder than i would imagine she does.

2774 days ago


Looks like Tila found a new home to show off her non talent lol.. She has zero talent .

2774 days ago

Nick the Alpha Law Student :)    

If you're cute and you read this site, and you're from NYC, add me on myspace.

that's right..."law stud"! hahaha ;)

ps - She was also named a person of the year by Times Magazine. While I think people are often too tabloid popular for the little talent they show, that, at least, is something to brag about. It doesn't mean she deserved it... but the other tabloid regulars didn't make the list so at least you know they have some sort of discriminating taste. ;)

pps - Antonella Barba, I love you.

2774 days ago

nothing good to say    

i think someone is a bit too big for their britches... oh wait she rarely wears any. tila realy needs to get over herself...

2772 days ago


First off to a few pissed off people on here... why are we attacking on how she raps and how she looks? I thought we were attacking the fact that she made a big deal over something so silly. It seems like a lot of jealousy is going around, especially with the comments such as "She's got a small head and a big body" what the hell kind of crap is that??? That's so immature for some of you to say.

If you want to bitch about the fact that she made a big deal about nothing, then just bitch about that. And really no one gives a rats ass what you personally think of her. Because remember... she has a lot of fans, more then other muscians on Myspace. Hah.


2770 days ago


This chic is a nobody i've never even heard of this lady. What a waste of TMZ space!

2769 days ago

Coyote Lee    

Myspace is the worsed free site on the web,its filled with child molesters,advertisments,popups,A lot of the moderators think they are Gods and bully members,threaten to kick them out.
And lets not forget whom owns myspace,Rubert Murdoch and several Saudi Arabians whom also own Fox News and please lets not forget when law enforcement ask myspace for information on known repeat child molesters and myspace said no and kept refusing while these repeat molesters were molesting children right from myspace,Finally a court order forced them to hande over the information,But that was to little to late for the children that had been killed,raped and or both!Why would any website protect people they know are going to rape children.This isnt about constitutional rights,This is about RIGHT & WRONG.
Bill O'Rielly of Fox News was doing shows about websites and sex offenders at the same time his own boss was refusing to help catch repeat child molesters before they could strike again.
That shows you the Values and Morals of and thats why its falling apart.
Coyote Lee

1284 days ago
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