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Prosecution Over Paris' Stolen Stuff

3/22/2007 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonThe Los Angeles City Attorney has just filed criminal charges against a T.S.A. employee at Los Angeles International Airport, alleging that he took a high-priced watch out of Paris Hilton's luggage.

It happened last year with a baggage screener at British Airways. The employee allegedly took a watch worth several thousand dollars out of one of Paris' carry-on bags.

In addition to that employee, the City Attorney is filing charges against seven other T.S.A. employees, alleging they did similar things to other passengers.

No indication on whether Paris will testify.


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I have a hard time feeling bad for someone that has the silver spoon and lives the life she lives. She seems to be all about herself and her mirror and that's it.

She's still young, and hopefully she'll wake up and realize life has much more to offer than what she has been choosing.

2772 days ago


Hey people, it seems jkingmeoff is the new Farrah. What a loser!

2772 days ago

Paris has herpes    

Why is this Breaking News in highlight? Nobody cares about Paris or that she got her watch stolen, which she probably got for free anyway.

2772 days ago


Paris, forget the legal hassles in the future and be sure to add a mousetrap in your suitcase next to your pricey baubles and such. Then just sit back at the airport waiting to hear someone screaming bloody murder. Follow the noise to the little ol' thief and kick him in his arse with your designer boots, with the steel toes till he begs for mercy.

The cost for your new security device = under $4.00. And the personal pleasure you get from it = you tell me?

2772 days ago


Paris looks like she is ready to plug right into. You can tell she aint a spitter!!

2772 days ago

I LOVEham horsecowchickenrabbitsquirrel    

ewww she has herpes its in her medical reports yuck and AIDS

2772 days ago


This story is about low life pieces of garbage who STEAL from you while they are supposed to be working at a highly secured public area ... an airport. Morons (who steal) are being employed at these places of high interest to other very bad people, I hope these low lifes get some hard sentences ! No need to mention that it happened to Paris, all of you best double check your belongings when going through these thug infested so called security checks

2772 days ago


I agree w/ you MIKO BABE. This story is really about the problems of stolen items at airports that could happen to any of us. I can't stand Paris, but am glad to see she's making some waves over it....she might actually do some good for the rest of us....imagine that.

I've had friends who've had personal things stolen at the airport while their luggage was suppose to be in safe keeping - ya right. I'm not very sympathetic with thieves...if I ever caught one in the act with my things, I'd probably be a little sadistic w/ them. :-D

2772 days ago


It looks like that mouth of hers is wide open for something?

2772 days ago


The haters have come out of the closet. The pathetic souless haters of TMZ.

2772 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

What an empty headed waste of skin...

ATTENTION, PAIR-ASS: Not sure if you know this, but if you put expensive things in bags that can easily be opened, they can be stolen. I just thought I'd let you know that because you obviously haven't given this any thought (if you can think, that is)...

By the way, whomever this Adriana chick is, she needs to get a life, and stop being a Paris Suck Up. Why should you care about a privileged, pampered poodle who only cares about herself, couldn't care less about you and wouldn't give you the time of day if you asked her. Stop trying to suck up to this uneducated, herpes infested mental midget...

2772 days ago


Oh, God, come on!! Who is going to believe this garbage! Her watch stolen?! Oohhh... Weeeee... What does it matter what time it is for Paris? She'll never stop being recognized for having that sex tape.

2772 days ago

ricardo hilton    

I don't see what the big deal is all about. I'm sure to Paris, that watch was nothing more than another accessory in a warehouse full of other accessories. Besides, she probably can't tell time anyway. Having said that, TCA employee who stole the watch should do some "time".

2772 days ago

Hello Kitty    

waste of space !

2772 days ago


Poor baby.

2771 days ago
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