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Eminem to Ex-Wife -- Shut the F**k Up!

3/23/2007 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eminem is going to court to make his ex-wife shut her trap.

The rapper has filed a motion attempting to prevent Kim Mathers, whom he's married -- and divorced -- twice, from making "derogatory, disparaging, inflammatory, and otherwise negative comments" about him in interviews. He claims that his wife's trash-talking is harming their 11-year-old daughter Hallie, and he will appear in court to discuss the motion on Monday, reports the Detroit News.

Kim Mathers has given a slew of interviews to TV and radio outlets in the last two months, and has slammed her ex-husband in all of them. She's said, amongst other things, that she vomits in her mouth whenever she hears his name, that Slim Shady's not terribly well endowed, that he's a bad father, and that he drove her to attempt suicide.

In the motion to suppress Kim's speech, Eminem says that she must be muzzled to "protect the child from further harm," and to prevent "any further behavior likely to expose the minor child to humiliation and hostility." Lawyers for both sides did not comment.


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Hello, Kettle? This is Pot. You're black.

2739 days ago


WHAT......Slim Shady wants his ex wife to shut the f*** up about him????? So it won't hurt the kid???? Come on.......every one know's how he has dogged her, his mama, ex lovers, and generally anyone who has come into breathing distance of him and he didn't like them, which seems to be about 99% of mankind, he has done mean, derogatory songs about them????? This article has got to be a joke..right??????

2739 days ago


Such an oxy moron. How about the gays and other artists that he blast in music. Children has heard his words about woman and he thinks it's okay when it's his children which is selfish. He is getting a taste of his own medicine and it is bitter.

2739 days ago


Oh yes, and don't forget the child when you remember the lovely song he wrote bout his wife. What goes around, comes around!!!!

2739 days ago


Funny...he had SO much to say about her after they split the first time. He made comments and songs about her. Now the tables are turned and he goes to court?!? He can dish it, but he can't take it. Grow up!!!

2739 days ago


In other words Marshall, your child is not the only one in this world that is listening so shut the f*** up!!

2739 days ago

amanda needham    

i think its disgusting that kim mathers is saying nasty things about em.anything for publicity and money eh.she was quick enough to have a baby with him and use his money.and if he was so bad why did she marry him again.come on woman get a life and stop talking about your ex husband after alll why don,t you think about your little girl who should be protected from all the nastiness in life for has long has she can.she,ll soon find out what life is all about soon enough without you causing hatred and havoc,you speak up em and protect your little girl and do what you have to to shut that vile womans mouth up.god it makes you ashamed to be a woman at times.

2739 days ago


Come on people! Would you have bought his CD and listened to his music if he was singing about how lovely his wife was? We are just as guilty as he is, because we listened to them. Besides, who cares what size it is, if she really loved him, it wouldnt matter! And Hailey has been through enough, let it be for her sake at least!

2739 days ago


I am NOT a fan of his by any count at all but she is working my last nerve...although it could very well be that he is and/or is not any and all of what she claims SHE married him not ONCE but TWICE! Did she not know him well enough the first time around? This is one more 15 minutes of fame grabbing bullshit and no matter what he is or isn't, this time HE'S RIGHT! Shut the f--k up and think of your daughter! If indeed her father is all or any of the things she claims, that child will find out soon enough and by then be able to make up her own mind! Parents that verbally abuse one another are forcing a child to see things "their" way and whereby stone walling them into a position of choosing between the two people they love most in the world! Hey Kim, how small could he be....NOT ONCE BUT I said I am not a fan of his but girl I have my serious doubts about YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

2739 days ago

Great Dane    

As a gay person myself.....I don't think he puts GAY people down at all.....he makes it slear that that isn't the way that he rolls, but he really doesn't have issues with gay people- he sang on stage with ELTON JOHN.....

The song he wrote about his mother- if you listen to it, is his interrpretation of how she was when he was growing, sharing that...he's not just "putting her down"....but, he's explaining how he is who he is.....the life he has led, has not been a silver spoon type of life...he's grown up in the GHETTO part of Detroit, in trailer parks.....

And, he dissed people like Britney Spears.....PEOPLE DO THAT ON TMZ EVERY SINGLE DAY......

He's brought himself in for help when he was having issues with Ambien, he's admitted to having fault with Kim.......but, he's also grown up a lot over the years......and his daughter, if you listen to ANYTHING he has ever said about her, himself....even Kim.....HIS DAUGHTER IS CLEARLY HIS NUMBER ONE PRIORITY......

We all have dirt, but we don't need this kind of dirt flying around, not when kids are at that impressionable age......way back when, she wasn't listening to the radio....the tv....her freinds weren't talking about it......where is Kims' concern for her daughter? She's a selfish drug addict, ex con, white trash whore.....

And for those of you, that have never listened to his music, go to a lyrics site and read some of the words......try and steap away from the whoa is me aspect, and realize he's painting a MENTAL picture thru words......and he is graphic, he is RAW....but, unlike a lot of artists.....HE IS REAL......

2739 days ago


Bull to #17....I didn't need him trashing his wife, mother of his child, him beating up a likeness of her on stage all over the world, pulling a gun on her, threatening to kill her...etc....etc....etc. He could have continued to write songs bashing the rest of the world. Present day rappers have a history of severly dissing their girlfriends, mothers of their children, wives etc...etc...etc. NO RESPECT. The bad part is that some of you do buy the songs, support the artists, and endorse what they do. I hear Em on the radio, or awards shows....I don't buy the albums, and others like him who have no respect for women. I do agree, some women show no respect for themselves or for other women. Why'd she marry him twice?...I'll never know....But she appears to be over him now!! You go Girl!!!!

2739 days ago


Her name is Hailie not Hallie

2739 days ago


em needs to take his own advice and not trash talk his wife as well, maybe the court order can be directed towards both parties - for little haylie's benefit.

2739 days ago


Eminem is worried about the welfare of his daughter?? How about when she starts listening to that music of his?? It is so bad that many stores have to put out a PG version of his cd's. How sad that so many young people listen to his music.

2739 days ago


He has got to be kidding. If that goes through then every album that's he's made that has a song on it that trashes her needs to be taking off the shelves. I hope the judge laughs his ass off when he throws it out.

2739 days ago
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