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Zarf: Designing Woman!

3/20/2007 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone's favorite "All My Children" male-to-female transgendered lesbian rock star, Zarf/Zoe, has taken sleepy Pine Valley by fashion storm.

From her brisk gender-neutral goth power suits, to her little black cocktail/funeral dress ... he/she is setting genderbending trends by going from androgynous British rocker to "Murphy Brown" working grrrl -- faster than you can say, "Do these pumps come in a size 14?"

Watch as Zarf/Zoe (played by actor Jeffrey Carlson) transforms before your very eyes!


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Just a thought    

Jan - don't confuse small minded with normal minded people...

2774 days ago


you can see that adam's apple from the moon. i'm sorry, he still looks like a man. but if this will allow all the other poofters to stop pretending to be straight, then more power to him.

2774 days ago


# 10 YOU SAID IT PERFECTLY!!! I ADORE ZARF!!! He made that boring AMC better and brought to live!! Most likely a republican... YUCK!!!!

This is LIFE people.. and it's GREAT to see wonderful talented actors like Jeffry take on a role like Zarf and give her such a brillant light and shine.. Binks by his side it's such an outstanding team and the cast has embraced the story with grace!!! I look forward to watching the show everyday he's on with my favorite Binks ( I named my cat after her :-) )

2774 days ago


Zoe is a really person being portrayed by an actor on a show that deals with dramatic real life situations, albeit real life is not so dramatic at times. I love Zarf/Zoe and Bianca. Keep them around and Many KUDOs to both Ms Regal and Mr Carlson.

2774 days ago


# 48 must be a tard republican barf bag homophobe!!! AMERICA is about FREEDOM NOT NARROW MINDED PIMPLES LIKE YOU RELIGIOUS creeps!! Look are the dig bat in office... he can't even put together a sentence that makes sence... you all think alike.. no wonder there are sickos who go around beating up anyone who isn't a straight baby popping woman or some red neck war loving moron!!! Would you be happier if zarf knocked up every young girl in Pine Valley?? Morals??? Buddy you don't have them and no brains to boot !!

2774 days ago


Not very attractive, either as a man or a woman. This is sick and icky!!

2774 days ago

Teri Casteel    

Zarf/Zoe either or, is the most interesting person that I would ever want to meet. What style and class. This is a person who can carry themselve in any way shape or form. I wish him all the luck in the world to go on to be someone to remember always.

Jeffrey Carlson will be going places in the future for sure. I commend him with the work he is doing on the show and hope that he will be able to make others who want to come out make it easier. I am a 62 year old woman and no matter my age I feel that everyone has the right to be who they want to be and not be critized for it. I only wish that before I leave this earth I will be able to see everyone accept changes we make in our lives no matter what they are. We need to all come together weather in acting or real life.

Zarf/Zoe keep going and will watch your every move to stardom and the movie screen as well.

Teri Casteel

2774 days ago


zarf/zoe is so refreshing and inspiring.

I love this storyline. Jeffrey has had SOME experience playing sometning like this when he played Boy George in the broadway show TABBOO. I never saw it but i heard it was great (even tho it didn't run that long) And I am sure he brought all of his outstanding acting abilities to that production also.

keep up the entertainment AND education!!!!!!!!

2774 days ago


If you want to read about an interesting transsexual buy Meghan Chavalier's Confession of a Transsexual Porn Star. It's not a television story it's the real deal peeps.

2774 days ago

Lenn K.    

Now you know the world is coming to an end. Praising a freak and call this normal. I'm afraid to think what's next!!!!!!!

2774 days ago

AMC Fan    

I am a long time AMC fan. DIdn't think I would like this storyline but I do. Jeffrey Carlson is doing a great job. He might have a big adams apple and he might not be the most beautiful 'woman' on daytime but I'm not beautiful either. I'm guessing most of us wouldn't qualify as beautiful. He's a decent person though and seems to have a good heart. JMO

2774 days ago


# 61.. I read your post and at first I laughed thinking it was a joke.. then it was serious.. ARE YOU REAL??? All you over religious tard make me SICK!!! Why don't you knock don't the men over 21 who hang out at high schools to meet a girl to wed.. a hill billy thing.. I mean thang... what a red neck republican way to think.. I guess you voted that ding bat moron in office to.. most likely think the war is good.. ye hayyy hunting an a fishing and killing and sleeping whiff the youngings.... people like you make me wanna puke!!! HOMOPHOBE!!! LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST THEN CAST THAT STONE!!! NO ONE.. AND I SAY NO ONE CAN JUDGE BUT GOD!! NO other religion forces their religion or beliefs on anyone quite like you wack jobs!!!! Go hide under your hate and maybe behind that simple minded war loving bush!!! His fat loser partner is also an animal killer.. shhot a small critter lately dung beetle???

2774 days ago


GOD LOVES US ALL NO MATTER WHAT WE ARE!!! IMPERFECTIONS (LIKE YOU # 61 gag) AND ALL.. For if God made us ALL in his/her image then even trans genders are a part of GOD!!!!!

2774 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Jeffrey Carlson is a wonderful actor from Broadway. Is he gay in real life? He is a good looking man.

2774 days ago


Maybe amc can have a story line about one of these freaks too since they are just as fucked in the head!
I see no difference at all between these people or gay/trannies. Just
a bunch of majorly brain damaged folks!

2774 days ago
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