Is Naomi Having a Hot Time Doing Hard Time?

3/22/2007 6:12 PM PDT
Naomi Campbell is almost -- so close -- to being done with her community service, and it looks like there might be sparks -- not BlackBerrys -- flying.

For the second day in a row, Campbell emerged from a day of scrubbing and scouring, again with a strapping young man -- this one identified as her fellow community servant, who did the gentlemanly thing by carrying the supermodel's bag. Naomi apparently returned the favor, giving him a ride in her Escalade -- to where, we're not certain.

A Sanitation department deputy chief said that the pair were the only two community-service-doers in the entire facility. Tomorrow's their last day together -- and, fear not, TMZ will be there to chronicle Naomi's farewell to toilets.