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Zarf: Designing Woman!

3/20/2007 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone's favorite "All My Children" male-to-female transgendered lesbian rock star, Zarf/Zoe, has taken sleepy Pine Valley by fashion storm.

From her brisk gender-neutral goth power suits, to her little black cocktail/funeral dress ... he/she is setting genderbending trends by going from androgynous British rocker to "Murphy Brown" working grrrl -- faster than you can say, "Do these pumps come in a size 14?"

Watch as Zarf/Zoe (played by actor Jeffrey Carlson) transforms before your very eyes!


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I just love Zarf! He is so cool!

2712 days ago


This is news, how?

2712 days ago


I didn't think I would like this storyline, but I really like it. Zarf/Zoe is one of the most interesting characters on AMC these days. I hope they plan to keep Jeff Carlson for a loooong time.

2712 days ago


All I have to say about this is.....I have been an AMC watcher for 30 years, and this is about the sickest story line they have every lowered themselves to do! Take it off or you are gonna loose alot of viewers!!

2712 days ago

jane smith    

He still walks like a man. He came bounding into the room clump clump clump. Some things are not so easy as they may think. That and getting rid of an adams apple and the shape of your hands.

I hate this story!

2712 days ago


He is hot as a dude.

2712 days ago


Zarf be gone, this story line bores me to tears!

2712 days ago

Only in    

This program is a disgrace,what happen to the morals of this country?This lifestyle is not normal and these freaks need help. You viewers are supporting this lifestyle.Shame on you!!!!!

2712 days ago


I have watched AMC since the beginning and this is the most boring story line yet. They must be desperate for ratings and willing to do anything to get viewers. Take him off!!

2712 days ago

Only in    

sasha is a tranny so is donna,cleaver girl ,phoenix rising ,amiee,amy

2712 days ago


Marsha, marsha, marsha,

Do you have Tourette's Syndrome?

2712 days ago

wonder why your hatin so hard?    

I have been waching All My Children for about 18 years. I also thought it was a ridiculous storyline at first. But quite honestly I enjoy watching it. I love Zoe! I think people should do whatever makes them happy. I don't think its the way God intended it to be, but neither is the world today. So be who are you & don't try to hide. In the end you'll always be found out.

2712 days ago


You hateful people are unbelievable!! These people exist in the real world, and have the same rights as all human beings do and deserve to be treated with respect. What a bunch of narrow minded idiots on this blog, always attacking someone who is different... I pity your GBLT children who will have to deal with parents that have minds such as yours.

Zarf is a great character. I admire the actor for taking on the challenge and AMC for their bravery. Transgendered people do exist, you don't have to be friends with them, but they deserve the same rights and respect as you *normal* bigoted people do.

2712 days ago


Quit shoving this BS down our throats. We get it. TMZ writers are gay. They will find any obscure gay story they can find and post it as big "news". Pretty pathetic TMZ.

2712 days ago


He needs to wear a scarf.. That Adam's apple is HUGE and anyone looking at him as a woman can tell its a man due to that Adam's apple

2712 days ago
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