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Eminem to Ex-Wife -- Shut the F**k Up!

3/23/2007 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eminem is going to court to make his ex-wife shut her trap.

The rapper has filed a motion attempting to prevent Kim Mathers, whom he's married -- and divorced -- twice, from making "derogatory, disparaging, inflammatory, and otherwise negative comments" about him in interviews. He claims that his wife's trash-talking is harming their 11-year-old daughter Hallie, and he will appear in court to discuss the motion on Monday, reports the Detroit News.

Kim Mathers has given a slew of interviews to TV and radio outlets in the last two months, and has slammed her ex-husband in all of them. She's said, amongst other things, that she vomits in her mouth whenever she hears his name, that Slim Shady's not terribly well endowed, that he's a bad father, and that he drove her to attempt suicide.

In the motion to suppress Kim's speech, Eminem says that she must be muzzled to "protect the child from further harm," and to prevent "any further behavior likely to expose the minor child to humiliation and hostility." Lawyers for both sides did not comment.


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And to the person saying nasty things about Detroit, how dirty it is. It's a big city, in places they all are. If you don't like Detroit, stay the hell out of here, we don't want you anyway. Next time you go through, I hope a bum trips you on the dirty street.

2768 days ago


I cannot believe Eminem is the one getting slammed! He may have said things about her in his album, but you honestly think he means them? It's all for the bad boy rapper persona, plus he's never talked bad about her in interviews -- you know why? Because she's the mother of his child and he has respect, which i have never been able to say about her. He gave her warnings, but she refused to listen -- as always. Bravo to him for finally standing up to her and protecting his daughter. He has never been a bad father and has always done whatever necessary to protect his child.

2768 days ago


i wonder what emi thinks his daughter will think of his songs of murdering her mother he has sang....just curious...i've heard them..they are pitiful..

2766 days ago

jessica d.    

what assholes they both need 2 get a lyfe nobody has time to listen to their feud

2755 days ago


you got to be kidding,this guy trashed himself by trashing his mother,let alone his ex...emm get a real job,aint you destroyed the young minde enought,reap wat you sew!!! jack-asssssss...

2753 days ago


I guess Kim can't seperate the man from the entertainer. Doesn't anyone understand or get "shtick". Of course the masses wouldn't buy his albums if he was singing love songs. And this was the first time she heard the songs???!! She needs to show some class and zip her lip.

2751 days ago


how many times do we have to hear this boring thing about the 2 of them??
i can see he has nothing going on for him right now. its all publicity people! thats it!! and i dontcare!
hes always going after women and geeky men. i never once seen or heard about thinm going up to a big man and starting troulbe!! YOU PUNK ASS!

2740 days ago


Eminem is a real disgrace to white people. One of the only white rappers out and he has to be a fake, women hating little ass. He needs to go back to the trailor park he came from and make room for some real talent. If i have to listen to this guy whine anymore about anything i will throw up. and Kim needs to get her head out of his ass and find a real man

2720 days ago
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