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Rosie Gets Trump-ed on Her Birthday

3/21/2007 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even on her birthday, Rosie can't get away from Donald Trump.

Thanks to Joy Behar, her "View" cohort, who gave Rosie a vehicular manifestation of Rosie's favorite combatant, Donald "Dump Truck" Trump as a gift for O'Donnell's 45th birthday on today's show. Touching, really.

Even though they've sworn-off talking about The Barking Combover ever again (at least six times) on "The View," there he was again! It just never gets old ... unlike Rosie, who's 45 today.


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pattie in cali    

tmz., this is a waist. this s sick. no one cares about nasty pants.

2751 days ago

Cindy K    

*Sticks finger down throat to vomit* Enough is enough is enough ... perhaps Rosie has a hard on for Donald Trump is sure seems that way. They need to have sex with one another and then perhaps it will be out of their system and we can stop seeing/hearing all this crap. I also think they need to rename The View ... it should be called Rosie's View or You Get Fired Show :)

2751 days ago


I'd like to wrap up my big lunchtime turd and give it to her. Happy birthday bitch- freshly delivered and still warm!

2751 days ago


someone should have given her the pink slip


2751 days ago

Bo nnie    

Hasn't anybody noticed? Elisabeth is preggers!!! Maybe now she'll talk about babies instead of politics. What a nice change that would be.
Rosie hates Bush so much she's losing her ability to speak intelligently on some important issues... Elisabeth is such a right wing nut, she's always belonged on Fox News. They both have lost all credibility. Please ladies, you both need to move to the middle.

2751 days ago


Isecond that #3 lol with a big fat cherry on top!

2751 days ago

pattie in cali    

she's had all the pink slips she can handle, hahahahaahahah, sorry, had to say that

2751 days ago


I agree. I've been wanting to buy her out of her contract. I just want her to go away. She's sickening.

2751 days ago

no more celeb moms    

Unfortunately Rosie isn't going anywhere because The Views ratings are through the roof. I was doing housework and hadn't changed the channel today (Gag Rosie's birthday-all Barbara got was a cake) and I heard them reference yesterday with Elisabeth and Rosie.
Anybody knows what gives?

2751 days ago


Rosie is the reason that the view is still on the air.So leave her alone

2751 days ago


45 is old ??????

2751 days ago

pattie in cali    

she sucks big ones. iam sorry, she eats big ones. she likes the pink, haahahaha. i can't stand this pig. she thinks she knows so much. read on pig master. learn a few things. you are nothing more than a donald yourself. just don't have the money he has. jerks just the same.

2751 days ago


8. Rosie is the reason that the view is still on the air.So leave her alone

Posted at 2:20PM on Mar 21st 2007 by jenn

No, jen, no. We will not leave her alone. If you want to praise her go to her website,, and lavish all the love and affection that you want. Here, we get to say exactly what we want. Therefore, it is you who should leave.

2751 days ago


No way she gets kicked off the View either, ratings make money, ratings are higher than ever, and thats what Show Biz is about. As for hating Bush, its spreading like Wildfire, lies are lies

2751 days ago


I say Happy Birthday to her! It was in poor taste on Joy's part to give Rosie the Dump Truck, but I realize that Joy is a Comedian, but it was "tasteless" on her part, and you could tell it made Rosie and Barbara both uncomfortable...Donald went to all the World News Outlets and bashed Rosie, Rosie only made a comment about the Miss USA girl, and yes she did the "flip over" but so has every single TV Host that I have witnessed, and she is the only that ends up on CNN, FOX and/or Headline News, why is that? Why do they give her words and her comments so much weight? They must feel that she has some weight and insight into the way people feel! Rosie can be harsh at times, but she is not mean spirited or judgmental to the average person, it usually is just to the "High and Mightly'' types that really get under her skin! She is paid to have a point of View, and if you don't like her point, she has a Blog that you can go to and express your opinions, she'll answer your comments....She saved The View in my opionion, and the Executive Producers, Time Warner and many others realize that! So I wish her the best on her birthday, she didn't start the Donald problems on a personal issue, she wasn't even really talking about Donald personally other than she told him to "sit and spin, my friend", which I would love to tell him that myself! He lies to the American people and it is amazing to me how so many people buy his How To Make More Money or his Marketing Books, when in reality he is just a good "Hussler"! Is family money helped him to get were he is at, plus is over the top confidence or arrogeance! TV has mad him more of a "Celebrate" then he deserves to be! I am glad that Rosie had the nerve to stand up to him, he has treated alot of women like crap in the past and he fond one that has the same type of personality good or bad, to take him on! They both do sound like six year old's and it gets old, if I was her, I just wouldn't even give his name or him a thought, that would hurt him worse then belitting him, for him to not be talked about or thought of will hurt his pride, ego and arrogeance alot more than her given insaluts to him, and him responding to all the News Outlets, just gives him face time on Air, and I would be just fine if I didn't have to hear his arrogeance on all News Channels!

2751 days ago
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